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Mental Health

Why Do Women Suffer From Stress?

Women frequently experience stress from the different roles they play, such as a mother, a daughter, a working woman, etc. Stress levels among women are found to be 50% higher than men as data reveals. Women are more expected than men to report signs of stress, such as headaches and stomach upset. It is more likely for women to show signs of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

Your Health And Stress

The stress response can occur towards anything that causes you anxiety. Short-term stress can have a positive effect and encourage women to reach prominent goals. But, stress that lingers on for a longer duration, can be harmful, affecting your life in many ways. Chronic stress becomes difficult to cope with and for some women, it becomes a normal way of existence.

Signs Of Stress

Stress gives rise to several symptoms and affects everyone differently. Every woman responds to stress in a specific way. However, some common signs of stress in women include:

Physical: Sleeping problems, pain in the back and neck, headaches, fatigue, acne, and various skin problems, overeating/under eating, upset stomach, etc.

Emotional: Anger, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, depression, out-of-control feelings, frustration, etc.

Mental: Unable to make decisions, forgetfulness, negative thinking, worry, lack of concentration, boredom, etc.

Social: Isolation, family concerns, aloneness, less intimacy, etc.

Occupational: Long hours, work overload, unsatisfactory job, lack of concentration, etc.

Spiritual: Loss of meaning, despair, guilt, apathy, unsympathetic, doubt, etc.

Factors That Lead To Stress In Women

women and stress
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There are several factors that contribute to stress. Men and women both have similar reasons for stress, namely financial concerns, health, relationship problems, and job security. Perhaps, what differs in women are the multifarious tasks they do. In current times, the roles of women can include family responsibilities, caregiving for elderly parents or children, and work duties along with other tasks.

With the growing demand to perform these roles, women tend to feel overburdened with time deadlines and unfulfilled obligations. They can experience a sense of despair and failure in being unable to meet the requirements of others and themselves On many occasions, women devote their time to fulfilling the needs of others instead of furthering their personal needs. While working at high-stress levels, women are not even aware of what their requirements are.

Ways Stress Can Impact The Health Of Women

Alongside the health symptoms that stress generates, these additional health issues can also develop in women vulnerable to stress over long durations.

  • Depression, psychological disorders, anxiety, and panic disorder
  • Raises blood pressure rate and heartbeat
  • Tension headaches and migraines
  • Women are more likely to gain stress-related weight compared to men
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • High stress levels make it difficult for women to become pregnant
  • The severe premenstrual syndrome occurs with rising stress levels

How Can Women Manage Their Stress Effectively

women and stress
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Women can handle stress in an effective way by practicing self-care strategies. Evaluate your negative stress symptoms in these life segments: emotional, physical, mental, occupational, spiritual, and social. What changes do you want to introduce into your life? What do you require to bring greater balance or higher ability?

Here are some recommendations that can help in stress management:

Physical: Exercise, take deep breaths as it helps in muscle relaxation and calms the brain, perform relaxation techniques like meditation, listening to soothing music, and yoga, eat nutritious food, schedule leisure hours, and practice sleep hygiene.

Occupational: Set goals that are easy to achieve, recognize a work/life balance, and set appropriate boundaries.

Emotional: Display your sentiments and orient yourself towards positive self-esteem.

Mental: Develop a positive outlook, resilient approach, be creative, and practice pragmatic thinking.

Social: Promote endearing relationships, remain connected with colleagues and friends, and set healthy limits.

Spiritual: Realize your purpose, practice gratitude, and live in the present moment.

Formulate A Personal Wellness Plan

An individual wellness plan with objectives can be useful. Setting up goals can be quite tough, but these pragmatic steps can help you to begin on a positive note.

Review the physical, spiritual, mental, occupational, social, and emotional areas of your life and see whether any likely changes can be initiated.

Recognize goals: Understand what is needed and set SMART goals.

Be determined: Realize what you desire to attain.

Fix targets that can be determined: progress in the proper direction.

Be practical: set minimal goals that can be achieved.

Specify resources: Use resources that are beneficial in minimizing problems of potential.

Fix deadlines: Think about reasonable definite time limits.

Measure progress: initiate modifications as required.

More Useful Suggestions

  • Think about the sources that lead to stress. Can you dump any of these spheres? If you have not started, why not begin it right now? Find purpose and substance in what you want to retain.
  • Be open to change and accept it as a challenge and a window of opportunity, not as a threat.
  • Concentrate on the present and try to focus on present situations, not the past or too far ahead in the future.
  • Pay attention to your mind and review your beliefs and the way they impact your life.
    Explore ways to live your life to the optimum in every aspect, and accept things that cannot be transformed.
  • If it is not possible to change any circumstance, change the way you react to it. Learn to practice acceptance.
  • Acknowledge and take care of yourself in the same way as you want to do it for others. Be kind to yourself. Keep in mind that you have to wear your own oxygen mask initially before you extend help to others.
  • Ask for help when needed, as we all require it sometimes.
  • Think about those facets of your life where you should experience gratitude, and recall that gratitude results in happiness and inner peace.
  • Find time to incorporate gentle movement and mindful movement into your routine.
  • Try to eat balanced meals.

Wrapping Up

Everyone experiences stress at some point. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Check out our CBD recommendations for stress, mood, and sleep.

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