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Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra: How To Unlock Its Power

Open the doors of psychic oneness, love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion by touching your heart chakra’  

In my early teens, I remember going with my father and brother to a meditation class. Initially, I wasn’t much interested in yoga for meditation but I was present there only because of my father’s insistence.  I listened to those lectures very reluctantly but gradually my mind was convinced about the principles of meditation and yoga. I got initiated into kundalini yoga, and that was the time I learned about the seven chakras and the importance they carry in our lives. I also comprehended how to work with them effectively. After my marriage, I wasn’t able to practice my meditation regularly. Family and work became my priority. I did not invest time in myself. As years went on stress, anger, conflict, and illness were my frequent visitors. I did not recognize my weakness initially but my unforgiving attitude, isolation, and self-criticism tired my physical and emotional health. One fine day, when I was reading the newspaper I found an advertisement on yoga. It had a picture of a person in padmasana and the seven chakras were depicted over him. That advertisement reminded me of my meditation and yoga practices. It was the day of enlightenment for me. It then dawned on me that my heart chakra was blocked.

Generally, when we speak of leading a healthy lifestyle we concentrate merely on physical well-being, diet, exercise, work-life balance, and having proper sleep. Little do we focus on our inner self and subtle body. The energy centers in your subtle body are chakras. They distribute and balance the flow of prana or energy throughout your body. Chakras begin at the base of the spine and move up to the crown of your head. Your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and wellbeing are highly influenced by chakras. All the chakras are interconnected so balancing a chakra will definitely have an influence on the other ones.

Follow me, as I walk you through the basics of the heart chakra, how to open a closed heart chakra, chakra awakening symptoms, heart chakra test, heart chakra healing symptoms, and so on.

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The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Mantra | Chant “YAM” // Mantra “I love” | ThoughtCloud CBD Meditation


Kundalini heart chakra is the 4th primary chakra in your 7 chakras. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is known as an Anahata meaning unstruck or unbeaten. It implies that purity and strength lie under hurtful past experiences. The attributes of the heart chakra are compassion, affection, and love. If you are a person looking for building strong, and lovable relationships you must awaken your heart chakra.

The heart chakra is in the center of your chest and its energy expands through it. This chakra connects the lower and upper chakras. They act as a connector linking earthly matters and higher aspirations. This chakra is responsible for the harmonious flow of love in your life. It is considered a healing and unifying chakra.

The heart chakra deity is the Hindu God Ishvara. Goddess Rakinyamba is also the ruling heart chakra deity. She is a representation of courage and bravery. The symbol of this chakra is the 12 petals lotus. It has a dual meaning. On one hand, it symbolizes 12 benefits of heart chakra that are love, kindness, purity, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, trust, bliss, harmony, clarity, unity, and empathy and on another hand, the 12 obstructive qualities of the chakra are referred to. They are envy, indecision, sorrow, deception, yearning, ego, ineffectiveness, judgemental, disobedience, worry, hope, and being unfair to others.

The heart chakra hand position that directs and balances the energy into your body is called the heart chakra mudra. The hand mudra for the heart chakra is shown by joining the index finger and the thumb and touching the heart center with your right hand and holding the same position and resting it on the knee with the left hand.

What is the frequency of the Heart Chakra?

Each chakra has its own characteristic frequency of vibration to which it is tuned. The heart chakra Anahita resonates at a specific frequency of 594 Hz. Chakra is in harmony and plays its most beautiful melody at this particular frequency, then it is in a balanced, cleansed, and energized state.

Your heart chakra feels heavy when it is interfered with by chaotic sounds, stress, unhealthy thoughts, and emotions. Vibration and benefits of the heart chakra are enhanced by things like some people’s voices, beautiful music, the energy of precious stones, healing, the vibrational energy of colors, and the fragrance of special oils and herbs.

Why is the Heart Chakra green?

The color of the heart chakra is green. Let’s find out the answer to the question: Why is the heart chakra green? The Colour green is a symbol of positivity, prosperity, and mode of receiving and giving compassion, love, and integration. The heart chakra is the center of receiving and giving love. Opening your heart chakra increases your ability to both give and receive love for yourself and others.

What happens when you open your Heart Chakra?

With the basic understanding of the heart chakra, now, let’s venture into the opening and balancing your heart chakra.

Like, how your home and office desk needs everyday cleaning and organizing your chakras also have to be opened and cleaned regularly or even sometimes daily. It is a process of restoring the harmonious flow of prana or energy throughout your body.

  • Volunteering to help others makes you compassionate, and the empathetic energy of your heart chakra is connected.
  • Your heart chakra is connected to the element air. Going outside and breathing in the fresh air will help you to restore and bring balance to your fourth chakra.
  • Yoga poses like camel pose(ustrasana), cobra pose (Bhujangasana), fish pose, and wild thing (camatkarasana) can be powerful tools in bringing balance and harmonious flow of energy to your heart chakra.

Five minutes of heart chakra meditation can help you to open and balance the chakra. This technique is similar to traditional meditation techniques, but you have to just focus on a specific area of the body, and that is your chest where your heart chakra is seated.

  • Choose a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position and relax. Keep your shoulders back and spine straight. Gently close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe in the air through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
  • Have your attention in the center of the heart chakra. As the heart chakra is denoted by the color green, imagine a green light glowing at the center of your chest. Now feel the color slowly expanding throughout your ribs and it is making you feel warm and relaxed. Be in this state for three to five minutes.
  • Now gently open your eyes and you can follow the heart chakra affirmations.

By following the above methods carefully and regularly one can easily open and activate the heart chakra. Do you know what happens when your heart chakra opens? A few heart chakra awakening symptoms are shown:

  • Free-flowing love
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Self-love and care
  • Being altruistic
  • Kind
  • Balanced, calm, and relaxed.

When your heart chakra is opened, but not maintained or regulated properly will make it overactive.

Overactive heart chakra gives the following signs:

  • Emotionally dependent
  • No self-identity
  • Cannot set personal boundaries
  • Trying to please everyone at the cost of personal peace.
  • Heart chakra affirmations: For the effective functioning of the heart chakra and its proper balance, positive affirmations will help you definitely.

Practicing these phrases after opening your chakra through meditation or yoga in order to balance the heart chakra.

  • I am open to receive love
  • I love and accept myself as I am and also others as they are.
  • I am grateful for my blessings in life and I choose to live in balance.
  • I am having a positive connection with other beings.
  • I am a rich source of love and I radiate love around me.
  • Use rose quartz or amethyst on the heart chakra to strike a proper balance and regulate the flow of energy or when your heart chakra feels heavy.
Heart Chakra
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Why is my Heart Chakra blocked?

Physical and emotional stress, conflicts, illness, and lack of sleep can cause blockage in your heart chakra making it less active. Lack of self-care practices like yoga, exercise, silence, meditation, and a balanced diet can block your chakra. It shows that the chakra is having a blockage or it is unable to distribute the energy evenly throughout the body.

The underactive heart chakra can be healed by aromatherapy, heart chakra stones, and crystals healing, using heart chakra essential oil blends like geranium, copaiba, lime, rose and spearmint, heart chakra bracelets, etc. The jade, rose quartz and unakite are some heart chakra bracelet examples. Authentic heart chakra bracelet meaning to enhance positive energy balancing chakras boosting love and good energy.

How to tell if your Heart Chakra is blocked?

Physical symptoms of the blocked heart chakra are lack of empathy, isolation, criticizing self and others, unforgiving, stress, and uncompassionate. To find out whether your heart chakra is blocked you can take a heart chakra test, available easily on the internet. The heart chakra test will have a few questions which you need to answer. Based on your answers your heart chakra will be rated, thus you can find the answer to your question. A few other symptoms of blocked heart chakra include loneliness, jealousy over defensive fear of intimacy, feeling of insecurity while helping others, difficulty in trusting other people, etc. It is very essential to know about the working of your heart chakra because underactive heart chakra is a big threat to your overall well-being.

You can aid the healing process of the blocked heart chakra with vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, dandelion greens, and celery. Drink green tea spiced up with basil, thyme, and cilantro to clear the blocked heart chakra and to regulate its circulation. As discussed above meditation, yoga, physical activity, positive affirmations, healthy diet, aromatherapy, crystals, Reiki healing, and healing bracelet can definitely help you in removing the block and unifying the flow of energy in the heart chakra.

Wrapping Up

CBD along with different meditation techniques helps in aligning the heart chakra. Hence, helps you become more kind, focused, and trustworthy. Also, read about the other chakras and how to open these chakras to unlock their benefits.

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