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Purest CBD Isolate

What Is CBD Isolate? Benefits, Uses As MCT Oil & Vape Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD has become a popular cannabinoid known for its plethora of health benefits. This cannabinoid is extracted from the industrial hemp plant and is non-high inducing with nil side effects. CBD oil can be obtained in two forms namely Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD. Full Spectrum CBD is the whole plant CBD which includes CBD as well as other cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. On the other hand, CBD Isolate is the purified form of CBD. It includes CBD in its purest form.

In this article, we will discuss Isolate CBD and its various benefits. Take a look:

What Does CBD Isolate Mean?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. The process of getting CBD to isolate starts from the Whole plant extraction of the Hemp Plant. The plant extracted oil contains different kinds of Cannabinoids including CBD and all other nutrients. To get the purest of CBD i.e CBD Isolate, The Plant extract is filtered and purified maximum times until we get CBD in form of crystals which is 99% pure CBD.

CBD Isolate vs full spectrum CBD,CBD isolate Powder,99% CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate vs full spectrum CBD

There Are Two Kinds Of CBD Isolate;

  • Crystals
  • Powder

The CBD Isolate in crystal form is less processed and refined compared to the powder version. They are the cleanest CBD types available in the market and obtain a 98% purity tag with slight levels of different cannabinoids as well of terpenes in the blend. However, the crystals can be used for dabbing and this product is attained through the supercritical Co2 method of extraction. Plant substances are filtered to eradicate undesirable elements such as extra wax. The final product is a crystal-type CBD isolate that appears like sheer sugar.

CBD crystals carry the advantage of being soluble in foods and beverages, employed sublingually or as topical ointments just like normal CBD products. They can even be vaped, smoked, or dabbed. Further, crystals have a pleasant and mild taste which makes them palatable, carry nil THC making them legal as well as non-psychoactive.

At ThoughtCloud we provide CBD Isolate to be used as normal CBD edible oil and also as vape juice. This CBD isolate is mixed with  MCT (Coconut oil). 

How Long Does CBD Isolate Take To Work?

Generally, the dosage for CBD crystals weigh various components like body weight, metabolism, and overall health, and the specialists do recommend a beginner dose of 5 to 25 mg each day. The general dose at the onset amounts to 10 mg. Checking the product description of the CBD item helps to know the exact CBD composition and a recommended serving size.

To obtain a correct dosage of CBD crystals, its weight has to be ascertained. If the advised daily dosage on average is 10 mg and its usage is almost three to four times every day. This would indicate a dosage of 2.5 to 3.3mg of CBD crystals in every dose to be taken either by smoking, dabbing, or even vaping. It is always sensible to wait for three to four hours after the consumption of your first dose to let its impact get noticed.

How Do You Use Isolate CBD?

CBD isolates is available to use as normal CBD oil and for vaping. CBD isolate vape oil is available in multiple flavors.

Isolate Flavored CBD Oil

CBD isolate oil can be mixed with any food, drinks or you can take it directly under the tongue.

Is CBD Isolate Effective?

CBD Isolate is an effective form of CBD. It can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, epilepsy, and many others. Moreover, this form is the purest form of CBD that is 99% so if you want faster and effective relief, you can choose CBD Isolate Powder.

Best CBD Isolate Product

As the demand for CBD is growing day by day, getting the best CBD products is difficult. But to find the best even pure product is quite a tough task. We‘ll help you out to get the best CBD product for you.

Thoughtcloud is one of the best companies which claims to have the best and even purest form of CBD isolate products. They are committed to bringing its customers the most genuine and highest grade Isolated CBD products on the planet and are proud to offer all-natural, lab-tested, organic CBD oil for your overall health and wellbeing. Given below is a list of the Best CBD Isolate Products:

ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD in Coconut MCT Oil


ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD in Coconut MCT Oil is the THC-free CBD formula. CBD is isolated from other cannabinoids so that you can avail of most of the benefits that you’ve been looking for. Its broad use and medical advantages make it a well-known dietary supplement for losing weight, increasing stamina, elevating mood,  and developing focus.  CBD helps in reducing physical pain caused by arthritis to the neuropathic pain caused by multiple sclerosis.  It also helps in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD in Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp-CBD Isolate

The ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD in Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil is full of antioxidants, proteins,  and Omega-3 fatty acids. The vitamins and nutrients present in the oil help in keeping the skin healthy and prevent breakouts. The abundance of unsaturated fats makes the oil the best option for nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation,  oxidation, and other causes of aging.  CBD helps in treating multiple health conditions such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Blood Pressure, and many more.

ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD Vape Oil (Multiple Flavors)

The ThoughtCloud Isolate CBD Vape Oil has a similar coconut MCT oil base as our full spectrum vape oil but in an isolated CBD formula. It is a 100% organic and non-toxic oil, so you add vape juice to your food or beverage if you don’t feel like vaping CBD.  MCT oil may improve brain function which could help people suffering from epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.MCT oil has been shown to support weight and fat loss. This may in turn help reduce the risk of heart disease.

CBD Isolate Users Review | Purest CBD

These are the Some of Reviews of ThoughtCloud CBD Isolate Users.

Liz R.

Amazing, life-changing product. After moving to the Netherlands from San Francisco, I was not a happy person and was not at all fun to be around. I tried CBD from a local brand but it actually worsened my depression. A friend shared her experience with ThoughtCloud so I ordered a few products immediately. The Full Spectrum helped a lot, but then I tried the Sustainable Isolate and it was even better. I immediately noticed that my anxiety dropped, my depression improved and I was (I think) a much better partner to my significant other. The oil has little if any taste like a lot of oils do. I could not be happier with this product.


ThoughtCloud CBD isolates changed my life! It has helped me to free myself of anxiety, has eliminated my chronic pain, and has helped me make better choices for my health. I was able to get off prescription medication which is the best part for me. I’ve shared it with my family and it’s helped them break tobacco and other addictions. I think the 1500 mg bottle is the best because it can last you between 1-3 months depending on how frequently you use it. I used to take CBD twice or even three times daily but I don’t have to take as much of it anymore (once or twice a week) because it’s helped me in such a significant way. You can’t say that about a lot of other medicines.


I can’t say THANK YOU enough for your CBD!! I started with the isolate 750 and noticed my depression lifting before the week was up. You have no idea how this stuff could change my life. I’ve been ready to give up for soo long. Anyone with depression or anxiety please give this a try, your world could change! The only worry I have is the cost to stay on it. My bottle only lasted 14 days taking half a dropper 3× a day, but it’s so worth it, and I’ll find a way☺
Thank You Thoughtcloud Very much for making such a pure, effective product❤❤

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