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Vaping CBD vs Ingesting CBD

Vaping CBD vs Ingesting CBD, what should you do?

There are frequent debates about whether one should vape or ingest CBD. Hence, we thought why not clear this confusion and help you to make a better choice for yourself. However, before going into the details, we would like to mention that this blog does not deal with the question of vaping being healthy or not. Rather, the question answered in this blog is should you vape CBD or should you ingest it in some other oral form. These are the two primary ways to take CBD, and both are safe. This implies that you can take CBD any way you want, however knowing about these two methods and their benefits is very important before you adopt any of these methods to take CBD.

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Ways To Consume CBD

Everybody is different and their bodies accept and react to CBD differently. Hence, there are multiple ways to take CBD for persons of all ages, genders, and medical conditions. The two most common methods to consume CBD are vaping and ingesting. Both these methods have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Hence, it is up to you to decide which one of these is more important and beneficial to you. To enable you to make a better decision, we will help you understand how CBD goes inside your body, the correct procedure to take it and the various effects it has on your body for both cases. Let’s begin with Vaping CBD first.

What is Vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD is inhaling and exhaling CBD in the form of vapor produced with the help of a vaporizer or vape pen. CBD is infused as CBD oil in vape pens that come in a variety of flavors in small bottles. It is the most preferred way to take CBD since it is a loss-less method to optimize the CBD that enters your body. Vaping CBD is not only the most effective method to consume CBD but also demands a lesser dosage than all the methods to produce the best results.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

Given below are the different therapeutic benefits of CBD:

CBD For Pain Relief

People use cannabis for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being pain. There are, however, no studies that explicitly examine the effect of vaping CBD on pain at this time. The effectiveness of cannabis-based medications for chronic neuropathic pain in adults was studied According to the experts, the potential advantages of cannabis-based therapy may exceed the risks. This study looked at the effects of herbal cannabis, plant-derived or synthetic THC, and THC plus CBD coromucosal spray, not only CBD.

CBD For Depression

Although some surveys suggest that people use cannabis for pain, anxiety, and depression connected to sleeplessness, other research does not prove that CBD has a consistent effect on depression.

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Researchers did discover, however, that formulations containing high amounts of THC may have a negative impact on mood. Other research suggests that chronic cannabis users had more depressing symptoms than light users and non-users. Despite the paucity of evidence on its usefulness, over half of 1,400 research participants used cannabis to treat depressive symptoms, according to one observational study.

Vaping CBD Faqs

What effects does Vaping CBD have on your body?
You already know that Vaping CBD is considered to be the fastest, most convenient, and reliable relief and relaxation CBD intake technique. Hence, let us directly jump to the incredible effects of Vaping CBD that make it the most preferred option.

How long does CBD take to work?
If you are looking for instant relief, vaping CBD is the best option. This is because via vaping, CBD directly enters your lungs and diffuses with your blood. This ensures that your body is able to utilize most of the CBD that you inhale. Not only this but CBD vape oil also has a faster absorption rate than other edible forms of CBD.

Can you vape pure CBD oil?
Vape oil is considered to be the purest form of CBD as most other CBD products contain other natural ingredients to magnify the health benefits which some of you might don’t need. With fewer ingredients, CBD vape oils hence concentrate more on the CBD content and come in multiple flavors to provide you with a pure, potent, and appetizing CBD supply. What’s better is that it has no THC.

Will vaping CBD oil get you high?
The best thing about CBD vape oils is that they do not consist of addictive substances like nicotine or any other chemicals. Moreover, CBD is not addictive as well. Hence, vaping CBD is neither addictive nor has any severe side effects.

Is CBD vape juice the same thing as CBD oil?

Most oils, however, shouldn’t be inhaled since they remain on the surface of your lung lining where they attract bacteria, leading to lipoid pneumonia, a potentially fatal illness.

Common carrier oils used in tinctures, such as hemp seed oil and MCT coconut oil, have the potential to cause lipoid pneumonia when vaporized. No. The two words aren’t interchangeable. They both describe the same substance—cannabis extracts containing cannabidiol. But there’s a big difference between them.

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The main difference lies in how each type of extract was made. CBD concentrates were extracted using CO2 extraction methods while CBD tinctures were created through alcohol extraction processes.

Does vaping CBD have any side effects?

Most oils, however, shouldn’t be inhaled since they remain on the surface of your lung lining where they attract bacteria, leading to lipoid pneumonia, a potentially fatal illness.

Common carrier oils used in tinctures, such as hemp seed oil and MCT coconut oil, have the potential to cause lipoid pneumonia when vaporized. CBD vape juice might, however, contain plenty of potentially fatal pulmonary toxins like vitamin E acetate, the culprit behind the 2019 spate of vaping-related illnesses.


CBD Vape Oil Users Review

Ashley ( Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil )

We love the orange creme flavor and how using the vape is so simple! The CBD helps so much as just taking that anxious edge off. And vaping it is so much quicker for those out-of-the-blue panic attacks. Thank you ThoughtCloud for such an amazing product! (sic.)

Michelle R. ( Full Spectrum VAPE CBD )

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about vaping and was extremely hesitant as I equated it with smoking. I’m so glad I did my research and made this purchase. I suffer from anxiety and have weaned myself off my medication once I began using the Full Spectrum CBD oil. However, I wanted something a bit less bulky and more portable for those moments I’m not at home and feel my anxiety building. My Rose Gold vape is perfect regardless of where I am. I mostly use it in the car during my evening commute and after an INCREDIBLY long day! The subtle taste of Horchata (one of my favorite drinks), gives me just the woosah I need to enjoy my ride home without getting too frazzled. I also use it at home during the day, if need be as I try to save the Full Spectrum for bedtime.(sic.)

Jennifer Miller ( Isolate VAPE CBD )

I deal with TERRIBLE, HIGH anxiety, and panic attacks. Ptsd as well. I ordered isolate, it works awesome. I am still on my benzos and hoping to replace it with CBD oil. Noticed vaping gives me faster relief and effects, so vape if you deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and/or PTSD! My next order will be a full spectrum for my vape, I feel like I need something stronger for my panic attacks. But honestly, isolate is so good for my high anxiety and PTSD. Love love love them. I’m not even out of my first bottle yet and I still am going to order another one ASAP. Thank you, ThoughtCloud! Please never stop running this business. ONLY company’s CBD oil that ACTUALLY works on me! Xoxo (sic.)

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CBD Ingesting | Can We take CBD oil orally?

Ingesting CBD is the process of consuming CBD orally or through your skin. This process is undertaken by placing drops of CBD oils or tinctures as suggested mostly under your tongue. The amount that you need to intake is suggested on the packing of most CBD products and can be referred to whenever you need to ingest CBD. The procedure is simple. Use a dropper and place the required quantity below your tongue and hold it there for a minimum of 60 seconds before swallowing what’s left. These 60 seconds help some of the CBD oil to be absorbed by the blood vessels under your tongue and reach the blood directly rather than going through the liver like most of it.

CBD Ingesting Effect

CBD sublingual ingestion is a slow process. However, it is potent for longer periods of time. One of the most common methods of taking in CBD, ingesting CBD is best for people who have time and do not desire instant results. Some of the advantages that you get on ingesting CBD are:

How long does it take for CBD to take effect?

If you are looking for long-lasting effects, oral ingestion is the perfect choice for CBD intake. Usually, when you take CBD drops, gel, or paste orally, it typically lasts for about 8-12 hours. Hence, if you have around half an hour in your hand, then CBD ingestion is the best technique to use for longer periods of time.

Easy To Use and Simple

The best thing about ingesting CBD is that it does not require you to buy anything extra and can be taken using a simple dropper that mostly comes attached to the CBD oil bottle itself. Hence, it is easy to use and simple to implement.

CBD Oil Users Review

Katie ( Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil )

Using CBD oil has been a game-changer. I feel relaxed and my anxiety is much better. I love that I can get such a high-quality product at a great price. (sic.)

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Carina ( Sustainable Isolate CBD )

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years, tried lots of different medicines, and was sick of taking pills..thankful for your product because I have continued to have less and less anxiety my depression has also gotten better in just the first few weeks of taking CBD oil! I love this company! (sic.)

Amanda M. ( Full Spectrum CBD (500mg) in coconut oil )

I’m far from a CBD oil expert — and as a resident of Oregon, I don’t exactly NEED to order it online. However, the ease of ordering online + prompt delivery, coupled with reviews claiming ThoughtCloud is “the best of the best” AND their 70% off special at the end of 2018/early 2019, made this a no-brainer. I’ve recently weaned myself off of anti-anxiety medication + this CBD oil has made the transition seamless. I use 5 to 7 drops nightly before bed. I also use it, as needed during the daytime, when I have a headache not responding to OTC pain medication. Highly recommend! (sic.)

Vaping CBD vs Ingesting CBD, what should you do?

CBD and Fitness
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Products based on CBD have gained great popularity and huge success in recent times. This is because CBD has time and again proven its worth to treat several health issues like anxiety, depression, chronic illness, pains, and inflammation. Completely organic, and safe, CBD can be taken both via vaping and ingesting. Since both of these methods come with no side effects, both of them can be used as per your need and time. Hence, we would recommend you to use CBD vaping if you are looking for quicker and more instant results and go for CBD ingesting, if you want long-lasting effects and avoid taking CBD again and again.

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