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Vaping CBD: A Quick Overview

The smoking industry has changed a lot in the last few years and shifted towards vaping. Whether you smoke cigarettes or joints, chances are that you’ve started using a nicotine vape pen or a CBD oil vape pen more often than not. There are plenty of ways to consume CBD, and vaping CBD is one of the most popular. 


CBD Oil Vape Pen

Vaping CBD starts with the vape pen. While most CBD oil vape pens will work for the majority of CBD vape oils, some are better than others. That’s why we recommend using our CBD pen for the best vaping experience.

ThoughtCloud’s CBD pens come with two pods, whereas most pens only come with one pod, or are single use. The benefit of our dual pods is that you can always have two different CBD vape oil flavors ready to go at any time. 

Our CBD vape pen also comes with a patented state of the art ceramic coil. These coils provide a more even heating experience and improves the longevity of your vape pen. 

The Benefits of Vaping CBD

The biggest reason people choose to vape CBD over other methods is for fast absorption. One study that focused on vaping cannabinoids found that the effects were often felt faster than when consumed through other methods.

Another reason people use CBD oil vape pens is for convenience. It’s not always easy to carry a bottle of CBD oil around. Our vape pens fit conveniently in your pocket so a quick dose of CBD is always there for you. 

Taking CBD, especially vaping, can potentially help people quit smoking as well. A study shows that CBD can reduce cigarette consumption, and vaping is already a very popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. When you combine the two, you have a great opportunity to kick a bad habit!


CBD Vape Oil

Before you start vaping CBD, it’s good to know your options, and there are a lot of them. To make it easier, we’ll narrow it down to two main categories: full spectrum CBD vape oil, and isolate CBD oil vape. Lucky for you, ThoughtCloud has both of them.

All of our CBD vape oils are 100% organic and free of additives. While many e-juice products contain vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, we use MCT oil, which is more efficient and safer for the lungs. The MCT oil burns at a lower voltage, so if you’re using a different brand of CBD oil vape pen make sure the voltage is below 3.7 volts (8.5 watts). If you’re using ours, you’re all set!

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil

This is the most popular type of CBD vape oil for its multitude of benefits. When you take the full range of cannabinoids together, they provide what’s called the entourage effect. Along with CBD, our full spectrum formula also gives you the benefits of CBN, CBC, and CBG. It’s a dream team of cannabinoids specially formulated to help you feel amazing.

All of our CBD vape oil flavors are organic, sugar-free, and vegan. Our full spectrum formula comes in plenty of delicious flavors including blueberry mint, mojito, and vanilla chai. 

Isolate CBD Vape Juice

Do you want all of the benefits of vaping CBD without even the slightest bit of THC? We have you covered. Whether you’re doing it to play it safe on a drug test or you’re just nervous about even trace amounts of THC, our Isolate CBD Oil Vape is completely free of tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Our isolate formula comes in a ton of delicious organic, sugar-free, vegan flavors as well. Some of our favorites include orange creamsicle, lavender, and pina colada.


No Vape? No Problem!

Vaping is a convenient, relaxing way to consume CBD. However, it’s certainly not the only way. Our vape juices and our other isolate and full spectrum CBD oils are all-natural and ingestible. This means you can add them to your favorite beverages or simply put a few drops right under your tongue! 

We also have a wide range of CBD products available, from CBD joints to beauty products like CBD soap and topical products like our CBD salve.

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