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CBD Insomnia

Using CBD for Insomnia: What You Need to Know?

Not getting proper sleep after a day’s grind and hardship is really irritating. After all your body’s hardware also need some rest to rejuvenate itself.

Researchers say your body heals itself while you are asleep. The tissues get repaired. Though some essential systems like your respiratory system, circulatory system, and few others are still working hard to make you come out with another fresh spell of the day, not getting enough sleep is a matter of worry.

It should be addressed as soon as possible.

Few Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

You instantly ask your friend who has dark under-eye circles, “ Are you not sleeping properly?,” So how you look is also dependent on a great session of sleep.
In addition to your great physical looks, your healthy lifestyle is a lot based on good sleep as it can benefit your heart, weight, and mind.

Besides improving your memory, good sleep can prevent you from the threat of ADHD-like symptoms.

Kids can become hyperactive and inattentive if they are suffering from insomnia. So there are a lot of benefits and advantages of a good night’s sleep. In a nutshell, you cannot imagine a healthy life without sleeping properly at night.

What To Do If You Are Not Able to Sleep Properly

Finding the right treatment, a natural answer rather, for your sleep disorder is not easy. Many die-hard fans of natural herbal remedies avoid the dangers involved with potentially addictive sleeping pills.

So what you can do,” Here is the key!

Heal yourself on your own first

The first thing we would suggest is not to jump on medication instantly. Try to look for reasons what is stressing you as stress may be the biggest reason for insomnia. Write those bothering factors in a bulleted list. And work on them without taking any medication or external support.

If you find it difficult to sleep on your own without any external help, rely on some natural products such as CBD oil.

CBD oil can offer you a peaceful sleep

CBD Insomnia
CBD Insomnia

Here are some ways how:

1. Use CBD oil to relieve you from anxiety for a good sleep session

There is a study conducted by the Laboratory of Panic and Respiration, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, that suggests CBD oil as an effective remedy for reducing anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.

When your mind is free from anxiety you can have a great sleeping session. The biggest advantage is that CBD is supposed to be a non-psychoactive compound so it won’t give you a high or be addictive.

2. CBD reduces sleep apnea due to erratic breathing

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you get woken up by your erratic breathing pattern. You may wake up a number of times during the night because in this condition the soft tissues of your breathing airway relax at night causing a blockage. It can lead to interrupted breathing for a few seconds. So whatever long you sleep you would feel tired after waking up.

Luckily CBD oil is there to support you.

Although there are limited studies one 2014 study done at the University of Illinois, Chicago suggests a significant sleep apnea reduction in users of CBD oil.

3. CBD may give you relief from pain and allow you to sleep peacefully

You cannot imagine a sound sleep when you suffer from pain caused by any disorder. Since your brain is continuously sending and receiving impulses from your nervous system, and it happens throughout the night, you cannot experience the relaxed sleep you always need.

The 2013 study conducted at the University of Minnesota suggests the analgesic role of CBD products which can benefit you with the management of all types of chronic pain.

CBD is able to reduce your pain due to its interaction capability with specific receptors in your brain known as the endocannabinoid system.
The moment these receptors receive the chemical signals(pain signals in this case) from different stimuli, CBD helps your cells respond in different ways. Here it helps by killing your pain, even chronic pain in some cases.
So CBD oil can be used for making you feel comfortable when you are sleeping.

4. CBD may treat REM behavior disorder and promote your natural sleep cycle

In Rapid Eye Movement Disorder you see different types of dreams in cyclic order. During the REM cycle, your muscles are still active, although you are sleeping. So you will physically act whatever you are dreaming.

For example, if you are riding a bicycle in your dream, your legs will be rotating the wheels. Strange but true!

Luckily the natural remedy of CBD oil is at the rescue.
A 2012 study published in Neuropharmacology journal suggests that the users who trusted CBD oil for their REM treatment were able to reduce REM behavior disorder and CBD responded positively in motionless REM sleep.

5. CBD can drive your depression away to make your sleep better

Depression might also be the culprit for your sleeping problems. In other terms, if you are not sleeping properly you may fall prey to depression which is caused by chemical imbalances in your brain.

This can lead to irritation and inefficiency in your professional and family life. So you have to be proactive to treat this disorder in time.
Antidepressants are available on the market but they have so many side effects. You can’t rely on them. But hemp-derived organic CBD oil can be of immense use.

A 2014 study published in CNS and neurological disorders drug targets journal, suggests that CBD oil can help in treating depression by restoring chemical balances in the brain.

6. CBD promotes sleep even in post-traumatic stress disorder

You never know when an unwanted or unexpected event such as an accident or death of someone close to you breaks you emotionally and mentally.
It can disrupt your normal sleep too because it is really hard to turn up strong once again after any shocking or devastating incident. But since you need to move on, for yourself and for the sake of your other loved ones, you may look for external support or alternative natural therapy to recover. Organic CBD oil can be of great help to make you come out of this entangling PTSD disorder. You’ll be able to sleep well as soon as you recover.

When you meet a stressful situation, your body secretes a chemical called anandamide that relaxes you temporarily. The moment you suffer from a greater trauma, you have much lower levels of anandamide so you are unable to cope with the stress involved at that time. The use of CBD your brain’s activity to handle traumatic situations. So now you are able to sleep properly as you are not reliving and visualizing those traumatic events as often as you used to do just after the trauma.

A 2015 study published in Neurotherapeutics suggests that CBD oil was helpful in relaxing the users even in the conditions of post-traumatic stress disorders.


Sleeping well is a natural phenomenon. You need rest to restore your mental and physical abilities to perform well. It is related to your overall well-being. You can also become more emotionally stable to cope with tragic conditions with a regular session of sound sleep. And hemp-derived THC-free CBD oil can be of great help in restoring your natural sleeping ability.

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