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Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Ways to Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Emotions are meant to be felt, enjoyed and celebrated. However, sometimes situations arise when these emotions get the better of you and you are at the mercy of these emotions. These situations identified as emotional upsets are usually a result of an absence of harmony, unresolved issues, and imbalances that are related to either your present or past life in the emotional sense. The main problem with being emotionally upset is that they arise due to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of other people. To see how this works, let us understand how do you become emotionally upset first.

Why Do You Get Emotionally Upset?

There are certain situations in our lives like a breakup, a failed test or someone whom we love stabbing us in the back that may make us feel upset about the situation and lead us into believing that we are emotionally distraught. These situations make us emotionally upset and can even lead to heart attacks. Controlling your emotions before they take control of you is very important. To understand how emotions work, you need to know that our bodies, with their own consciousness, have the incredible power of sensing outer energy. This is why we automatically get happy when everybody is happy around us and vice versa.

This is the same thing that happens when someone else is upset and passes on the same vibe to us. And here is where the primary problem arises because the problem is not with the sensitivity of your body, but how you take the energy of the other person and make it your own.

Ways To Keep Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Unwanted Emotions Under Control

The inability to control or regulate your emotions can lead to severe psychological disorders like depression and several other borderline personality disorders. However, fortunately, most of these situations can be prepared for well in advance before they occur. Therefore, If you want to be prepared and keep your emotions under check even in situations that provoke you to end everything, here are a few ways that would help you to achieve that. Take a look.

Question yourself about the situation

The first thing you need to do after being caught up in a situation is to question yourself about the situation and then reach a conclusion before taking any action. The best thing about this process is that even if you don’t have an answer to the questions, you will be able to feel the change. If you are too worried about the situations then ask yourself does the thing really matter or is it really worth it to spare your time on this aspect. If the answer is No, simply move on.

Don’t react abruptly

Most situations get worse just because you react in a way that you were not meant to. In fact, reactions are an indication of the fact that you are judging rather than being present in the situation. For instance, if you feel like the other person is wrong, you might restrain yourself to their ideas and not pay heed to what they say. This is wrong. Whenever you face a situation where people are presenting their opinions, hear them out first and then evaluate your viewpoint. This will enable you not only to avoid the conflict, but also to understand their point better and take the discussion in the right direction.

Accept, rather than resist

Resisting what others say may make them feel discouraged. It may also make them think that you are being judgemental and have no interest in hearing them out. Let others speak and fall for their emotions, while you handle every argument, situation, and event neutrally with a cool head.

Forgive yourself

If you believe you are perfect and cannot commit a mistake, then that’s definitely not true. We are humans and we commit errors all the time. Learning to forgive yourself and others and taking things on a lighter note is the best you can do to avoid the mental tornado that follows once you start blaming yourself.

Choose a different perspective

There is no point to debate and discuss if everybody in the room has the same perspective. Adopting a different perspective can sometimes help you to clear doubts and share a broader view on the ongoing issue. Moreover, if someone is passing negative vibes to you, then what is the point of accepting those vibes if you don’t want to be sad. Instead, be what you are and express your point of view to change their perspective.

Let it go

You must understand that everything can never be under our control no matter how hard we try. There are some situations which may hurt us so bad that it becomes extremely difficult to cope with them. The best way to deal with such situations is by letting them go as a bygone. Stay in the present and be faithful that it will be taken care of. Thank the Almighty for the next day and try to make maximum use of it instead of being sad about the past.

Go to the mirror and say 10 lovely things to yourself

This is the best technique for most of the problems that we face in our lives. Being grateful and telling ourselves how lucky we are is the best way to generate optimism and make yourself self-aware. So, whenever you are sad, upset or depressed, go in front of a mirror, and think about 10 lovely things that focus on positive emotions like acceptance, energy, joy, creativity, tranquility, freedom, wisdom, peace, harmony, health, abundance and love.

Final Words

By using the methods mentioned above, you will be able to take care of the emotional overflow that has landed you in difficult situations prior to reading this blog. If you still have issues, you can go for organic supplements like CBD that enable you to lower stress, anxiety and feel more focused and mindful without any side effects or psychoactive effects. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that to handle and regulate your emotions before the provoking situation even occurs, you need to be mindful, attentive and stay calm even when situations go out of hand.

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