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Heal Faster Torn Menisci With CBD

Heal Faster Torn Menisci With CBD Oil Based Balms

CBD or cannabidiol has been currently trending in the realm of natural healing. It can treat a variety of health issues including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscle spasms apart from the absence of appetite and body weight. CBD is also indicated to induce sounder sleep, lower pain and inflammation, combat oxidative stress, promote heart health, further weight loss, and secure against certain types of cancer. It can also help with knee pain arising from a torn meniscus.

Torn Meniscus – What It Means?

normal and torn meniscus
normal and torn meniscus

The meniscus comprises a part of cartilage which offers a protective pad between your tibia (shinbone) and femur (thighbone). Every knee joint consists of two menisci.

They can get injured or split while performing activities that apply pressure upon or twist the knee joint. Performing a hard tackle upon the football field or an abrupt turn on the basketball court can cause a meniscus tear.

You don’t need to be an athlete to receive a meniscus tear, however. Just by rising too fast from a squatting position can also lead to a meniscal tear. The Boston Children’s Hospital estimates that over 500,000 meniscal tears occur within the US every year.

Based on the severity of your damage, treatment alternatives can range from in-house remedies to outpatient surgery. You can stay away from this injury by performing exercises that make your leg muscles strong and utilizing correct techniques during sports or contact activities.

Causes Of Torn Meniscus

The meniscus may get torn while performing activities that produce direct touch or pressure resulting from an involuntary twist. An abrupt pivot or turn, intense squatting, or powerlifting can cause injury. Most athletes are more prone to a meniscus tear.

Sports that involve sudden stops and turns may place you at greater risk for meniscus tears. Few of these sports comprise:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

The Boston Children’s Hospital says that meniscus tears are becoming increasingly common in children. This is due to the participation of children in organized sports at a young age. Further, a child is more prone to suffer a meniscus tear by focussing on simply one sport. The same applies to adolescents who take part in competitive sports.


The meniscus deteriorates with age. Tears are prevalent in people above 30 years of age. Movements like stepping or squatting can cause injury in persons with feeble menisci.

Persons with osteoarthritis are at greater risk of damaging your knee or tearing your meniscus.

Symptoms Of Torn Meniscus

During the occurrence of a torn meniscus, you may hear a popping noise near the knee joint. Later, you may feel:

  • Swelling
  • Pain, particularly on the touched region
  • Difficulty in knee movement or unable to rotate it in complete motion
  • The sensation that your knee is buckling or not able to support you
  • The feel that knee is locking or catching

You might also witness a popping sensation, that usually signals that a part of cartilage is loosened and is obstructing your knee joint.

Consult your doctor for such symptoms and in case they persist till some days or happen following an injury to your knee. Talk to your doctor instantly for locking of the knee and not being able to twist your knee following its straightening.

How CBD Helps To Treat Torn Meniscus

CBD alleviates many symptoms of torn meniscus and pain in the knee. By operating in combination with the body’s normal endocannabinoid system, CBD provides extensive relief without the harm connected with opiates.

Helps To Alleviate Pain And Inflammation

Persistent inflammation leads to chronic pain. This results from macrophages – important big white blood cells present within the immune system that locates and consume parasites, bacteria, and viruses. These macrophages access a region where cytokines and cytotoxins are being discharged, resulting in irritation and inflammation. CBD upon entering the body initially functions as an analgesic upon the neurotransmitters, alleviating pain naturally. It then starts lowering inflammation, the progression of disease and damage to organs.

Two endogenous cannabinoids normally exist within our body known as Anandamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2AG). These 2 endocannabinoids are vital for our mental and immune hygiene, along with how nicely we handle stress. They also serve to maintain homeostatic balance.

CBD helps to relieve pain by preserving Anandamide – also called the “bliss molecule”. Anandamide comprises a short-lived endocannabinoid discharged by neurons, which disintegrates fairly rapidly within the body. This molecule is vital as it aids to control our mood, appetite, inflammation, memory, and pain. Since anandamide disintegrates so fast, a deficit can make the ECS in disrepair, leading to inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, besides other ailments.

Moreover, when CBD reaches the ECS, it stops anandamide from disintegrating too fast, by attaching to the proteins that split the bliss molecule. Thereby, CBD aids anandamide to remain in the system longer, which permits the ECS to control more effectively.

Another means CBD aids to alleviate pain is by modulating and controlling endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-nice chemicals available in the body that assist with pain. Consuming painkillers (Opioids), narcotics, and heroin function as endorphins within the body. This makes the body to curb our natural endorphins, rendering it that much more difficult to fight pain naturally. CBD modulates and regulates endorphins. Thereby, CBD aids to raise our internal endorphins normally, removing any chance of dependence on these Opioids.

CBD plays a part in the sensation of inflammation and pain by stimulating the TRPV1 receptor. All this offers relief to sufferers of Torn Meniscus.

CBD Muscle Relaxer

CBD Muscle Relaxer
CBD Muscle Relaxer

The relaxing qualities of CBD influence the whole body comprising your ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It frees your body and eases stiff joints. It also aids to control healthy blood pressure and circulation within the body.

Acts As A Neuroprotectant

Neuropathic pain emerges from a damaged or impaired nerve that leads to radiating pain all over the body. The pain upon becoming severe leads to neuropathy. CBD has the capacity to treat neuropathic pain and also improves the functioning of the nerves in order to restrict neuropathy. Moreover, CBD also acts as a nerve relaxant for calming the nerves.

Further, CBD also joins itself to the vanilloid receptor that controls pain sensation and thus handles the operation of the vanilloid in reducing pain sensitivity. The best results for neuropathic pain as in the case of a torn meniscus is obtained when CBD oil is orally consumed or taken as a tincture sublingually for improved bioavailability.

Final Say To Heal Faster Torn Menisci With CBD Oil

Pain control has become such a problem in the US that the over-prescription of traditional pharmaceutical remedies has triggered an Opioid epidemic. CBD has displayed to be a viable option irrespective of whether the pain arises from injury, surgery, or chronic conditions. If you are suffering from knee pain due to a torn meniscus, CBD might be effective for treating the condition.

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