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5 Tips to Maintain the Best Hygiene on Your Menstrual Cycle

Every female child gets to that stage in their life where they start their period. It is a sign that they are gradually approaching womanhood. Now whether you have not yet started your period and are just a bit curious about what it is all about, or you have and want to know just what to do and how to do it.

Menstruation does not mean something is wrong with you. It just means your body as a female is developing and functioning as it should. It is crucial to have the right information and that is what we are about to give you.

Can Menstruation Go Smoothly?

A lot of conceptions about menstruation are that it is accompanied by lots of cramps, mood swings, and tons of uncomfortable feelings that could have you feeling anxious and stressed out. However, when proper hygiene is maintained, it can help manage the downsides of your period and help you stay clean and healthy. Every woman gets her period 4-5 days in every 28 days and there is no reason it should prevent you from your everyday activities with hygiene precautions, rest, and medication for anxiety, pain, mood swings, and stress.

Tips to maintain the best hygiene on your menstrual cycle

Most females start their period and tend to keep it themselves, but you need the right information to ensure you are ACTUALLY FINE. So yeah, here are 5 helpful tips to maintain the best hygiene on your menstrual cycle.

1. Change Sanitary Material Every 4-6 Hours

Whether you are using tampons, sanitary napkins or other sanitary products, it is advisable to change every 4-6 hours for better vaginal health. The warmth of menstrual blood makes it a great place for organisms and bacteria in your bodies to multiply and cause rashes, infections, and irritation.  Changing sanitary products regularly helps to prevent infections which could have led to more serious health conditions.

Sanitary products should also be disposed of properly to prevent the spread of infections. They should be wrapped properly before throwing away. Flushing is out of the question as it will end up clogging the toilets, causing water to back up and increase the spread of bacteria.

2. Wash Up Properly

During your period, it is highly important to wash up properly. This includes your vagina, surrounding areas, your hands, and your body. Taking frequent showers is certainly not a bad idea at this time. When washing your vagina, it is important to do it right. You should wash in a motion that goes from your vagina to your anus and not the other way around as that increases chances of an infection.

Another important thing about washing is to avoid vaginal hygiene products. The vagina is self-cleaning and has its own cleaning mechanism. While they promise thorough cleaning with nice scents during your period, they can really make things turn for worse. They will end up tampering with the natural cleaning process and PH balance of the vagina, affect the good bacteria present, irritate your area, and increase your chances of getting infections.

3. Choose Your Preferred Sanitary Product

When it comes to sanitary products, not everyone is comfortable with the same thing. What works for someone else most like won’t for you. Instead of spending so much time in discomfort, it is advisable to try out different products and settle with the best one for you. Many people use different products simultaneously or sometimes, even together, especially during heavy flow. Now while this might be effective for heavy flows, it is actually doing more harm than good.

Always keep in mind that the major reason for changing your sanitary material every 4-6 hours is not because it is full or soaked but to prevent the accumulation/spread of bacteria and prevent infections. When not changed frequently, bacteria is ultimately invited, leading to discomfort and infections if left untreated, which could cause permanent damage to the female reproductive system. There are so many sanitary products out there to choose from, each with its own perks. For example, cotton pads are more hygienic and cause less odor. Find the perfect one for you, maintain regular change, and have a smooth menstrual period.

4. Use Medications And Get Enough Sleep

While the cramps that come with periods are most times because of an infection or underlying health condition, it could also be due to hormonal changes. Here is where you should try some medications. Periods also come with mood swings, anxiety, weakness, depression, and stress. While a large part of this can be sorted with exercise and enough rest, sometimes you need a little help. CBD products are effective in the treatment of PMS symptoms. Here are a few to get started with;

Hygiene tips for Menstrual Cycle
CBD Capsules

For anxiety and restlessness, try out Chill and Relax

Trying to keep yourself energized so as to carry out your everyday activities properly? Then try out Daily Energy

Having enough rest is also highly important, and a good way to get a good hang on that is with Deep Sleep gummies.

Menstrual pain or menstrual cramps can also be eased with CBD capsules for pain and inflammation.

5. Minimize the Odor

The odor that comes with menstruation is purely natural. It is a combination of sweat, bacteria, blood that brings about the smell. This odor can be stronger;

  • After sitting for too long
  • When you do not drink enough fluids
  • Leaving pads, tampons, and other materials on for too long
  • Extra hairy pubic area (it is also advisable to trim your pubic hair when on your periods as they can be a safe spot for bacteria. Blood and sweat can also get stuck there).

An offensive odor that does not go away even after taking the right precautions indicates possible infections and underlying health issues. It can also be a sign that you are doing something your body is not comfortable with. You can also opt for menstrual cups as they cause less odor and are reusable, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly sanitary products.


It is essential to relax when you are on your period. Get enough sleep and rest but this should not stop you from going about your everyday tasks. Reinforce yourself during your menstrual cycle with CBD products from Thought Cloud

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