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Hardship Stories

Debra T.

I have degenerative arthritis in my back and feet so I am confined to my home. I cant drive or work at the moment. I was also diagnosed with chronic lyme disease this year and my condition is deteriorating. I had a friend buy me a bottle of your oil and it has helped me soo much with my pain and so many of my other symptoms.

Jason S.

I’m permanently disabled on Social Security and my only income is $967.00 & I have a lot of health problems & CBD helps me a lot with my depression, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, and mood.

Jacqueline C.

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis although I had been having symptoms for nearly 5 years. At least point I could barely get out of bed I was in so much pain, I went and had a laser surgery done to remove the ulcers that had formed on the bladder. This helped with some of the pain and urine frequency for about 4 months or so until it seemed like things had pretty much returned. I decided to go a holistic route to heal since medication and surgeries seemed like one temporary fixes, since that time I have gotten a little better but still have a hard time working since I have to use the restroom as much as 60-80 times a day, leaving me with very little sleep and at times in excruciating pain. Recently I have found out that long-term use of CBD is one of the best for decreasing inflammation and I have looked into ThoughtCloud in particular for your companies use pure ingredients that I haven’t found in other CBD products.

This is especially important to anyone that suffers from my condition due to our overly toxic bodies and extreme sensitivity to almost everything we put in our bodies. I am currently studying holistic healing and am attempting to heal my self of this chronic disease and would love to add CBD in to help but at this time cannot afford it.

Desiree H.

I have Addison’s Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto’s. Basically 4 autoimmune diseases. I am a single mom and doing my best to take care of my son and myself but I cannot work full time due to the pain I suffer with daily. My daughter told me about this program and your products. I have tried it and it helps so much with my pain that I can do more at work and with my son.

Machelle S.

I have chronic pain I’m a single mother taking care of my mom. Had a couple devastating deaths in the family and having to help endlessly with those family members also I know my situation could be worse but I feel like I’m in a bottomless pit of stress and pain most of the time. Your products are a God send.?????thank you thank thankyou!! Bless you and thanks so much for your generosity ??????
Keane K.

I dislocated my right knee patella hiking with my family. After physical therapy and a sports, physician doctor helped a little but still with more healing and consistence soreness and pain and stiffness they recommended painkillers, muscle relaxers and possible injections of anti-inflammatories into me the joint region of injury.

I have declined all of these substances and treatments as a friend gifted a small amount of your brand of CBD and actually helped in a strong dosage not only for pain but the actual inflammation of the join region of the patella after physical therapy sessions.

Your ThoughtCloud CBD has helped me continue to be present and at the moment with my children and family during the past month.

Clariz C.

I love the CBD oils the company offers as it helps me with my depression and anxiety and I finally found something that works without having to take pills! However, I won’t be able to afford it full price because I have so much student loans and credit cards to pay.

Brittany P.

I recently lost my full-time job, and my special-needs son, he is non-verbal and autistic, A lot of people have been telling me about CBD and we recently bought one of your products because it was on sale – and it has been working great.

Kendra M.

My son was born in January 2016 with an incurable rare genetic defect (Epidermolysis Bullosa). He is missing the “glue” that holds his layers of skin together, so the slightest friction from normal activity causes him to blister or shear off skin, and it affects him internally as well (mucous membranes, organs, eyes, etc). It is extremely painful and there is no treatment beyond protective bandaging, specialty wound care to prevent infection, and heavy doses of narcotic pain medications that will affect his development.

Currently, the only thing that alleviates his pain/itching from wounds, helps his wounds heal faster, and allows him to be pain-free enough to continue to eat by mouth, is CBD

Matthew P.

Taking this oil is one of the only things that stop my panic attacks from happening. It’s like I’m taking liquid good vibes. Even if part of my brain wants to make me sad or paranoid, cbd slides on in like “hey man, you’re cool. you’re a cool dude. you’re gonna be happy right now.” I take it every morning before work.


I can’t say enough about Leo Pena and the support staff at Thought Cloud for all the help I received at a difficult time in My life. It’s rare to find a company that not only has an excellent product with many offerings but also to have staff that care’s !

Thanks Again ThoughCloud

Lizette G.

I recently sampled the Full Spectrum from ThoughtCloud and in just a few days I am already feeling a significant difference which has me in tears. All my doctor did the last 4 years was RX me pain pills that did nothing but mask the pain and turn me into a zombie. I would love to devote more time and love to my health moving forward and I truly believe that Thoughtcloud will help.
Gavriela Powers

I was diagnosed with CPTSD from childhood trauma in April of 2018. For me, this meant recurring nightmares, insomnia, sensitivity to the environment and encountering many triggers that would unlock stress and trauma from the past.

Seeing a therapist did not work to alleviate these symptoms for me, and being a lover of homeopathic remedies, I refused to go on any pharmaceutical medication because I was afraid of all of the dangerous side effects that might interfere with my life even more.

To top it off, my son (eight years old) suffers from severe autism and is non-verbal; his destructive habits of fecal smearing and self-injuring added stress to our daily living, and I did not want top put him on behavior modifying medicines.

My husband also works in construction and had a severe addiction to opiates from the time he was about 15-years-old.

CBD was the answer to all of these issues.

With the ThoughtCloud Hardship Program, I was able to order a bottle of CBD for Persons of Low Weight for my son with an extra discount – and I received a free bottle of CBD for the adults in my household as well.

Because of my family’s financial restrictions, this was an answered prayer.

The CBD not only helped me manage my CPTSD symptoms and get better sleep, but it helped my son pay attention more, calm down better, stop fecal smearing, make more eye contact, and sleep all the way through the night!

It also helped my husband with his opiate withdrawals, including better sleep, getting rid of his nausea, and increasing his appetite!

If not for the ThoughtCloud Hardship Program, I would have never found my alternative answers to my everyday life’s problems. Because this company offers help to those who need it, I was able to get help for my entire family – and I couldn’t be more grateful! I wish more CBD companies would do this because, for people like me, it is life changing. CBD is expensive to buy – and the fact that they have a Hardship Program shows me that they truly do care about the people who are buying their products.

They care about my family’s well being, and in a world, like we live in today, that is rare from a company!

I cannot say enough how thankful and appreciative I am of this company and their Hardship Program.

Thank you ThoughtCloud!