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Thoughtcloud CBD

9 Reasons For People’s Trust In ThoughtCloud CBD

It is our belief that you are consuming the top grade hemp supplements. That is the main reason why we are only making it. Founded with the intent to assist users to lead their life with a focus on their health that is holistic, we produce organic products that are sustainable plant medicine. We always like to exceed expectations with our CBD line of products.

Here are our nine why’s to you for trusting ThoughtCloud’s CBD reared from the hemp plants.

Rigorous Soil Testing

Thoughtcl0ud CBDBefore planting we conduct a stringent soil testing through phytoremediation process that applies different plants to eliminate, transfer, or stabilize the pollutants inside the soil and underwater. Hemp plants draw in the toxins from its roots and stock up or alter any contaminants present inside the soil. This makes clean soil something that one cannot compromise upon and the first step in manufacturing a superior extract.

Following the convenient and quick route is what we refrain from taking. As such, our hemp is non-GMO and is cultivated on licensed Colorado farms with manual tending in the manner nature wished. Organically enriched soil endows the plants along with essential elements like phosphorus, nitrogen and calcium, certain extra benefits like trace elements.

Moreover, our water source applied for soil and plant use is also tested numerous times annually, to guarantee that they contain zero microbes and germs.

Meticulous Processing

Our hemp is tested after five days during the time of harvesting so as to ensure that its processing is done exactly when its phytochemical content matches with our quality benchmark. We maintain a consistency in our product and the only way to do it is by following highest norms of processing and quality maintenance. Our production facility follows FDA regulation.

Organic Extraction Process

Thoughtcl0ud CBD


Using CO2 supercritical extraction in our main extraction method for deriving the phytonutrients from every plant, we ensure that CBD hemp oil retains its purity throughout the process. This process utilizes carbon dioxide in a highly cold environment at high pressure. Supercritical CO2 extraction calls for expensive equipment, an advanced refinement procedure, and production expertise, but it ensures that CBD oil maintains its purity all through the process.
Thoughtcloud utilizes advanced extraction processes to create premium cannabinoid wellness products with a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile for your enhanced health.

High-Quality Cannabidiol Source

As the hemp plant is a “hyperaccumulator” which means that it absorbs whatever is present inside the ground during farming, we have grown it on rich soil. Bringing for our customers the highest grade CBD oil, ThoughtCloud remains committed to offering natural, lab-tested purest Cannabidiol for your wellbeing. In fact, our vision is to create naturally sustainable plant medicine that boosts metabolic homeostasis, immune function, and mental wellness.
Besides, all our organic full spectrum natural CBD hemp oil has abundant amounts of terpenes, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and various naturally found cannabinoid compounds.

Vegan In Farming And Manufacturing Practices

From plant to oil in our farming and manufacturing practices, we perform vegan cultivation. This requires eradication of artificial additives or compounds coming from animals with no animal manure allowed. Our purest CBD plant medicines are organically grown without any preservatives and consist of the organic medicinal plant components from seed to oil. Our whole-plant extracts are organically grown to employ sustainable farming practices. We remain an excellent choice for vegans and also the health enthusiasts who require cruelty-free Cannabidiol products.

Following a manufacturing process that is required to produce a safe, superior grade product we have set stringent testing protocols that help in product supervision from its initiation till its finish. At the start, the harvested hemp plant is investigated for biological pollutants. Following which the extracted hemp is retested and lastly the finished product is inspected for pesticides, residual solvents, phytochemical proportion, heavy metals, and bacteria contamination. By using domestic hemp plants reared in a pristine natural environment in Colorado, we are able to provide a much superior Cannabidiol product.

Transparency In Our Process

Our organic CBD oil is lab tested and our lab test reports are attached to the products we send to our customers. These results include cannabinoid, pesticides as well as terpene level and contaminants such as heavy metals. As a leading integrity brand, we always follow potent, authentic clean hemp in all batches. Thoughtcloud strains and genetics are always labs tested in order to provide the purest form of CBD. We have yet to be met at the level of quality and in most cases have up to 20 times the amount of cannabinoids per milliliter of our CBD.

Besides, we have managed to outshine in sourcing some of the finest available hemp and pay lots of attention during the processing so as to guarantee a world-class end product.

An Industry Leader In Product Innovation

We’re the industry leader in CBD innovations with the first CBD Full Spectrum Bath Bombs and Ozonated CBD Ointment. Always believe in contributing our superlative best in offering our consumers the purest available product on the market. Our array of products including the Rubi Vape pens, 3600 mg Full spectrum Hemp oil, Vape supplies, Grape flavored full spectrum purest CBD for kids, and pain management balms are one of a kind. Products of all potencies from low, medium to high is our expertise. The best CBD oils for vaping with an amazing range of flavors from Cherry Cola, Horchata, Strawberry Limeade, banana split, bubblegum and more show our flavors that can suit different taste palette.

Our tincture concentrations cover various ranges from 750 mg,1500 to 3,600 mg and there are also tinctures that are customized for depression, inflammation, anxiety and also sleep. Besides, there are also organic CBD products that help you in meditating and raising your vibrations. It is only through commitment towards purity and credibility that we are able to deliver the useful effects of every herb.

Vibration Infused Oil

Thoughtcl0ud CBDWe meditate and use Reiki to infuse the highest vibration oil you will ever experience. Every batch is infused with positive meditation and reiki energy before sale. Our company believes in keeping energy high vibration and positive. You do not get euphoric or high on it, simply the healing, relaxing and nourishing vibrations.

Moreover, it can be used as an add-on to the aromatherapy massage. We also have in our kitty sleep tinctures that endow deep mental relaxation and regulated sleep-wake cycles.

ThoughtCloud CBD || Customer Satisfaction

We have the best customer service of any CBD retailer on the planet. With hordes of satisfied customers with exhilarating experience from our products our mission of serving their CBD oil needs in every wee bit of their CBD oil experience seems fulfilled. As always our commitment lies of taking care of our customer from seed to their relief. That helps to renew the focus back on treating at the chromosome level as we believe in treating the system and not the symptoms. All ThoughtCloud products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and without any Bisphenol A in our containers or CBD products!

All these years, our real harvest has been your trust that has helped us to move on with consistency and uncompromising quality.