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Methods Of CBD Consumption

The 6 Ace Methods Of CBD Consumption

CBD has indeed a wide fan following base cutting across age barriers and demographics too! Persons in the 20 plus age bracket utilize it for preventative treatment, while children facing acute health conditions can take recourse to it for treating epilepsy. Even people entering the 50 plus segment are all coming on board to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. The spectrum is getting broader and inclusive with more CBD enthusiasts joining the circuit, making it more harder to choose the best CBD product.

Here, we are breaking down some of the CBD products to help in choosing as to which method of CBD oil consumption is more effective, as various products carry different concentration. As the options are innumerable in CBD products, you should on your part pay attention to select brands that grant third-party assessment and apply domestic hemp.

To make your plethora of choices less stressful, here are our best ways of consuming CBD oil:

Comprehensively, the 6 ace ways of consuming CBD though not necessarily in that order are:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Dabbing
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals


Many CBD users prefer the tincture format in their CBD usage. Thus, this method has become a popular mode followed by the market due to its purity of use. The manufacturers do not indulge in any CBD oil processing with the result that the consumer has access to a more pure product that is potent.

Certain tincture brands dab in some flavor that makes the product more enjoyable to its users.
Tinctures and concentrates comprise the most authentic of the CBD applications. In fact, tinctures can be consumed by placing a few drops beneath your tongue. The varying dosage can be from as low as 100 mg to 1000 mg. The concentration of dosage should be something you should conduct some research upon.

Tinctures have the only drawback of spilling if you tend to spill over the drops. There are persons who find it a bit awkward to drop CBD extract underneath their tongue for regular use.

Using Tinctures Allows You The Ease Of Use

The more you retain the tincture, the more is its efficacy. Swallowing it is not the ideal way and ingesting it sublingually for a longer duration is the best way. So, retain the drops below your tongue or alongside the cheeks for a longer period.
Sublingual passages are the finest methods to infuse your system with CBD. This is the way to do it if you want it faster.


Actually, CBD capsules contain a specified quantity of CBD, they offer a way of CBD dosing. If your maximum CBD dosage amounts from 16 mg to 25 mg, then procuring a 20 mg or for that matter capsules of 25 mg will serve your purpose. Moreover, nothing seems more convenient than ingesting a capsule.

Ingesting CBD oil makes it get transmitted via the digestive route with the liver metabolizing it and dispatching its active elements into your bloodstream. This is the exact manner in which vitamins and various daily supplements are generally administered.

The general ingestible CBD oil items include edibles, drinks as well as pills or capsules. Out of these capsules can be conveniently gulped down with water and is an effective method of CBD consumption. CBD capsules can be easily integrated into your routine, even along with your regular intake of vitamins and pills.


Dabbing is a preferred CBD intake method due to its immense bioavailability and quick impact along with flavor more so when it is filled with terpenes. However, this method is not commonly followed because only experienced vapers and dabbers use it as they already possess a herbal vaporizer or the much-needed dab rig.
But for users who are not on the regular vaping or dabbing spree, it is advisable, to begin with, a small dosage of fewer than .05 grams.
Bear this in mind more so as CBD gets heated it gets converted into a liquid that can cause problems for vaporizers. If combusting the CBD is what you desire, you can also mix it to your preferred smoking combination for a great effect.


CBD concentrates hold the maximum CBD dosage than any CBD product. The level of concentration can be almost ten times higher to various CBD products. Concentrates also have their own ease of use taking almost two minutes to consume.
However, they do not contain flavors, which is its drawback as individuals may find its natural flavor not up to their choice.
For initial CBD starters, the syringe-like the appearance of Concentrates might appear a bit challenging. CBD concentrates has found favor among users who have a lifestyle that is hectic, but is on the lookout for a potent CBD. Furthermore, for some users, the bottom line is its overall effectiveness.
Usage of Concentrates
Just like tinctures, You have to place the concentrates beneath your tongue and by the side of cheeks and consume it slowly.


CBD topicals serve as skin applications with a barrage of brands incorporating CBD into their ointments and topical creams like lotions and salves. CBD oil provides a host of benefits to skin wellness and vitality. The CBD topicals have also proved beneficial for treating inflammation, acute pain, psoriasis, acne as well as for slowing anti-aging.

Prior to selecting a particular CBD topical, it is advisable to look for labels on products that apply nano technology, the encapsulation process, and the micellization techniques. This ensures that the product can easily penetrate across the layers of the dermis. It should be the primary element while choosing the best topical brand and is a tested way to reap the complete benefits of CBD, and for treating skin and joint issues.


Inhaling CBD through vaporizing amounts to basically ingesting by smoking the vape oil containing CBD. If you desire a milder effect, then this method is best  the apt one. It has a lesser effect compared to pills, tinctures or concentrates. Vaporization is the in-thing in the world of CBD consumption and appeals to the younger adherents of CBD.

It also offers you lesser challenges compared to oral consumption of CBD oil that has a delayed impact due to inconsistent absorption. The positives about vaping are that dosages can be adjusted and this gives you the perfect kick as you know much about the way you feel.

Consuming CBD vape oil is convenient and can be effected through a vape pen, a vaporizer or even an e-cig. These are the gadgets that aid you in vaporizing or puffing. Supplementing some heat and then inhaling the quantity of your choice is the way to go about while consuming
CBD vape oil.
Besides, these top consumption methods there are also others like Gel pen, CBD patches, Gummies or Edibles. But it is practically difficult to vouch for its guarantee other than the ones mentioned.

Summing Up:

As sensible users, we have to select a particular brand and experiment with a few of their product line. Trying out capsules and edibles initially would be a welcomed  idea before switching on to tinctures or concentrates.

The ingestion methods are ultimately what the user prefers. Various methods can produce a different impact on a particular person and can vary based on their individual taste.
But, ultimately what suits your frame and lifestyle is what decides the best CBD product for you.