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12 Days Of Christmas Sale

Take Advantage Of ThoughtCloud’s 12 Days Of Christmas Sale

The holiday season is here and ThoughtCloud is celebrating it with 12 days of giveaways and savings. A golden opportunity for CBD lovers, the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ giveaway has begun and ThoughtCloud will keep showering you with spectacular CBD gifts and discounts for the next 12 days. So, if you are looking to be more relaxed, happy and satisfied than ever, see the products listed below and ask Santa for any of these in the coming days.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Sale

One of the hottest sales this Christmas, ThoughtCloud’s Twelve Days of Christmas Sale is here to make this holiday season memorable and fun for you. You can find this sale on ThoughtCloud’s Instagram profile where every day one of our organic CBD products will be showcased at noon PST for sale. You can apply the coupon code ‘12DAYS’ on the featured product to save 25% while supplies last. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab the best CBD products that improve your health while simultaneously saving your wealth. Some of the CBD products that are estimated to get featured in the upcoming days have been listed below. Take a look and find the product that is ideal for you from the list.

Isolate VAPE CBD (600mg) 30ml (multiple flavors)

The Isolate CBD Vape Juice is a completely organic, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free vape e-juice. It comes in compelling fruit flavors that will make your vaping experience heavenly. Some of the most popular flavors that Isolate Vape CBD comes in include Banana Cake, Bubble Gum, Pancakes, Cherry Cola, Choc Cherry, French Toast, Horchata, Mojito, Orange Creamsicle, Peach Cobbler, Pina Colada, Strawberry Limeade, Strawberry Shortcake, Waffles and some more. With such a huge variety of flavors to experiment with, if you love vaping and want to get the benefits of the purest form of CBD, the non-PG based Isolate Vape is the product that many people want to be showcased in the sale soon.

Full Spectrum VAPE CBD (600mg) 30ml (multiple flavors)

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

Equipped with powerful cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, the Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice is for people who want to get the benefits of CBD combined with extra nutrients derived from the other cannabinoids. Extracted from non-GMO hemp plants, it is ideal to get fast, convenient and reliable relief and relaxation in one of the coolest ways without getting ‘high’. What’s better is that the Full Spectrum Vape CBD comes in flavors like Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Cheesecake, Cherry Cola, Horchata, Orange Creamsicle, Pina Colada, Strawberry Limeade and Waffles.

Signature Series – CBD Oil

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

The #1 Best Selling CBD Oil on ThoughtCloud, the Signature Series CBD Oil comes in three variants – Daily, Super, and Ultra. All these three variants are popular for offering unparalleled satisfaction, convenience and the right amount of CBD to the users. The best thing about the Signature Series – CBD oil is that it is equipped with signature flavors like Apple, Grape, and Cherry that make CBD consumption a treat for you. The most ideal, safest and the fastest way to get high-quality organic CBD with non-psychoactive properties, if the Signature Series – CBD oil is showcased in the sale, there are chances that the sale might well end in an hour due to the craze in CBD users

CBD Bath Bombs 70 mg Full Spectrum (multiple scents)

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

There is no better alternative to enjoy the holiday season than to take a dip into your bathtub and relax in the hot water with some candles around. Even better, drop a satisfying bath bomb that takes your bathing experience to the next level. The Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs is the perfect remedy to experience this and blast away your stress. A unique and relaxing bath-time treat infused with CBD, it makes your skin instantly gratified with natural essential oils, and provides relief against pain and inflammation. Completely organic, the CBD bath bomb comes in multiple scents like Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange. If bathing is your favorite alone time, keep checking our Instagram feed and grab the CBD bath bombs as soon as they are showcased.

Full Spectrum CBD (500mg) in cold-pressed hemp

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

There are 1,900 endocannabinoid receptors in our body that regulate important physiological and cognitive processes. Some of these processes include management of appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. The Full Spectrum CBD in cold-pressed hemp helps you to add cannabinoids back into your system and replenish the body’s ability to stay fit and maintain homeostasis. Through this, you get better health and happiness automatically. There are two Full Spectrum products on our site. The difference in them is that the one with the green label has coconut as the carrier oil while this one is with the blue label and is specially created for people that possess coconut allergy. In this one, the carrier oil is hemp. Explore the benefits of CBD along with a range of other useful cannabinoids like CBG and CBN and save money, health, and stress as soon as the product pops up on our Instagram feed.

High CBG 900mg Inflammation and Allergy formula in coconut oil


12 Days Of Christmas Sale

A specialized product for those that are looking for a reliable and fast cure against allergies and inflammation, the High CBG Inflammation and Allergy formula in coconut oil is a perfect combination of 50% CBG and CBD. CBG or Cannabigerol is known for its antibacterial effects and brain cell growth. With CBD, CBG becomes all the more effective against pain, inflammation, and allergies. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the exclusive CBD and CBG infused High CBG Inflammation and Allergy formula and order it as soon as it pops up on the Twelve Days of Christmas sale.

Full Spectrum High CBN Blend 550mg, Pain and Sleep Formula

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

The perfect combination of CBD and CBN, the Full Spectrum High CBN Blend, Pain and Sleep Formula is an organic healer for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and insomnia. CBN is known to have a positive impact on our body due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it possesses. It also acts effectively for pain relief, anti-insomnia, and appetite stimulation. When combined with CBD it also promotes bone cell growth and makes your mind and body relaxed and focussed. So, if you are looking for some relief in this holiday season, this is the product that you must pray to be showcased on the Twelve Days of Christmas sale.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

The good news does not end here. You’ll be delighted to know that ThoughtCloud is not only offering savings of 25% but also offering a lucky winner and their tagged friend a chance to receive the showcased product for free. All you need to do to be the lucky winner is follow the ThoughtCloud official Instagram page, like the product post, leave a comment and tag one of your friends who would love to do the same. A winner will be randomly selected every day for the specified product and announced on ThoughtCloud’s Instagram page when the next product is put up for sale.

Not only this but a grand prize winner will also be chosen on 23rd December, the 12th day of the sale. The Grand Prize includes new chakra hoodie, vape pen and isolate CBD formula bundle, CBD bath bomb, CBD beauty bar, our full spectrum CBD formulations for kids, pets and adults in the new Signature Series Ultra, and more!


If yes, then follow the Twelve Days of Christmas Sale Now and enjoy the joyous holiday season with ThoughtCloud.

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