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Role of CBD in Increasing Dopamine 

Experienced users of CBD are unaware of whether it increases or decreases Dopamine. Also, some health conditions are associated with high and low dopamine levels, along with the relationship between CBD and Dopamine. Probe the role of CBD in increasing Dopamine through this blog.

Do you know what it is, Dopamine, and how it makes you feel? No idea? Start reading this blog with the basic knowledge about Dopamine and its functions. Going through it can help you gain a highly informative understanding of CBD and Dopamine. Lastly, before the blog ends, obtain clarity on whether CBD increases your dopamine levels or not?

Come with us to learn about the influence of CBD and Dopamine together with an overview of Dopamine.

Starting from scratch, learn about the term, “Dopamine”, and its functions.

What is Dopamine?

CBD and Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role as a messenger amidst brain and nerve cells, and from there, the brain binds with the whole body. It is a hormone also that produces maximum relief and calming effects. It is an encouraging hormone rendering ultimate pleasure with motivation to work to have a good feeling.

Relevance of Dopamine

Dopamine operates the smooth functioning of our body by focusing on our mental and physical state. It supports bodily movement, maintains flexibility, and works on preserving and restoring our memory to learn and perceive the meaning of the matter. A research study suggests that CBD exhibits various properties and fortunately it also supports the movement disorders that are neurologically associated with our brain.

Dopamine promotes a smooth connection between our behavior and the cognitive part of the brain and increases the alert to be attentive and focused always. It helps in facilitating your mood and regulating sleep and arousal. Also, it relaxes your blood vessels and lowers insulin production in the pancreas and lymphocytes in the immune system.

It curbs your vomiting and nausea and alleviates intense pain too. It keeps trying to balance your fluctuating heart rate and kidney. Dopamine displays its fundamental characteristic in mental health for Schizophrenia and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

CBD and Dopamine

CBD has an indirect relation with Dopamine, as it first interacts with the Serotonin receptor within the brain. It induces the production of Dopamine after seamlessly linking with the 5HTA. CBD promotes the increase in Anandamide hormone that maintains the functioning of Dopamine and Serotonin within the brain.

Does CBD increase Dopamine?

In effect from this process, dopamine increases, and CBD induces the adenosine receptor that supports the production of the neurotransmitters-Glutamate and Dopamine. The whole process of CBDs interaction with Dopamine regulates the proper functioning of body mechanisms.

Regardless of having an identity of a cannabinoid, CBD never binds directly with the ECS receptors (CB1, CB2). CBD is known to be non-toxic or non-psychoactive and works much better than THC because THC releases sedative effects, but CBD doesn’t. CBD associates itself with opioid receptors to render maximum relief from the intense pain in the body.

Can CBD Oil increase Dopamine?

Yes, CBD Oil can surely increase Dopamine, as it is a neurotransmitter and a hormone. But, being a neurotransmitter or a messenger, it is found in two areas of the brain. These pairs present in the brain are the Ventral tegmental area and the Substantia nigra.

Dopamine includes the characteristic to trigger the brain’s center to serve the maximum pleasure and motivation. CBD Oil for Dopamine modifies these levels, providing a wide range of health benefits and persuading behavior.

According to the study review, it interprets the influence and withdrawal of cannabinoids on producing the dopamine. Additionally, the effects of utilizing the endogenous cannabinoid stimulates the release of dopamine.

How does Dopamine make you feel?

Dopamine acts as a premium part of the body mechanism to produce maximum relieving effects for survival and reproduction. So, a person receives ultimate pleasure when doing the activity that gives them immeasurable joy, leading to an increase in Dopamine.

To maintain the Dopamine levels, have a sufficient amount of Dopamine that keeps you alert, focused, happy, and encouraged. But, what happens during the presence of low or high Dopamine in your body? What are the health conditions associated with it? Come forward to know more.

Feeling from High Dopamine

With high dopamine levels, a person would feel euphoric, highly energized, feeling sensual for high sex drive. But, the excessively high Dopamine would bring sleeping trouble, inability to manage impulses, and aggressive behavior.

Feeling from Low Dopamine.

Low levels of Dopamine make a person feel weary and tired. They feel deficient and reluctant to be happy. They do not feel motivated or encouraged but are gloomy all time. But, low Dopamine can display the effects of memory loss, low sex drive, sleep issues, mood swings, and focus levels if they are exceedingly scarce.

Health Conditions associated with Dopamine

Explore the health conditions associated with high and low levels of Dopamine. Don’t confuse health conditions with benefits because it mentions diseases only.

  1. High-Level Dopamine: Madness, Obesity, and Addiction are associated diseases.
  2. Low-Level Dopamine: ADHD, Restless legs syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease are related.

Besides the diseases mentioned here, Schizophrenia is the only disease that exhibits high and low dopamine levels. Having delusions and hallucinations are signs in an individual. A research study suggests that Dopamine comprises of D1 and D2 receptors showing hetero effects in disorders treated by cannabis along with induced THC, accountable for creating adverse effects for prolonged time.

Naturally enhance your Dopamine Levels

You can naturally improve your dopamine levels by improving your diet and performing exercises.


Maintain a healthy diet consisting of Magnesium and Enriched-Tyrosine blended foods. The highly efficient Tyrosine contains Amino acids, which are totally absorbed into your body first, and then finally reach the brain to produce Dopamine.

There is a list of dietary food containing Dopamine, are listed below:

  • Chicken
  • Almonds,
  • Apples,
  • Avocados,
  • Bananas Beets,
  • Chocolate
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Green Tea
  • Lima Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Oranges
  • Peas
  • Sesame And Pumpkin Seeds
  • Tomatoes
  • Turmeric
  • Watermelon And Wheat Germ


Performing yoga and aerobic exercises gives you a warm feeling and provides relaxation. This induces an increase in dopamine levels. Doing meditation, running, and having a massage produce calming effects in your body, naturally.

What do doctors suggest?

Merely, most doctors suggest a Dopamine medication, Inotropin for regulating the blood pressure, blood flow throughout the body, and conditions of septics like fever, irritation, infection, and soreness.

Wind Up

This blog consists of the overall role of CBD in increasing the function of Dopamine. However, the brain indeed interacts with Serotonin to produce Dopamine. So, it can be said that CBD works with both the neurotransmitters, who play an essential role in being hormones too.

Within this blog, you have discovered the relationship between CBD and Dopamine as to how CBD and CBD oil can help in increasing Dopamine. If you want to know how Dopamine would make you feel, you must read through the given high and low levels of Dopamine with diseases related to them.

Lastly, attain more relevant information on enhancing your Dopamine more naturally and a Dopamine medication, Inotropin, which regulates blood flow balancing the BP levels, and seamlessly flows blood throughout the body.

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