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Ways To Reduce Stress When You Are Trying To Conceive

stress and trying to conceive pregnancy

Having a child is an important moment in many people’s lives. However, conceiving a child can also be quite stressful. Knowing strategies for stress management can help you steer through the highs and lows that come while trying to conceive. It can be difficult to remain positive and not get worried when negative tests come back month after month. New evidence indicates that stress may increase the likelihood of negative results.

Women who are anxious and worry excessively may have less likelihood of getting pregnant or carrying full-term pregnancies.

Here are some suggestions that can help in reducing stress while you are attempting to conceive.

Understand That You And Your Spouse Can Respond Differently

Stress and CBD
Stress and CBD

Interact with your partner but don’t expect that your partner will always feel the same way you do. Females are more likely to be affected by infertility than men, and will likely respond differently to failed conception attempts.

Do Not Get Swayed By The Two-Week Wait

The two-week wait represents the period of anxiousness and high stress when you are attempting to conceive. Every day that passes between ovulation and your expected next period can seem like a year. During this span of time, you may experience nervousness and stress. It is helpful if you put your focus elsewhere.
You can try these things to distract yourself during the wait.

  • Go for a date with your partner
  • Read a new book
  • Have a movie night
  • Make a special dinner that you’ve been craving
  • Spend time with friends and loved ones
  • Begin a craft project or pursue your favorite hobby

Two-week wait anxiety may still be on the back of your mind when you take up these activities, but it is much better than getting over-stressed by such thoughts.

Do Not Go Overboard With Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy Tests

When you are trying to conceive, it is most likely that your focus would be on taking pregnancy tests, whether it be stocking up on tests, or obsessing over the timing of the tests.

Though you can be reluctant to lessen the tests while trying to become pregnant, it can become an obsession or a fixation, and something that will leave you highly stressed.

Try to control the desire to take a pregnancy test till the time your period is delayed by one day. If it gets tough to overcome the temptation, give them to a friend so that you can only take one when you’re supposed to..

Gather Knowledge And Be Informed

Knowledge is power. By knowing the causes of infertility and the range of treatments available, you can make better judgments and feel more in control of things.

Make An Alternative Plan

Figure out what parenthood means to you. What is essential? What is not? You may feel less stressed if you find out that you have other choices of becoming a mother (such as sperm donor/egg, IVF, or adoption).

Do Not Feel Let Down By Your Period

Many individuals who menstruate do not experience the thrill when their monthly period arrives. When you want to conceive, you can get even more upset with the coming of the period, signaling that you did not get pregnant once again.

If you have faced miscarriages, having your period can not only indicate another missed cycle, but also your past losses. For some individuals who have gone through a miscarriage or stillbirth, periods serve as a painful reminder of their incapacity to get and remain pregnant.

Don’t allow your period to dampen your spirits. If you are feeling down during the first week of your menstrual cycle, overthinking about ovulating, and feeling restless, reflect on the part played by your period in precipitating such feelings.

Practice Stress Relaxation Techniques


Boost your mood and relieve tension through relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and deep breathing techniques. Practice visualization, or guided imagery where you imagine a setting that makes you feel at peace and let go of all anxiety.

Stress surges your body with hormones and can make your heart pound, muscles tense, and can speed up your breathing. Practicing stress reduction techniques can lower the generation of stress hormones and thereby raise your chances of becoming pregnant.

Bond With Your Partner

Infertility can turn sex into responsibility and a chore. From dejection to embarrassment to a sunken libido, attempting to become pregnant can alter your sex life.

What was once a passionate session to bond intimately with your companion might seem like a task. When there is a meltdown in sexual relations, other aspects of your relationship also suffer.

This makes it important to pay attention to your relationship with your companion. Take time to discuss the way infertility is impacting both of you and talk about what you both feel should be done to remain connected.

Return back to that catalog of things that brought happiness to you both. Find some of the things that made you happy, and try them out with your partner. You can also come up with a new list of things that you want to experiment with. The stress of infertility can wrap up your mind in getting pregnant and often you miss out on all those activities that used to bring fun and joy.

Give Priority To Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is not limited to proper eating and visiting your doctor for a check-up. It also includes sparing time for relaxation and searching for vibrant ways to handle stress.

Stress management has different meanings for every person. For instance, you may like a bubble bath after a stressful day, while your partner likes to listen to music and dance in the living room.

Relaxation can be an art class, meditation, or slow aerobics. Such activities make you live in the present moment, which can benefit in changing your narrative and fixation on infertility. Various mind-body therapies for infertility are useful in relaxing, and few of them have even been found to promote better pregnancy rates.
When you live in the present, your thoughts linger less on previous fertility failures or on prospective ones.

Participate In A Support Group

Couples facing infertility problems often feel alone and isolated. At times it appears that all their acquaintances and family are becoming pregnant, and raising families while they are still trying to conceive, making them feel like the only childless couple remaining.

It is here that a support group can be useful as you will find other couples who feel the same frustrations of infertility. Sometimes, it is better to be with someone else who has been going through the same stress that you are facing.

Ask your fertility clinic if there are support groups close by or look online to find a digital support group.

Seek Professional Assistance

Support groups can be a great meeting point to connect with others, however, you may want to have some more confidential discussion. People who are dealing with infertility often go through panic attacks and depression. Even when you feel that you are coping suitably, seeking a fertility therapist offers you many advantages.

Infertility brings with it intense, and uncontrolled emotions. Counseling can be useful in processing these emotions and devise healthy ways to cope with them. It might be more beneficial to search for a therapist who has exclusive training or expertise in working with infertile couples, as they can be useful in offering informed solutions about your therapy.

Therapy also benefits those couples who are undergoing tense relationships due to infertility and find it difficult to arrive at a consensus on what to do next. It can be possible that one partner feels hesitant about therapy, but if both partners undergo counseling together, they mutually benefit immensely from getting the opportunity to converse freely about what they are passing through.

CBD Half Gram Joints
CBD Half Gram Joints

Final Words On Reducing Stress While Trying To Conceive

The process of trying to conceive can take a lot of tolls on your emotional and mental health as well as of your partner. Sometimes, you can even feel that your efforts at getting pregnant have their bearing on your complete life. When stress starts to overwhelm you, take a break and both you and your partner should respond to it positively. This can mean that reaching out for assistance from family, friends, taking some time off from trying, or understanding how to reframe your thinking by changing the way you look at it as a stress management technique can help you to lower stress levels.

The anxiolytic properties of the plant compound CBD can be effective in lowering stress during these testing times. One such product is the Full Spectrum CBD in Hemp Seed Oil by ThoughtCloud that contains antioxidants, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids that can be beneficial in lessening anxiety symptoms. You can also destress using the CBD bath bomb that is packed with organic essential oils known for their soothing and relaxing effects.

As you are caring for one another, do not blame yourself for the situation and the difficulties you are facing in your fertility journey. In case you require more help to cope with the stress, discuss with your doctor, an expert therapist, and try to participate in a support group.

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