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always feel better

Discover New Reasons To Always Feel Better

Always remember that your greatest gift is Life and you should never underestimate it. You will understand this prized gift of yours only after you see terminally ill patients who are waiting for their final end. Grief is the common thread of emotion that such people retain and which perhaps causes more intense pain than their illness.

Life moves on and is in perennial motion, similar to ocean waves. Try to ride those positive ones that introduce new experiences into your lives. Your life is not your sole prerogative as it also belongs to people who are in your everyday radius, and you are also very important for others. It can happen that at times we are quite unaware of the fact that we even matter to others.

We have crafted and designed our own lives and it is the challenge before us to explore its beauty in spite of reverses. That makes it important for us to always devise reasons to feel better. Some of the reasons which should always give you the feel-good factor are:

Your Purpose Of Life Is To Discover The Real You

Always Feel BetterYou should approach life from its exterior toward inwards and not from inside toward outside. Often, one lives life based on the script written for someone else. Generally, many people, also the well-intentioned ones choose to place us into a groove or position that they find sensible. To win their admiration, you knowingly drift into their preferred slot and to retain their support you start to practice self-denial and not accept who you really are.
You never listen to your true calling and are more interested in charting your career. In fact, our society has made success to appear like a series of ticking boxes to be followed: Completing your school or college, find a partner, rear a family, achieve a chartered career path and continue till retirement checks are valid. Such a well-defined course drives a person to the route of conformity, and never to a purpose. Discovering a purpose makes you listen to the inner calling that would make life communicate with you and not you advising your life what you will be doing with it.

Your calling can begin with a passionate idea as simple as “I’d want to attempt that”. You can then expand it like a command that you cannot refuse. A calling is not a simple path, and therefore not all of us have ever walked on it. We are afraid of the conflict, the absurdity, the dangers, and our unfamiliarity. Therefore, we select a career that matches our checkboxes.

Always Accept Your Dark Side

Always Feel Better

It is the weak link of your personality that you would always like to hide from others. Your hidden personality denotes your weaknesses, your failures, and egoistic choices. We try to run away from this side of our personality. But do you know that your darkest side has the maximum to mentor you about the purpose of your life? If finding your real purpose is about finding yourself, your darkness reveals the spot where you need to evolve the most. Essentially, it also presents you the understanding of the person from whom you should learn the most. Often, it turns out to be the person whom we prefer the least has the maximum to offer in making us learn about ourselves.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The Unknown

Always Feel Better

The greatest roadblock to our growth is the unknown fear that we have piled up as we are not sure about its results. Our fears are always an unending series of ifs like ‘What if You do not succeed? “What if people misunderstand you”, “What if bankruptcy follows”. Such fears also paralyze you and prevent you from evolving and growing.

By walking on the unfamiliar path, you will be always improving and learning. This will help to find your calling and explore the path that you were supposed to move on. A curious mind is always innovative and builds up new learning.

Stand Up For Yourself And Open Up Spaces

Always Feel Better

You should know how to connect with yourself and your purpose. Do not feel ashamed of anything as shame obstructs your capacity of seeing the real you. There are many stories of persons who suffered from shame throughout their life so much so that it diminished their self-worth. Being desperate to get accepted and being admired by others how often, we become a distinct version of ourselves just to be acknowledged by the company we are with.

Our sufficient time on social networks is spent in matching our lives with the more successful ones, at times amplifying our envious feelings. We invest a large portion of our time in imitating others instead of putting the stake on our real selves. There is nothing wrong to be motivated by others and following them, but our calling gets obscured if we only mimic others.

Rediscover Your Passion And Talent

Always Feel Better

Passion is something more than an ignited feeling within you. It is deep-rooted inside you and brings out the real you. It also nurtures you to remain optimistic and upbeat. Such passion leads you into an out of the ordinary life that was designed for you. Using your skill and competence, you can start with the bold act of moving ahead with your calling.

We know this sound easy but it is not so. However, we have got a simple technique that will help you identify your passion and follow it. In this technique, you simply need to jot down your talents, passion and what all you want to do in your life. Once, you complete this, you can first cross out the ones that don’t interest you, and then arrange the remaining on the basis of priority.

How to feel good-Final Say

Lastly, if you want to feel better and enter into a harmonious state inside social interactions, but experience the emotional baggage of the planet slightly more than the person next to you, we would recommend you to go for CBD if such anxiety drains you out. CBD is an alternative therapy that relieves you from social anxiety and provides you with a narrative that is different from the conventional pharmacological methods. Moreover, applying mindfulness and cognitive behavior treatment along with CBD will make you feel less anxious and calm.

CBD is best for persons who want to relax without any side effects. This organic plant compound is non-intoxicating and augments your own cannabinoids, to bolster your mood and ensure a complete wellbeing. If you are not able to assess why you are feeling low despite exercising and being in good health, you may be having an endocannabinoid scarcity. CBD without its high effect has introduced many benefits by impacting our endocannabinoid mechanism.

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