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Vape Pod Replacement Kit – 2 ThoughtCloud Vape Pods


The perfect pod replacement for ThoughtCloud’s vape pod systems! Get 1.5ml of your favorite CBD vape juice in each of your two new pods. They’re compatible with the ThoughtCloud pen, refillable, and durable. So you can vape with confidence using your 2 new pods!


2 Refillable Vape Pods made for the ThoughtCloud Pen

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Looking for additional pods compatible with ThoughtCloud’s vape pod systems? This two-pack has you covered. It’s compatible with the innovative ThoughtCloud Pen. So, you’ll get the even heating from the ceramic coil, the proper voltage, and 1.5ml of space for your favorite CBD flavors.

The more pods you have, the more flavors you can have on hand. Plus, the oil capacity ensures you can vape longer without running out of juice. Our patented vaping devices use one of a kind technology. All focused around ensuring you have the best vape session possible.


2 Refillable Vape Pods made for the ThoughtCloud Pen

CBD Legal States:

Enjoy the highest quality of vape pens from ThoughtCloud anywhere in the US. As of 2018, CBD is legal in every state across the country. The law requires that CBD products have less than 0.3% THC. You’ll find all of our full spectrum CBD oils fall within this range.

If you plan to fly, don’t forget your CBD! The FSA approved all hemp derived CBD products with 0.0% THC. So you can feel confident packing your CBD isolate in your carry on bag! You may want to check on the airline’s regulations for vaping devices, though. Often, they aren’t allowed in checked luggage. If that’s the case, you can typically pack the pen in your carry-on and take it in the cabin with you. 

How to Use ThoughtCloud’s Vape Pod Systems:

  • Remove the pod from packaging
  • Separate mouthpiece from the pod’s filling chamber
  • Remove the rubber stopper and place it in a safe place — you’ll need it later!
  • Choose your favorite CBD juice flavor
  • Notice there are three holes in each pod
  • The two holes on the sides are the filling chambers
  • The center hole is the central airflow opening 
  • This is where you breathe in the vapors; it also leads directly to the ceramic coil and electrical mechanisms of the pen
  • Do not put any oil, juice, or liquid in the central airflow – doing so will break your pod and may lead to a broken e-pen
  • Carefully align your vape juice dropper with one of the two outer holes to the filling chamber
  • Be careful not to overflow the pods!
  • Replace mouthpiece
  • The pod will easily click into place on your ThoughtCloud Pen

*Not compatible with off-brand vaping devices

How Do They Work?

ThoughtCloud’s vape pod systems are easy to use and navigate! From the original pen purchase to each of your pod refill packs, you’ll always get two new pods for vaping. They come with a well-ventilated mouthpiece for optimum hit capacity. Best of all, they work with the patented ThoughtCloud pen.

The pen uses a special ceramic coil that ensures the vape juice is always heated evenly. Don’t burn off precious CBD with a metal coil pen! Use the highest quality product for the best vaping sessions. Our pens have a maximum voltage of 3.3 volts, further ensuring the proper heat.

To use the pods, you simply need to remove the mouthpiece, take off the rubber sealer and fill the filling chambers with your preferred vape juice. Make sure to avoid the center hole; it’s the central airflow. Putting any liquid, vape juices included, in this center hole will break the pod. If you use a broken pod on a pen, it can damage the pen. So, be careful where you’re pouring your CBD into!

Once you’ve filled the pod, place it back on the pen. Make sure you have a fully charged battery. It’s suction activated, so there’s nothing left to do but vape! The time has come to enjoy the delicious flavors and bountiful benefits of CBD!

Why Vape CBD?

Vaping devices are a great way to enjoy CBD. The vapors enter your bloodstream much quicker than methods like CBD capsules or oil. So, when you need quick relief from pain or anxiety, a CBD pen is just the ticket. With the ease of a deep breath, the cannabinoids enter your system and start taking effect.

Of course, not all vape pod systems are made equal. If your pen has too high of a voltage, you’ll burn off the CBD, meaning you’re getting less of the compound in your system. This will result in needing to vape more CBD for the same effects as one of ThoughtCloud’s vaping devices will provide you. Don’t waste precious juice. Use a pen with the most advanced technology for the finest vaping sessions.

The Research:

Check out the research on how different vape systems result in varying effects. Review the studies done on vaping CBD. Don’t take our word on the benefits. Check out the science behind them for yourself!

Vaping cannabinoids seems to increase their bioavailability. In this study, users reported feeling the effects of CBD faster through vaping than other methods. This is likely due to the vapors bypassing the digestive system, thereby entering the bloodstream faster. Once in the bloodstream, the compounds can travel throughout your endocannabinoid system (ECS), providing benefits like pain relief, inflammation reduction, and anxiety mitigation along the way.

When selecting the best system, even heating at the right temperature is crucial. According to the research, overheating CBD oil can reduce the effects of the compound. Too high a temperature and the cannabinoids start to burn off. You want to ensure you’re vaping your cannabidiol at the right temperature for the maximum potency per hit. That’s what makes the ThoughtCloud pen so great! It maintains no higher voltage than 3.3, ensuring that the ceramic coil never overheats. The coil provides an extra layer of protection through the even heating of its surface. So, there won’t be any section hotter than the rest.

A hot spot on the coil could result in some of your oil burning. Fortunately, ceramic is the perfect material for maintaining consistent temperatures. So, you’ll never have to worry about wasting any CBD when using these pods!

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