ThoughtCloud Ultra CBD (Strongest) – Signature Series

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The ThoughtCloud Ultra CBD oil from our Signature Series is the perfect formula for those with a high CBD tolerance. With 30mg of CBD per serving, this is our strongest CBD oil. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more potent full spectrum cannabinoid formula.

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Suggested Use: 

  • Place ½ mL (20-30 drops) sublingually (under the tongue) or add to your favorite food or drink.
  • Take 1-3 times daily, or as needed.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 12 months of opening.
  • Contains 30mg of CBD per serving.

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Coconut MCT Oil*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Flavor*.

*USDA Organic Ingredient  


The ThoughtCloud Promise:

Made from organically grown, raw, non-GMO hemp plants from select farms throughout the US.

No herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used.

All of our products are 100% vegan. We never test on our furry friends!

A third party lab tests every batch for purity.


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Ultra CBD Signature Series (Benefits and Research)

Our Ultra Strongest CBD Oil from our Signature Series is our strongest CBD formula and can help with several ailments. Some turn to cannabinoids for home remedies for arthritis. Others use it to help manage pain, the stages of fibromyalgia, and even symptoms of epilepsy.

The benefits go beyond the physical. Cannabidiol can help bring balance to your mental well being. It can help with anxiety, ADHD, behavioral struggles related to the autism spectrum, and so much more. Using CBD for seizures is now an FDA approved medication. For those struggling with hard to manage symptoms or those with a high CBD tolerance, our Ultra formula provides the benefits you crave at the dosage you need.


Why Ultra Strongest CBD Oil:

The Signature Series allows you to pick the dosage and flavor that’s best for you. Our Ultra formula is the most potent CBD formula in our shop, and just about anywhere else. In only two ounces of MCT oil, you’re getting 3600 mg of CBD.

This formula is strong enough that you should only need to take it once or twice a day, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for something to help restore balance to your mind and body, look no further. CBD is beloved for its mental health benefits. The cannabinoid can help with anxiety, PTSD, GAD, SAD, and PD.

It’s excellent for managing the pain of a wide array of conditions such as chronic pain, pain from arthritis, and the pain of fibromyalgia. While home remedies for arthritis aren’t always as effective as NSAIDs, there’s evidence that CBD may be 20 times stronger as an anti inflammatory than aspirin. The strong impact on swelling makes CBD an incredible option for acute injuries such as bruises, sprains, and tendonitis as well.


How Does the Ultra Strongest CBD Oil Work?

CBD takes effect through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS creates its own cannabinoids that activate receptors along with the central and peripheral nervous systems. It’s through the ECS that CBD can help with so many conditions. It’s how this one cannabinoid can help with anxiety, seizures, and the stages of fibromyalgia, which each impact different systems and cause various symptoms.

The location of the receptors determines the effects the cannabinoids can have. Different ailments have different cannabinoid and potency needs, but even those with the highest CBD tolerance will be satisfied by this formula’s potency. It has 3600 mg of CBD in just two ounces of liquid.

Inflammation and Home Remedies for Arthritis –

Due to NSAIDs’ adverse effects, some look for home remedies for arthritis or other alternative treatments for inflammation. There’s a need for a solution that’s as accessible as over the counter medications like ibuprofen. CBD may be that remedy.

Research shows CBD can be 20 times stronger than aspirin at addressing inflammation. That would mean that CBD can be more effective than one of the most popular NSAIDs without the risk to your liver or kidneys. Further evidence points to cannabinoids being able to address almost every type of inflammation. Studies show they can reduce gastric inflammation responsible for several stomach issues as swelling found all over the body related to autoimmune disorders. This leads to the potential of CBD helping with several different conditions by reducing swelling.

Arthritis is one such condition, and studies show CBD can help. CBD may reduce pain and increase range of motion and mobility by reducing joint swelling. It even helped to slow down the progression of certain types of arthritis. Overall there’s a lot of promise for cannabidiol helping with arthritic symptoms.

Behavioral Issues and ADHD –

Being neurodivergent in a neurotypical society can cause challenges. While these different ways of thinking are beyond capable, they don’t always fit into societal boxes. If you have ADHD and need help focusing, or are on the autism spectrum and struggle with behavioral issues, CBD can help.

While the cannabinoids can’t eliminate the distractions or clear a crowd, they can help you feel more comfortable. CBD shows the capacity for reducing hyperactivity in those with ADHD. When you feel the constant need to get up or move around, it can be challenging to stay on task. Reducing these hyperactive needs can help you perform better at work, or be a better listener to a friend.

There’s a fair amount of evidence that CBD can help with behavioral struggles associated with autism. When you’re overstimulated, it’s hard to stay calm, but cannabidiol may help you stay on a more peaceful level. You may still want to avoid crowds or loud rooms full of chaos, but when those places are unavoidable, it’s great to have something to aid you through the ordeal. There’s additional evidence for CBD helping with behavioral struggles in children on the spectrum.

Stages of Fibromyalgia and Pain Management – 

Ask around, and you’ll see one of the most common uses of cannabinoids is to help with pain management. Due to its popularity, there’s a large body of research on the analgesic effects of CBD. The results consistently show CBD can help reduce chronic and acute forms of pain. It’s a safe alternative to opiates and other typical pain meds.

Fibromyalgia can be an incredibly debilitating condition for which there’s currently no cure. Throughout the stages of fibromyalgia, patients experience increasing pain, along with several other symptoms. While CBD may not be able to reduce chemical sensitivity, it can help with other manifestations of the disorder. Research shows that CBD can help target fibro pain that’s otherwise been unresponsive to treatment.

For those experiencing the worst of symptoms, this formula has the potency to help address your problems. Depending on your CBD tolerance you may find you only need one dose a day, or that taking the oil in the morning and at night does the trick for you.

Mental Health – 

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy system. When we let our mental well-being fall by the wayside, the rest of our body feels the impact. Sometimes we just need to check in with ourselves or take a break from life’s stress. When that’s not enough, it makes sense to look to other options.

CBD is a wonderful route for improving your mental health. Research shows that cannabidiol can help with symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, PD, GAD, and SAD. There’s even evidence that CBD can help with symptoms of depression.

In general, it’s a great go-to for when you’re feeling stressed out and need to calm down. Users report feeling at peace when they take their CBD daily. Wouldn’t it be great to shrug off all that weight on your shoulder and breathe easily again?

CBD for Seizures and Symptoms of Epilepsy – 

When people talk about CBD for seizures and symptoms of epilepsy, it’s reasonable to be skeptical. These are incurable conditions that are often resistant to the most robust forms of medication. It turns out, though, CBD can actually help.

The FDA approved a pure CBD formula as a medication for seizures. It’s the first CBD medication approved by the FDA, making it not just exciting for those struggling to manage their seizures, but for anyone who experienced the benefits of CBD. With FDA approval, these treatment options can become more accessible to the public, leading to more people getting relief from the compound.

There are several studies on CBD’s effect on seizures. In the first double-blind, placebo-based clinical trial, CBD reduced or eliminated seizures when paired with other medications. Since then, similar clinical trials looked at CBD alone without the combination of anticonvulsant prescriptions. Overall the results show CBD can help minimize or completely stop seizures in several types of patients, with or without the use of more traditional medicine.

These recent discoveries in the US likely come as no surprise to Europe and Canada. Both the European Federation of Neurological Societies and the Canadian Pain Society support CBD’s use for symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy.



Whenever you see big claims about the benefits behind a compound, it’s smart to check the science behind how it works. We’ve included a list of studies, analyses, clinical trials, and reviews about CBD to check out. Check out the evidence for the benefits we’ve listed.

Ultra CBD Oil for Inflammation and Arthritis –

Is CBD really 20 times stronger than NSAIDs? Check out this study on cannabinoids like CBD. The researchers saw 20 times the potency in the cannabinoids’ anti inflammatory responses than aspirin, a common NSAID. It’s not the only study showing the incredible capacity for CBD reducing swelling.

In a separate study on CBD, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders, cannabidiol helped with both. It reduced swelling throughout the body and contributed to improved immune functions. This points to the compound’s capacity for addressing several types of swelling.

For those with arthritis, a condition marked by the swelling of joints, there’s great news. In a study on rheumatoid arthritis, CBD reduced pain, increased mobility, and slowed disease progression. Imagine having less pain and feeling like you can move around like normal again. Now you may be able to make that your reality with the help of CBD!

Managing Behavioral Issues and ADHD –

CBD can help with behavioral struggles related to the autism spectrum and ADHD. In one study, CBD reduced hyperactivity in those with ADHD. Further research has provided preliminary evidence for CBD helping with symptoms of ADHD. By reducing hyperactivity, CBD can help you stay on task and focus on what you’re doing. Instead of feeling the need to get up every five minutes, you can finally dig into your work without distraction.

The ADHD study also provided evidence that CBD can help with behavioral issues related to autism. There’s additional evidence for these results in children. In the study on kids, CBD reduced behavioral struggles that were otherwise unmanageable. Further research should be conducted on adults to confirm the strength of these effects in adults.

Mental Health Work –

Improving your mental health is a lifelong journey worthy of all the assistance you can get. While it’s crucial to do the personal work of understanding where your struggles come from, there’s more to improving your mental well being. By reducing symptoms of your mental struggles, you’ll have a greater capacity to face the challenges that instigated these struggles in the first place.

CBD may offer this relief. In one study, CBD reduced symptoms of anxiety without the harmful reactions of common anti-anxiety medications. Further studies took these results to the next level. In this study, CBD helped reduce symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, PD, GAD, and SAD. There’s even evidence, on an animal model, that CBD can help with symptoms of depression. Overall, CBD seems to be a powerful tool for improving your mental well being.

Those with a high CBD tolerance may best experience these effects when taking this formula twice a day.

Aid for Pain and Fibromyalgia –

A common use of CBD is for pain. There’s a plethora of research on the topic. In a review of the research, CBD consistently reduced or eliminated pain. The report focused on studies on chronic pain and central and peripheral pain states. It seems, though, that overall CBD can help with several different types of pain, from sudden onset to long-lasting discomfort.

meta-analysis of clinical trials for CBD’s effect on pain provided similar results. The research team saw the evidence as strong enough for CBD to become a pharmacotherapy medication for pain. Meanwhile, UCPPS performed clinical trials on patients with pelvic and bladder pain. They noted potent analgesic, antispasmodic, and antibacterial properties in the cannabinoid. Overall, their patients experienced less pain and bladder spasms.

CBD can help with symptoms in each of the stages of fibromyalgia, most predominantly symptoms related to pain, headaches, and brain fog. This study shows that CBD helped minimize pain in participants who were unresponsive to other treatment options. Exciting news for those with stubborn fibro that doesn’t seem to be treatable.

CBD for Seizures and Symptoms of Epilepsy –

Recently, utilizing CBD for seizures has gained the backing of the FDA. After four clinical trials, it showed that CBD can help stop or decrease seizures. In some of the trials, the researchers used CBD on its own. Other experiments paired CBD with anticonvulsant medications. Each of these studies had such reliable results that the FDA saw it safe to approve a CBD medication for seizures. The cannabinoid works best on those with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and those resistant to other medications.

While this is exciting news for those who’ve struggled through seizure after seizure without hopes of them stopping, it’s likely unsurprising to Europe and Canada. Both the European Federation of Neurological Societies and the Canadian Pain Society support CBD’s use for symptoms of Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Exploring Other Cannabinoids –

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in this formula for good reason. Research shows, when all of the cannabinoids work together, they synergize, enhancing each others’ potency. This reaction is called the entourage effect. It’s a powerful response to take advantage of.

Of course, the entire spectrum of cannabinoids each has benefits all its own. Learn more about how CBN oilCBC oil, and CBG oil can enhance this formula!



Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

The effects of cannabinoids described here are based on preliminary data, and are to be treated as such. No claims are made as to the statistical significance of the results, or lack of bias in the data.

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Additional information

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    I am so incredibly grateful for ThoughtCloud products! As someone who’s struggled with anxiety, depression, weight issues and PTSD, I never believed I could find freedom from medications or fully experience and create the life of my dreams… much in thanks to these products, I am!!! ThoughtCloud has become a beautiful part of my daily routine. I use the Ultra Signature series drops in the morning before I meditate, both my kitties, fiancé and I take our doses. I put on my CBD face mask and enjoy my morning rituals. I use my vape throughout the day for sneaky and lingering anxiety and stress and it vanishes! I dose again before bed and sleep peacefully through the night! I am incredibly grateful for these products in my life and my families, and am so excited to try the PM formula! Thank you ThoughtCloud for fueling me, unlocking so much unlimited potential in my mind, and helping me to find freedom in my body and soul- I can’t express enough gratitude for you!!! ????

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    Really amazing product! My cousins all workout and keep asking me for my oil they are all going to buy from you keep up good work! 😉

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