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Sour Apple CBDA CBD Pre Rolled Joints

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Looking for something to brighten your day? The Sour Apple CBDA CBD Pre Rolled Joints can energize and uplift the senses. They are fruity and delicious, like sour green apples, and made from the finest CBD hemp.

  • 2 half-gram Sour Apple CBDA CBD Pre Rolled Joints

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Our Sour Apple Pre Rolled Joints are bursting with a fruity flavor you’ll instantly love. They hit just right, with the smooth CBD smoke you get from high-quality hemp. An all-natural blend packed with CBDA, CBD, and the rest of the spectrum of cannabinoids.

Our high terpene joints aren’t just bursting with flavor. They have some of the highest CBDA content around. If you don’t know much about CBDA, now’s your chance to learn about and experience the cannabinoid’s incredible benefits. CBDA can help with a wide array of problems, from nausea to inflammation, from stress to improving your overall well-being. It aids several systems in the body.

If you’re looking for the best CBD pre rolls, don’t forget to check their CBDA content!

The Blend:

We’ve created the best CBD pre rolls by enhancing them with terpenes, improving the flavor, and the entourage effect. The Sour Apple CBDA CBD pre rolled joints come from a Sativa blend of CBD hemp. Sativas are known for their uplifting effect. Users report feeling energized and creatively inspired by Sativa CBD smoke.

The blend includes the flower’s full spectrum of cannabinoids. By combining all of the cannabinoids from the hemp and embuing them with terpenes, we increase the entourage effect. There’s a synergistic reaction when cannabinoids work together that’s further benefited by the plant’s terpenes. So, each component amplifies the rest of the compounds’ impact.

So the terpenes improve the function of the cannabinoids, the cannabinoids promote the terpenes. They all work together to give you a better experience.

The Joint:

Every tube comes with 2 half-gram Sour Apple CBDA CBD pre rolled joints. You’ll get one total gram of our sour apple CBD hemp blend per package. We only use natural hemp sourced from premium quality farms across the US. Each CBD joint gets carefully rolled to ensure a nice even smoke through the entire smoking session. Get the best CBD pre rolls out there, enhanced with terpenes for a better flavor and potent effects.

Curious about how our joints are flavored? Never fear, we don’t use any additives when curating our smokes. They’re so flavorful because of the terpenes that also enhance the joint’s effects. We keep it natural, selecting our CBD hemp, based on their flavor profile and potential benefits. While the joints contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, the CBD smoke will not make you feel high. Each smoke contains less than 0.3% THC. These ratios ensure our joints are legal in all 50 states across America. They also make sure you’re not getting enough THC to get the “head change” associated with weed.

The Experience:

You’ll love the delicious CBD smoke coming off these flavorful joints. The Sativa CBD hemp blend can offer an uplifted sense of calmness. The perfect break to a stressful day. Light one up, inhale slowly and feel your body relax on the release.

To create the best CBD pre rolls, we go beyond the standard cannabinoid content and add the rare treat of enhanced terpenes. The terpenes take over your tastebuds with their delightful aromas while providing aid. Did you know terpenes can help with inflammation and stomach issues? They have benefits to go with the boost they give to cannabinoids.

CBDA remains on the fringes of common knowledge. It turns out, though, without CBDA, we wouldn’t have CBD. You see, we derive CBD from CBDA. Byproducts aren’t the only reason to give thought to the cannabinoid, though. CBDA can help with several ailments such as nausea and inflammation. There’s even evidence it can be useful for diseases like diabetes and certain types of tumors.

Then there are all of the benefits you may already know and seek from your CBD joints. CBD is well known for helping to improve overall mental health. If you have pains that need easing, CBG can help with that. You’ll find these joints have elevated CBC content. CBC is another cannabinoid not common in CBD products. It has incredible benefits, though, like the wonders it can do on your digestive system. Between the CBC and the CBDA, these are the perfect smokes for an upset stomach.

The Pack:

Each pack comes with 2 half-gram Sour Apple CBDA CBD Pre Rolled Joints

The Research:

While these are the best CBD pre rolls, there’s no need to take our word for it! Just look at the science behind all of the benefits these joints can provide. Get to know the research behind the CBD smoke you love.

The CBDA –

Researchers examined stress and anxiety responses in rats treated with CBDA. The study showed the cannabinoid’s ability to help relieve symptoms of both anxiety and stress. They did notice CBDA exhibited stronger effects on certain types of stress stimuli. These results demonstrate cannabidiolic acid’s anxiolytic effects while pointing to potential niche forms of treatment the cannabinoid may offer.

There’s a lot of research on CBDA for its impact on nausea. In one study on rats, the compound stopped vomiting while easing stomach discomfort. The researchers concluded that not only does cannabidiolic acid stop participants from throwing up, it can also end anticipatory nausea. Currently, there aren’t any treatment options for anticipatory nausea, making this an exciting discovery. In a similar study using the rat model, CBDA helped with nausea and gaping. Gaping is an animal reaction to nausea similar to dry heaving.

The cannabinoid can also help with inflammation. In a study on CBDA, the compound inhibited cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), an inflammation-promoting enzyme. By inhibiting the enzyme, CBDA stops inflammation responses, reducing inflammation.

There’s some exciting research into how CBDA can help with more severe ailments, as well. In a human study on CBDA and diabetes patients, the cannabinoid reduced aldose reductase. Aldose reductase is an enzyme that commonly causes diabetic complications. Targeting these effects could provide life-saving options for some diabetic patients. Meanwhile, several studies suggest those with tumors may also benefit from a little CBDA. In one study, cannabidolic acid stopped the movement of certain types of tumors. In another study, the cannabinoid inhibited movement, adhesions, invasions, and metastasization (spreading) of certain types of tumors.

The Other Cannabinoids –

CBD has benefits for the entire mind and body. Users most commonly report on the mental health benefits the cannabinoids provide. Not surprising when you see the vast amount of research on the subject. In a study, CBD reduced symptoms of anxiety. Researchers believed the cannabinoid shows promise as n anxiolytic. Another study on the cannabinoid confirmed CBD’s ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Those research also noted the compound’s capacity for mitigating symptoms of PTSD, GAD, SAD, and PD. An animal study concluded CBD could also help with symptoms of depression.

If you’re looking for physical relief, CBG has some incredible benefits. A study into the cannabinoid exhibited strong anti-inflammatory properties in CBG. Researchers concluded CBG is a more potent anti-inflammatory than THC. In addition, the cannabinoid relaxes muscles and stops spasms. Overall, it’s an excellent option for relieving your aches and pains.

When your discomfort comes from your stomach, CBC can help. Research shows CBC reduces gastrointestinal inflammation. The study concluded CBD could be used to help with inflammatory bowel diseases.

The Terpenes –

Terpenes aren’t just for flavors or enhancing the powers of other cannabinoids. They provide benefits of their own. In one study, alpha-humulene, a hemp terpene potent in our pre rolled CBD joints, reduced inflammation. In another study, trans-caryophyllene helped with digestive issues. Our smokes are made with CBD hemp packed with at least seven different terpenes, each providing additional benefits of their own.

Note, how the high contents of CBDA, CBC, and trans-caryophyllene, make these the best CBD pre rolls for stomach issues!

The Entourage Effect –

When all of the hemp plant compounds, from cannabinoids to terpenes, work together, they strengthen each other. This reaction is known as the entourage effect. Research shows that the combination of hemp compounds work synergistically together.

By working together, each compound improves the function of other compounds. So, the terpenes improve the cannabinoids. The cannabinoids promote the terpenes. The cannabinoids also help other cannabinoids work better. Similarly, the terpenes enhance each other’s performances as well. So, full spectrum CBD hemp provides amplified benefits compared to other blends.



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