ThoughtCloud High CBG Cannabinoid – Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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The CBG cannabinoid is an incredible compound! This ThoughtCloud CBG Oil formula contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and CBC, all in an MCT coconut oil base. Contains 13mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG per serving

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CBG Oil Suggested Use: 

  • Place ½ mL (20-30 drops) sublingually (under the tongue) or add to your favorite food or drink.
  • Take 1-3 times daily, or as needed.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 12 months of opening.
  • Contains 13mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG per serving.

CBG Oil Ingredients:

Coconut MCT Oil*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, CBG Isolate.

*USDA Organic Ingredient  

The ThoughtCloud Promise:

Made from organically grown, raw, non-GMO hemp plants from select farms throughout the US.

No herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used.

All of our products are 100% vegan. We never test on our furry friends!

A third party lab tests every batch for purity.

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High CBG Cannabinoid – Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Benefits and Research)

The CBG cannabinoid could be considered the mother of all cannabinoids. CBD comes from CBG. It’s more than just a parent molecule, though. CBG affects several systems in your body.

It can help reduce swelling, stomach issues, bladder spasms, and pain. It may also inhibit abnormal cell growth and help with inflammatory conditions.

Why High CBG Oil – Full Spectrum:

CBG has a potent effect on inflammation on its own. What makes this formula particularly unique is its pairing with the rest of the cannabinoids. CBD, CBC, and CBN all also have anti-inflammatory capacities. So, you’re not just tackling inflammation through CBG, the rest of the cannabinoids can help with the job too!

Not only do the cannabinoids work together to increase certain benefits of CBG, but they also create a synergy effect on each other. Each cannabinoid’s effects become more potent when paired with the compounds from the whole hemp plant.

How CBG Works:

The hemp plant produces the CBG cannabinoid, which then breaks down into CBD. Since CBG has to break down to create CBD, there are lower ratios of CBG in the hemp plant. This means that it’s harder to get a high concentration of cannabinoids. That’s part of what makes this formula so special.

To make things better, when the cannabinoids come together, they create a synergistic effect that increases each of the compounds’ potency. So the already amazing cannabigerol becomes even stronger through the rest of the cannabinoids, plus you’re getting their benefits as well!

Reduce Swelling with CBG Oil –

One of the most common reasons for using CBG is to help with inflammation. While other cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBN can help with swelling, CBG can be a particularly potent anti-inflammatory. It can help with neuroinflammation and oxidative stress, which can indirectly help with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons.

You’ll also find that the compound is useful in reducing gastric inflammation. This can help with a world of stomach issues. Overall, research consistently shows the reduction of inflammation through the administration of CBG.

Bladder Spasms and Dysfunctions –

Bladder dysfunctions and spasms can be embarrassing and debilitating. Whether you have interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor disorder, or unexplained bladder issues, there’s a good chance that this cannabinoid can help! Research shows it can reduce spasms, making accidents less likely to happen.

Cannabigerol doesn’t just help with spasms themselves, though. It can also relieve the earth-shattering pain that can accompany them.

Cannabinoids for Stomach Issues –

Digestive issues are all too common and hard to treat. You can go on a dozen elimination diets and still not know what’s triggering your pain. While understanding the cause of the problem can help you fix it at its root, pain relief in the meantime can significantly improve your quality of life.

CBG can help reduce stomach sensitivities and gastric inflammation. In some cases, the cannabinoid has even helped to improve appetite. One of the hardest aspects of having stomach issues is the inability to eat due to discomfort. Going too long without a meal can increase the production of stomach acids, increasing your intestinal woes. Luckily, CBG can help with that.


We’ve provided you with a long list of benefits, but don’t just take our word for it. Look at what scientists have discovered about how CBG affects different ailments!

Inflammation and Allergies –

There are a plethora of benefits of CBG. In all the research on the cannabinoid, its ability to reduce inflammation is the most commonly reported. A general study on CBG effects noted its anti-inflammatory properties to be some of the most potent properties in the compound.

In a study looking into the specific forms of anti-inflammatory responses caused by CBG, the cannabinoid helped with neuroinflammation. While not as common as gastric or muscle inflammation, neuroinflammation can cause several incurable diseases. Targeting this type of swelling and reducing it could prove beneficial in the treatment for those with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

As for gastric inflammation, CBG relieved inflammation of the bowels in a study. The researchers in this study believed these anti-inflammatory effects to be strong enough to warrant clinical trials of the compound.

Cannabigerol can also help reduce inflammation caused by allergies. In an animal study, the cannabinoid helped relieve symptoms of rhinitis.

Digestive Problems –

Not only does CBG help reduce swelling in the intestinal tracts, but it can also help with other digestive issues. In one study, the cannabinoid helped to reduce sensitivities of the intestinal tract. While there’s a link between the reduction of inflammation and these benefits, there are other factors at play.

In an animal study, the cannabinoid didn’t just relieve stomach pain. It helped stimulate appetites. Participants in this trial ate larger portions of each of their meals and were also hungry for meals more often.

Pelvic Pain –

Research shows cannabigerol is one of the most effective cannabinoids for relieving bladder dysfunctions. One of the ways it helped with the dysfunctions was by mitigating bladder spasms and the unwanted accidents that accompany them.

In another study, CBG helped to relieve bladder pain. Often there’s little relief offered to patients with these dysfunctions. Instead of relying on stomach eroding NSAIDs, CBG can provide pain relief without adverse side effects.

Thyroid and Abnormal Cell Growth –

In a study on colon cancer, CBG helped reduce abnormal cell growth. Researchers concluded that the compound could be helpful in mitigating abnormal cell growth in the colon. While the cannabinoid is certainly no cure for cancer, it’s a  promising avenue for helping certain types of colon cancer patients.

As for your thyroid, cannabigerol can help improve the glands’ functions. In a study, CBG activated the CB2 receptors, which improved thyroid function. In a separate study, researchers targeted the cannabinoid for its ability to reduce overactivity in the thyroid glands.

Full Spectrum Benefits –

What makes this formula stand out from our other CBG formulas is the inclusion of all of the other cannabinoids. There’s an incredible reaction when hemp compounds work together, which increases the potency of each compound’s effects. They call this the entourage effect, and research shows this type of synergistic reaction increases the reactions of hemp compounds.

You’re also getting the benefits from each of the other cannabinoids! Learn about the benefits of full-spectrum CBDCBC oil, and CBN oil on their product pages.

Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

The effects of cannabinoids described here are based on preliminary data, and are to be treated as such. No claims are made as to the statistical significance of the results, or lack of bias in the data.

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480 reviews for ThoughtCloud High CBG Cannabinoid – Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

  1. Brittany S. (verified owner)

    I wanted try CBD/CBG oil to help with inflammation and occasional allergies. I never thought I would love as much as I did. It helps me sleep as well as help inflammation. I did not experience any negative side effects. I highly recommend!

    (3) (0)
  2. Christine (verified owner)

    Fabulous quality for a reasonable price! I love this formula specifically for inflammation-related ailments. I definitely notice an effect when I consistently use my CBD oil versus when I don’t. Do yourself a favor and get on a regime to see the wonders it can work for you! Nature’s medicine!

    (1) (0)
  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best thing I have ever done for my digestive issues-seriously the best!

    (4) (0)
  4. Heidi Weeden (verified owner)

    I use this daily for my Hyperthyroid issue that I am currently addressing. it works amazingly to calm my nerves and relax my body that is is hyper mode.

    (0) (0)
  5. Maria F. (verified owner)

    I have several autoimmune diseases and this product has made me more functional in the past two months than I have been in the past year! I started with no expectations, and then realized I was waking up each morning without pain. THANK YOU.

    (5) (0)
  6. Brooke Church (verified owner)

    I suffer from terrible allergies and anxiety. This has been a god send. It has greatly reduced the swelling/inflammation i get from allergies! I dont think i can live without this stuff now.

    (2) (0)
  7. Ashley M. (verified owner)

    This helps me SO much, I truly can’t live without it. I use it 2-3 times a day or if I am having an overwhelming allergy situation and I feel relief in such a short time. This is a life saver for me!

    (0) (0)
  8. Lindsay (verified owner)

    The BEST and most efficient relief I know of, the BEST. Don’t walk, run if you have arthritis or are prone to migraines. I haven’t experienced a migraine in years, but an optical one came on last week and I reached for this stuff and it helped so much, and worked so quickly. It was not completely gone, but greatly reduced pain and no vomiting. Previously, I wouldn’t really be able to function; this formula allowed me to continue to take care of my responsibilities and not be bedridden.

    (3) (0)
  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    (0) (1)
  10. Jill (verified owner)

    I am using this product on my dog. It is very hard to find CBD oil where I live that also has CBG. CBG is showing great promise as a cancer fighter. CBG has been shown to block receptors that cause cancer cell growth and inhibits the growth of tumors. I am using this to try to prevent a cancerous tumor from growing back. Very excited about this product!!!

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