Blueberry Splash CBDA CBD Pre Rolls

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Partake in the delightfully relaxing experience of our Blueberry Splash CBDA CBD Pre Rolls. Taste of blueberries as you inhale deeply from one of our high CBD pre rolls.


  • 2 half-gram Blueberry Splash CBDA CBD Pre Rolls

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Can you smoke CBD in a joint? Absolutely, we have two high CBD pre rolls right here for you!

Enjoy the delicious flavor of the blueberry splash blend of hemp flower. The joints contain less than 0.3% THC and provide a deeply relaxing experience. When you break out one of these high CBD pre rolls, you and your smoking buddies will be thrilled there’s two in a pack. Not because one doesn’t do the trick, but because it’s such a delightful smoke.

These tasty joints have CBDA contents and are enhanced with terpenes to improve their flavor. The terpenes work in partner with the cannabinoids, synergizing their effects. While the CBDA provides a list of benefits, you may not be aware of it. The cannabinoid can help with nausea, inflammation, stress, and overall well being.

The Blend:

How do we get that sweet blueberry flavor from the hemp flower? Well, the hemp plant is full of several types of compounds. We have the cannabinoids, like CBD, and then there are components called terpenes. The terpenes help determine the flavor of your hemp flower. Our pre rolled joints are enhanced with terpenes to bring out their mouth-watering flavors. Can you smoke CBD without these terpenes? Yes, but it wouldn’t taste as good!

We’ve curated this blend with Indica hemp plants packed with blueberry flavors. Through our careful extraction methods, we were able to isolate the cannabinoids you love and the flavor you soon won’t want to live without.

The Joint:

Every tube comes with 2 half-gram Blueberry Splash CBDA CBDJoints. So, you’ll get one full gram of the blueberry hemp flower blend per package. Can you smoke CBD without the joints? Yes, but we recommend taking advantage of the CBD joints personally rolled for you.

Feel confident as you inhale each hit, knowing we only use natural hemp from select farms across the US. Despite the intense flavor, there are no additives to this blend. We curated the taste through terpenes, which work to enhance the effect of the joint further. So, you get that delicious blueberry flavor in one of the high CBD pre rolls with the increased impacts of each of the cannabinoids.

The Experience:

Our blueberry splash blend is a full spectrum mixture of indica hemp with less than 0.3% THC. Can you smoke CBD without getting high? Maintaining the lower dosage of THC ensures that you won’t feel the “high” effect weed is known for. In addition, the trace amounts of THC fall within the legal limits for every state across America, so you can safely smoke our high CBD pre rolls anywhere in the US.

Enjoy the deeply relaxing experience of the Blueberry Splash joint with your friend or on your own. It’s the perfect smoke for a stressful day or to help transition you to bedtime. While the flavor is impressive, what sets these joints apart is their high content of CBDA. If you didn’t know, we derive CBD from CBDA, but there’s a lot more to the cannabinoid than being a mom. It provides several benefits from helping with nausea to mitigating inflammation. The compound can also help with anxiety and may even help with diabetes and certain types of tumors.

Since this is a full spectrum blend, you aren’t limited to the benefits of CBDA! The hemp flower has high levels of CBD, which can help improve your mental health. You’ll also find the joint packed with CBG, which helps with pain, and CBC to help with digestive issues. All of these cannabinoids work in unions with the terpenes to create the entourage effect. When the compounds in hemp work together, they create a synergistic response that enhances the impact of each of the cannabinoids. So, this full spectrum hemp flower blend provides a boost to the benefits of the cannabinoids you love. Smoking CBD has never been better!

The Pack:

Each pack comes with 2 half-gram Blueberry Splash CBDA CBD Joints

The Research:

It doesn’t take any research to enjoy one of our high CBD pre rolls. That doesn’t mean that the science behind their benefits isn’t essential. Take a look at the research that backups the incredible experience of our CBD smokes.

The CBDA –

CBDA helped to reduce anxiety in rats in a study on the cannabinoid. In the study, both CBD and CBDA positively demonstrated anxiolytic responses common in stress and anxiety medications. These effects may be more potent in response to specific types of stimuli insinuating that the cannabinoids are better at helping with some types of stress more than others.

Several studies into CBDA’s effects on nausea have found similar results. It seems pretty conclusive that the cannabinoid can help when you’re nauseated. In a study on rats, CBDA stopped their vomiting. The researchers concluded that not only can the cannabinoid stop vomiting, it can also halt anticipatory nausea. Currently, there are no medication options for anticipatory nausea, so CBDA offers an exciting avenue for treatment. A similar study on rats, nausea, and CBDA concluded that the compound helped relieve gaping, which is like dry heaving for rats.

CBDA can also help with inflammation, according to the research. In a study, the cannabinoid inhibited cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), an inflammation-promoting enzyme. The researchers noted these effects were more potent in CBDA than other cannabinoids. They concluded that high CBDA blends could effectively inhibit COX-2 inflammation responses.

That’s not all the cannabinoid can do, either! It may be helpful for those with diabetes. In a human study, CBDA reduced aldose reductase, an enzyme responsible for diabetic complications. There are also several studies that point to CBDA helping with the treatment of tumors. The cannabinoid is no cure, but if this trend in research continues, it could be an incredible tool for oncologists. In one such study, CBDA worked to stop the movement of certain types of tumors. In another study, the cannabinoid helped to reduce tumor movements, adhesions, metastasziation (spreading), and further invasion.

The Other Cannabinoids –

One of the most popular cannabinoids is CBD. People use it for a myriad of reasons, but a common one is to improve mental health. It makes sense when you see how much research into CBD and mental health there is. In a study on CBD, the compound reduced symptoms of anxiety. The researchers saw promise in the cannabinoid to work as an anxiolytic. Another study affirmed these results, going a step further by stating that CBD can also help with symptoms of PTSD, PD, GAD, and SAD. Increasing the list of potential mental health benefits, an animal study concluded that CBD could help with depression and anxiety symptoms.

CBC may be able to help with your chronic digestive issues. A study of the cannabinoid demonstrated a reduction in gastrointestinal inflammation, assisting with inflammatory bowel diseases. Meanwhile, CBG is great for pain management. Research into the cannabinoid demonstrated a better capacity for CBG to mitigate pain than both CBD and THC. The study showed CBG to have muscle relaxing and antispasmodic properties. Researchers concluded that CBG is a more potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory than THC.

The Entourage Effect –

Can you smoke CBD without getting the entourage effect? Absolutely, and that’s a great option if you want to hone in on a particular cannabinoid’s benefits. If you want to experience benefits from multiple hemp compounds, however, the entourage effect will further enhance those benefits.

Several types of compounds make up the hemp plant. You likely know about cannabinoids like CBD, but you may be less familiar with terpenes. If you’ve ever wondered what gives a plant their specific smell, look to the terpenes. They aren’t just about the scent, though. They have impacts on your mind and body, just like cannabinoids.

By combining the effects of the cannabinoids and terpenes, you get the entourage effect. Essentially the synergy of the compounds increases their effects. Research shows, you get more out of each component by combining them! Get the best of all the cannabinoids with our Blueberry Splash CBDA CBD Joints.



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