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Best CBD Vape Pen
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ThoughtCloud CBD Pen for Vaping


ThoughtCloud’s CBD pen comes with 2 pods, so you can have your 2 favorite juice flavors on deck ready for a vape session at any time! The patented ceramic coil evenly heats the oil to avoid burning, while the 250MAH battery gives you long-lasting power.

  • 2 CBD Vape Oil Pods
  • 350MAH Battery
  • Universal Micro-USB Cord
  • 3.3 Volts

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The ThoughtCloud CBD Pen comes in a sleek black design with 2 CBD e liquid pods. Fill both pods with different flavors and switch between them at your leisure. Tired of one taste in the middle of a vape session? Not a problem! Switch out the pods and enjoy another flavor.

The CBD oil pen has a patented ceramic coil ensuring your oil heats evenly and doesn’t burn.

Why Choose the ThoughtCloud CBD Pen:

Our vape pens come with 2 juice pods at a lower cost than similar vape pens with only one pod. So, right off the bat, you’re getting more product for your money. Of course, a good deal isn’t the only attractive feature of our CBD oil vape pen. It’s also packed full of features for ease of use and a better quality vaping experience.

The CBD oil pen comes with a specially patented ceramic coil. What makes a ceramic coil better than traditional coils? Think of a gas stove in comparison to an electric coil stove. If you’ve ever cooked on an electric coil stove, you know it’s hard to control the temperature and that the heat doesn’t disperse evenly. Gas stoves are entirely different. There’s a flame you control that heats your cooking surface evenly.

What’s even better than a gas stove? Some of the best stovetops on the market today are ceramic, and that’s because you get the best of everything. You can control the temperature and heat evenly, without the risks of gas. Experience all of these big benefits inside our pocket sized vape pen.


  • 2 CBD Vape Oil Pods
  • 350MAH Battery
  • Universal Micro-USB Cord
  • 3.3 Volts

CBD Legal:

Before using our CBD pens, you may be wondering if CBD is legal where you live. In 2018, CBD became legalized in every state across the country! Since all of our products contain less than 0.3% THC, you’re safe using our CBD oil vape pen anywhere in the United States.If you plan to travel, we have good news for you! The FSA has approved hemp derived CBD products with 0.0% THC. To meet these standards, you can use our isolate CBD e liquid in the CBD oil pen.

How to Use the CBD Oil Vape Pen:

  • Charge your CBD oil pen
    • If this is your first time using the pen, remove the yellow sticker on the pod for proper charging
  • Select an empty pod
  • Remove the rubber seal
  • Identify the central airflow opening (the part that leads to the coil) found in the center of the pod
  • Do not put any oil in the central airflow opening (center compartment) 
  • Locate pod filling chambers (the two holes on either side of the central air opening)
  • Carefully put the oil into one of the filling chambers using the dropper
  • If any liquid gets in the central airflow opening it will leak and can break the pod
  • Insert rubber seal back onto the vape pen pod
  • Place the mouthpiece on the top of the pod
  • Connect the vape pen pod to the battery
  • The CBD vapes are inhale activated, so simply breathe in and start vaping CBD

How Does the CBD Oil Vape Pen Work?

Our CBD vape pens are inhale activated for ease of use. Once your pen is charged and filled with juice, all you have to do is inhale and enjoy the smooth vapors!

Before using your CBD pen, make sure it’s fully charged. Our CBD vapes come with a universal micro USB cord. It charges quickly, and the 350MHA battery has a long life. So, you won’t have to worry about losing power in the middle of a vape session!

Filling the pods in the CBD oil pen is easy. The pods come in three parts, the pod, a rubber stopper, and the mouthpiece. Remove the mouthpiece and rubber stopper from the clear pod. Select your favorite flavor of CBD oil and use the applicator to fill the pod. The clear looking container makes it easy to tell when the 1.5ml pod is full. Replace the rubber stopper to help seal your pod and connect the mouthpiece.

Now that your pod is full, it’s time to connect it to the battery and start vaping! The CBD vape pens light up when charging or in use, so you’ll know that your battery is working. Enjoy your CBD for anxiety, headaches, or just to help you relax with a quick inhale.

The Benefits of ThoughtCloud’s CBD Vape Pen:

One of the great things about vaping CBD is that the cannabinoids can enter your bloodstream directly and take effect faster than ingesting. If you need to feel the benefits of CBD quickly, our CBD pens provide the perfect solution.

When vaping cannabinoids, it’s best to pick CBD oils that don’t use glycerin. Research has shown that glycerin is an inefficient base for cannabinoids.That’s why our CBD juices are made with a coconut MCT base that is not only a better soluble but also lacks the adverse effects of glycerin.

Another important thing to consider with vaping CBD is the temperature of your CBD pen. When CBD vapes get too hot, the oil starts to burn. That’s why our CBD oil vape pen is only 3.3 volts and has a ceramic coil. The low voltage prevents overheating while the ceramic coil ensures the oil is heated evenly.

The Research:

CBD vapes have skyrocketed in popularity, leading to research about how they work. Check out the science behind how CBD vapes work.

In a study into vaping cannabinoids, participants reported feeling the effects of the cannabinoids quicker than through other consumption methods. This is consistent with evidence that cannabinoids can enter the bloodstream quicker when vaped.

A common shortcoming with CBD vape pens is overheating the oil. One study warns that overheating the oil can take away from the benefits of vaping. When the oil overheats, it can burn off the cannabinoids making your hit less potent. That’s why it’s so important to use CBD vape pens with a low voltage. The great thing about our CBD pens is they have a 3.3 voltage and a ceramic coil. The ceramic coil evenly heats the CBD, another way to prevent burning!

One of the concerns the study pointed out was the use of glycerin as a base with cannabinoids. The research pointed to less solubility of the cannabinoids in glycerin, which directly impacts the potency. That’s why we use coconut MCT oil instead of glycerin. It’s a more efficient base for cannabinoids and is safer for the lungs. There’s even evidence that coconut MCT oil can help with inflammatory lung conditions. While MCT has a lower burning threshold than glycerin, the low voltage of our CBD pens ensures you’re heating your juice to the right temperature for proper vaping.



Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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