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Orange Crush CBG CBD Pre Rolled Joints

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Enjoy a delightful citrus burst with an Orange Crush CBG CBD Joint. The only CBD smokes with 80% CBG, perfect for helping with pain, inflammation, and stomach issues.

  • 2 half-gram Orange Crush CBG CBD Joints (1 total gram per pack)
  • 80% CBG, 19.9% CBD, 0.14% THC

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The high CBG Orange Crush CBD joint provides a delicious burst of citrus flavor with each toke. Enjoy the benefits of CBD and CBG without the head change of THC. The high CBG CBD smokes can help with pain, nausea, stomach issues, and inflammation.

Enjoy the perfect smoke break, or bring the pack to your next smoking session with friends. While one joint is enough, you and your crew will be thrilled to have a second one on deck. They’re 100% organic and carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality joint. The next time you’re looking to smoke CBD, try our Orange Crush blend, you won’t be dissatisfied.

The Blend:

We only use the finest hemp flower sourced from 100% organic farms across the US. The Orange Crush blend uses uplifting strains of hemp, known for their tangy citrus flavors. Grown completely naturally, outdoors, to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. There are no pesticides, herbicides, or additives in our hemp blends. We selected strains high in CBD and CBG to create the most CBG potent CBD joint around.

The blend includes the full spectrum of hemp compounds while maintaining a low dosage of THC. This allows you to experience the entourage effect without getting the “high feeling” associated with marijuana (THC). Of course, our blend only comes from hemp plants, which aren’t the same as the THC heavy cannabis commonly referred to as weed. So, you can smoke CBD anytime, anywhere. It’s completely legal and leaves you functional for whatever you have to take care of!

The Joint:

Each smoke is hand-rolled with you in mind. The Orange Crush CBD joint is brimming with cannabinoids, the most potent of which being CBG. You won’t find CBD smokes elsewhere with more than the 80% CBG content we’ve curated for you. Each joint contains a half gram of our Orange Crush hemp blend. The flowers are beautiful and pungent, ensuring you get to enjoy the delightful flavor.

Carefully rolled to provide an even smoke throughout the session. Never worry about your joint running again. To maintain the organic quality of the CBD smokes, we only use organic papers. They’re completely raw, unbleached, and natural. We’ve included a crutch in the pre rolled joints for greater ease during your smoking session. Don’t worry about getting flower in your mouth, or knowing which end is best to light. Feel the smooth CBD smoke pull through the crutch opening as it effortlessly fills your lungs.

The joint has 80% CBG, 19% CBD, and 0.14% THC, along with the full spectrum of cannabinoids natural to the hemp blend.

The Experience:

The first thing you’ll notice about the CBD smokes is the delectably tangy orange flavor. As you fill your lungs with CBD smoke, the taste fills your mouth. The smoke is smooth and potent with cannabinoids. A gratifying break to a busy day. Enjoy the uplifting effect that can help you feel happy and at ease.

While it’s not the only CBD joint with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with the same potency of CBG. We selected hemp strains high in CBD and CBG with low enough levels of THC to avoid any sensations of being “high.” At these ratios, THC can work with the rest of the cannabinoids to create the CBD entourage effect. The synergy seen among cannabinoids is not unique to the hemp plant. Several types of botanical have show enhanced effects by combining the whole plant’s compounds. Hemp is no different. When the entire plant works together, we get more out of the benefits we love.

With high levels of CBG, this CBD pre roll can help to ease your pain. A wonderful way to relieve your struggle in the middle of a workday. The cannabinoid also helps with reducing inflammation, which impacts pain and several other types of issues such as digestion. Overall, CBG is marvelous for gastrointestinal ailments such as irritable bowels and bladder dysfunctions.

Meanwhile, the CBD can help with symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and pain. The full spectrum of cannabinoids provides the entourage effect, which allows you to get a stronger impact from each hit. When you smoke CBD, you bypass the digestion process, which adds to the cannabinoid’s increased effects.

Overall these CBD pre rolls are the perfect way to get the most out of the benefits you seek. 

The Pack:

Each pack comes with 2 half-gram Orange Crush CBG CBD Joints (1 total gram per pack).

80% CBG, 19.9% CBD, 0.14% THC

The Research:

It’s exciting to learn about all the incredible ways that cannabinoids can help you feel better. Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, look at the research that backs up the benefits you love.

Pain and Inflammation –

One of the most commonly reported uses of CBG is to help with inflammation. Research shows the cannabinoid is a potent anti inflammatory. One study into these effects found CBG reduces neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Neuroinflammation is related to incurable conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. By relieving this type of inflammation, CBG can help with the extreme pain associated with these diseases.

Another type of pain that benefit from cannabigerol is pain associated with bladder dysfunctions. The compound helped calm overactive bladders by reducing contraction in one study. In another study, the cannabinoid relieved bladder pain. Overall, we see a calming effect on muscle spasms or contractions and easing pain from this research.

Back to issues of swelling, researchers focused on CBG’s effects on gastrointestinal inflammation in a separate study. They discovered the cannabinoid is excellent at reducing inflammation of the bowels. These effects were so strong that the researchers called for clinical trials so they cannabinoid can be used in treatment for people with gastric inflammatory issues.

Gastrointestinal Support –

Those with sensitive stomachs will be excited to learn that CBG can reduce intestinal sensitivity. The cannabinoid desensitizes the intestinal tracts through the TRPV1-4 channels, according to the study. This is exciting news since the compound may also stimulate the appetite. It can help you get hungry and reduce overactive reactions in the gastrointestinal tracts. In a study on rats, the administration of CBG improved the appetites of the participants. Both meal size and frequency increased. These reactions are dose-dependent. The research showed larger doses were more effective. 

Another study confirmed the anti inflammatory responses of the gastric systems to CBG. The researches noted CBG is helpful for inflammatory bowel disorders and can defend against mucus lesions. They even suggested that CBG could help protect against ulcers! Overall, it can help restore gut health, an enticing discovery for those with stomach problems.

The Effects of CBD –

There are about 1,000 new research articles published on CBD every year. One of the most commonly reported uses of the cannabinoid is to help with anxiety, according to a survey. In a study into these effects, CBD relieved symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, PD, GAD, and SAD.

Pain treatment is another common use of the compound. There’s a plethora of research into these effects, and the results of the studies are consistent. In a review on the subject, CBD conclusively reduced multiple types of pain in participants. While the analysis focused on neuropathic and central pain states, the results showed general improvements to chronic pain.

As an anti inflammatory, CBD is a potent tool. A study of cannabinoids focused on THC and CBD. The researchers noted that the cannabinoids are 20 times more potent than aspirin, a common NSAID. NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. They are the most common recommendation by doctors for treating inflammation. This study pointed to CBD being stronger than your typical NSAID, an exciting discovery considering the intestinal damage standard treatment options result in. Yet another great reason to smoke CBD!




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