Broad Spectrum CBD – Premium Nano CBD Water Dispersible

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The Broad Spectrum CBD is a water-dispersible nano CBD. The next step in cannabinoid refinement is here, making your CBD easier to absorb and more bioavailable!

We offer 1 variation of the Broad Spectrum CBD – Premium Nano:
  • 2.0 FL OZ (60ml) of premium nano CBD (600mg) in vanilla chai flavor
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • 0.0%THC
Other ingredients:

Water, CBD, vegan vitamin E derivative, vanilla bean extract, organic glycerin, organic stevia, organic cane alcohol, organic agave syrup, and natural flavor.


Broad Spectrum CBD

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This broad spectrum CBD formula uses nano CBD, the next step in cannabinoid refinement! It has a wide range of cannabinoids, without any THC getting in your system. Unlike other products, there’s no oil in these bottles. We created liposomal water-dispersible CBD, so it’s purely cannabinoids, water, and organic flavors.

If you’re looking for natural sleeping remedies, the safest pain reliever, or something to help improve your mental health, this is the product for you. It comes in a delicious vanilla chai flavor that goes great on its own or mixed with drinks. Add it to your morning tea for inflammation and pain relief or your favorite dessert. It’s a delightful way to start or end your day!

Why Nano CBD:

ThoughtCloud’s liposomal-nanotechnology brings you the latest in cannabinoid refinement. The unparalleled particle size offers the most bioavailable cannabinoid product.

When CBD’s shrunken into liposomal packets, it travels through the digestive system at an exponentially quicker rate. To help you picture it, think of a balloon as a normal molecule of CBD. Now imagine that CBD balloon with millions of beads inside of it. When the balloon bursts, it scatters the beads throughout the system. The smaller beads move faster and easier through your body. This ease of movement increases the absorption and use (bioavailability) of the cannabinoids.

You can use cannabinoids for natural sleeping remedies, a tea for inflammation, or to help with pain. It may be the safest pain reliever due to the lack of adverse side effects. The formula can also aid in mental health improvements, warding off headaches, managing arthritis.


  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • 0.0%THC

We offer 1 variation of the Broad Spectrum CBD – Premium Nano:

  • 2.0 FL OZ (60ml) of premium nano CBD (600mg) in vanilla chai flavor

Other ingredients:

Water, CBD, vegan vitamin E derivative, vanilla bean extract, organic glycerin, organic stevia, organic cane alcohol, organic agave syrup, and natural flavor.

Our Promise to You:

Made from 100% organic, raw, non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms throughout the US

No herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used.

All of our products, including our line of CBD skin care products, are 100% vegan. We never test on our furry friends!

A third party lab tests every batch for purity.

May Help Support:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety
  • General mental health
  • Sleep
  • Pelvic pain management
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Headache relief
  • And so much more!

CBD Legal State:

The 2018 Farm Act made CBD legal in every state across the country. The bill limits THC content to less than 0.3%. Fortunately, all of our full spectrum CBD products are within these limits. So you’re safe using ThoughtCloud CBD anywhere in the US.

If you’re flying, you’re in luck! FSA approved hemp derived CBD with 0.0% THC. The broad spectrum CBD has 0.0% THC, so you can feel safe traveling throughout the country with it. Our CBD isolate products also have 0.0% THC, making them the perfect carry-on accessory.

How Does the Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Work?

CBD works with the other cannabinoids to create a synergistic effect. Together they can be used as natural sleeping remedies to improve sleep quality. They can help tackle swelling, and go great added to a tea for inflammation.

If you struggle with chronic pain, arthritis, or a similar condition, you know how dangerous common medications can be. They’re addictive and full of adverse side effects. So there’s a need to find the safest pain reliever that actually works. Cannabidiol may be that solution!

CBD operates through your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS creates its own cannabinoids and is activated by phytocannabinoids, like CBD. So, CBD uses the natural systems in your body to help alleviate pain and improve your mood. The human body was made for this type of intervention!

CBD for Inflammation –

CBD can do wonders to help with inflammation. Research shows it’s great for swelling from an injury. It can also help with several types of internal inflammation. Whether you have swelling from gastric issues or an autoimmune disorder, cannabidiol can help. One study concluded that CBD is 20 times stronger than aspirin.

NSAIDs are the most common treatments for inflammation. The problem is they can wear away at the lining of organs. There’s a link between several NSAIDs and ulcers, internal bleeding, and organ damage. CBD lacks these adverse effects, while possibly being more effective!

It’s easy to take this formula to help manage your swelling. Try taking it in the morning or at night, whichever works best for you. You can add it with other anti inflammatory herbs to make a daily tea for inflammation. Whenever or however you take it, it works best when taken regularly.

Is CBD the Safest Pain Reliever?

As far as safety goes, CBD lacks adverse side effects common to pain medications. It’s nonaddictive and noncorrosive to organs. Taking too much isn’t life-threatening, and it combats nausea over causing it. There’s no doubt that CBD is a safer alternative to NSAIDs and opiates. The question remains, though, is it effective?

One of the most common uses of cannabinoids is to manage pain. The prevalence of this type of application has led to a plethora of studies on the subject. Again and again, the evidence shows CBD can relieve pain. It’s particularly useful for chronic pain. Muscle spasms, sprains, bruises, and other acute forms of pain can also be improved through CBD, though. The compound may help with pelvic pain, back pain, headaches, and so much more!

Can CBD Improve Mental Health?

CBD is a tool for mind-body wellness. Its effect on the entire system brings synergy back to your health. Our mental health affects our physical health and vice versa. Cannabinoids are so special because they can work to improve both.

Users report feeling uplifted and relaxed through regular CBD usage. Research backs these claims up. Multiple studies show cannabidiol can help with anxiety, PTSD, PD, SAD, and GAD symptoms. There’s even evidence that CBD may help with symptoms of depression.

Once again, CBD is a lot safer than other medication options. Anxiety meds are often addictive and can impair your daily function. This formula can help you manage symptoms without any adverse reactions. So, you don’t have to stress about new problems while solving your old ones!

Natural Sleeping Remedies –

There are a lot of natural sleeping remedies out there without the evidence to back them up. There’s a large body of research on CBD for sleep quality improvement. It can decrease sleep disruptions. For those that take too long to fall asleep, CBD can help with that as well.

In comparison, prescription sleep aids come with several side effects. Often people need to take a second medication to wake back up in the morning. Sleeping meds are often addictive, and some can have dangerous repercussions. You may experience dizziness, headaches, and gastric issues. That’s not to mention things like driving or eating in your sleep.

Not only does CBD lack adverse reactions, but it also helps to improve other health issues. So, you’re safe and can help improve your overall wellness. It’s the mind-body remedy you can trust.

The Other Cannabinoids –

Broad spectrum CBD oil means we’ve included all of the cannabinoids except for THC. It’s similar to a full spectrum formula but safe for government workers and military personnel. By adding the other cannabinoids, the broad spectrum facilitates the entourage effect. When the compounds work together, they synergize, enhancing each others’ impact. So, you get more out of CBD when we include CBG and CBC.

In addition, CBG and CBC have benefits all their own. So you’re tripling up on the formula’s capacity. CBG provides another attack on inflammation, while CBC can help with gut health. The benefits just keep adding up!


Don’t take our word on the incredible benefits this formula can offer. Check out the research to see the evidence for yourself!

Pain –

There are a plethora of studies on CBD for pain management. In a review of the research, it helped with chronic pain. The report highlighted the effectiveness of cannabidiol for neuropathic and central pain states. Overall though, researchers saw promise for the compound helping with most types of pain.

A review of clinical research came to a similar conclusion. CBD consistently reduces pain. The lack of adverse reactions makes CBD a great candidate as the safest pain reliever that works! So, the researchers saw promise is CBD becoming a safe prescription pain medication.

Meanwhile, the UCPPS clinic published a paper on CBD for pelvic pain. Their participants reported reduced inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. The researchers also saw evidence for the antibacterial properties of CBD. Overall, this confirms the pain-relieving effects.

If you have a headache, CBD can help too. In a review focused solely on CBD and headaches, the compound repeatedly relieved headaches. The researchers see the cannabinoid becoming a popular go-to for headache medications.

Inflammation –

The UCPPS clinical trials showed evidence for reduced inflammation, as mentioned above. Several other studies confirmed these effects. In one such study, CBD and THC were 20 times stronger than aspirin at reducing swelling. In a separate study, CBD helped relieve bodily inflammation related to autoimmune disorders. Overall the evidence continues to show that cannabidiol is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory.

You can take it every morning, put it in a tea for inflammation, or add it to an anti inflammatory dessert. Whatever makes it easiest to enjoy!

Mental Health Support –

One of the most popular uses of CBD is to improve mental health. Due to this prevalence, there are a plethora of studies on these effects. In one study, CBD helped to relieve symptoms of anxiety. In a separate study, CBD didn’t just help with anxiety. The cannabinoid aided in the relief of symptoms of PTSD, PD, SAD, and GAD.

There’s even an animal study confirming the anxiety-relieving effects. In the animal study, CBD supported the reduction of depression symptoms. Of course, there’s still a need for human studies to confirm these effects.

Sleep Support with Broad Spectrum CBD Oil –

While there aren’t many direct studies on CBD for sleep, it comes up in several indirect studies. A group of scientists did a review of all CBD studies that mention sleep. In these studies, cannabidiol helped improve the quality of sleep of a significant majority of participants. The researchers saw a reduction in sleep disruption and improvement in the ability to fall asleep.

What’s great about this review is it shows that CBD can improve sleep quality while helping with other ailments. Most sleep medications create new problems instead of solving old ones!

The Other Cannabinoids –

When cannabinoids work together, they create the entourage effect. It’s a form of synergy amongst hemp compounds. Research shows this effect enhances the impact of each compound in the formula. So you get more out of the cannabinoids when they work together!

There’s a lot more the cannabinoids can do, though, besides enhancing CBD. Check out the benefits of CBC oil and learn how CBG oil works, to discover the additional benefits they provide to our broad spectrum CBD oil!

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