Odorless CBD Filtered Pre-rolls Joints

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Smoke anywhere, discreetly, with the filtered CBD prerolls. They’ve been cured to remove the hemp scent so you can enjoy your CBD joint anywhere you go!

Natural, unrefined, unbleached hemp paper, organically grown

Contains 2 CBD Cannabidiol 1/2 gram prerolls

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Natural, unrefined, unbleached hemp paper, organically grown

Contains 2 CBD Cannabidiol 1/2 gram prerolls

Enjoy the low-odor Hemp PreRolls made from all-natural Oregon hemp. The joints are a relaxing blend of Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Candy CBD. Unlike other pre-rolled joints, these have been processed to remove the hemp smell. So, you can light up without the entire neighborhood, smelling like a pot shop. Get the ultimate smoke session, discreet, and nicotine-free.


The Blend:

The hybrid Elektra is a cross between the Early Resin Berry and ACDC hemp strains. The herbal, pine, and peppery flavors of the joint come from Elektra.

Lifter is another hybrid; it’s derived from Early Resin Budy, and Suver Haze. You’ll notice herbal, peppery and minty aromas from Lifter.

Sour Space Candy is a hybrid made from Early Resin Berry, and Sour Tsunami, they add fruit notes to the herbal blend.


The Joint:

Each hemp pre-roll lasts about five minutes. They’re made from high-quality, filtered rice paper that won’t shed cindering ash into the air. Unlike other, poor-quality hemp joints, the Hemp PreRoll burns slow and evenly, so you won’t spend the entire session trying to control the burn. When you’re ready for a relaxing break, just light up the joint, take in the fruity-herbal blend, and feel your body release into the moment.


The Experience:

The Hemp PreRoll can help curate a calming experience. They’re the perfect option for a break during a stressful day and a wonderful way to help relax your anxieties. If you need help transitioning to bedtime, the joints can be that cue, while assisting with the onset of drowsiness. Each joint is packed with vital hemp compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. People find the combination of these compounds soothing and helpful with restoring balance to the body and mind.


The Pack:

The 2-pack comes with 2 Hemp PreRolls.




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