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5 Practices For A Mindful Morning

No doubt, the morning denotes the start of a new day, but there is more to it. Amidst the alarm bells, hurried toast hastened coffee, and raced steps, we relegate it to merely a hurried start of a hectic day. Over the years, we’ve found certain practices helpful in maximizing the potential of this crucial part of the day. And we are super thrilled to share these practices with you. Follow the different practices mentioned below for a mindful morning


5 Practices for a Mindful Morning

Check out the different practices used for a mindful morning:

1. Prep from Bedtime

Practices For Mindful Morning
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A mindful morning starts before it is actually morning. To wake up fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for the new day, start by revisiting your bedtime. Quality sleep is essential for a morning that will positively shape the rest of your day. Reduce screen time before bed. Never make your comfy bed an extension of your desk space by bringing work to bed. Avoid activities that disrupt your sleep pattern and ensure your body is well-rested. Set healthy boundaries that promote quality sleep in your evening routine.

2. Dwell on Gratitude

Gratitude is a practice that has proven beneficial across generations. Research has shown that it positively influences overall wellbeing. Gratitude helps people have more positive emotions and relish good experiences. Hence, dwelling on gratitude at the start of your day could help you see the rest of the day through an optimistic lens.

Also, a 2013 study examining the pathways between gratitude and self-rated physical health across adulthood concluded that grateful people are generally healthier. Starting out your day with a heart of gratitude not only sets you in the right mood for a productive day but also helps you appreciate the little things of life.

3. Spare Some Time for Meditation

Before you slip into the hustle and bustle of the ever-busy day, take some time to meditate. Spend about 10 minutes every morning to sit still and reflect. Seal out noises around you and focus on quietening your mind.

While you’re at it, certain stray thoughts might pop up in your mind from time to time, but that’s absolutely fine. Your mind uses this moment of meditation to unclutter before you set out in the day. This ensures that your mind is clear and prepares your body for a productive day.

Some research also suggests that practicing meditation may reduce blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

4. Spell out an Intent for the Day

Setting a goal for the day is a vital element of a mindful morning. Take a moment to mentally spell out what you’d like to do during the day.

To do this,

  •          First, establish a present-moment awareness in your mind.
  •          Take a little time to appreciate the seemingly little things in your present environment.
  •          Then, ponder on something specific you’d like to work on that day.

Whether you’d like to work on effective communications with your colleague at work, try out something new, or actively work on reducing your resistance to change. Whatever it is, having it clearly defined at the start of your day helps you keep it in your consciousness throughout the day. This could either be carried out as a separate exercise or as a part of your meditation.

5. Practice mindful feeding

Sometimes, we are tempted to ditch a healthy breakfast to settle for junk later in the day. Nonetheless, we ensure junk is not a part of our morning. Instead, we engage in mindful eating.

While sitting still to meditate might not be your favorite thing in the world to do, we assure you mindful eating is not as tough. We’ve been able to routinely maintain a healthy breakfast, thanks to CBD oil from the ThoughtCloud store. Including CBD in your morning routine a ticket to a stress-free start in your day. Plus, a delicious dose of CBD  is a great way to kick-start the day.


Benefits of Having a Mindful Morning


1. It sets a relaxed tone for the rest of the day

The morning is a very crucial part of the day. Often, it sets the pace with which the rest of the day progresses. A mindful morning sets you in a cool mode that helps you make the most of the rest of the day.

2. Boosts your overall energy level

Endorphins released during meditation are energy boosters. Meditating before you set out boosts your energy level and also helps your overall emotional state.

3. It builds focus

Having mindful mornings helps you stay focused throughout the day. This is no surprise since meditation is part of a mindful morning routine. Meditation shuts out the noise and allows your subconscious mind to work effectively in the background. This helps you start each day with a clear sense of what your focus for the day is.

4. An overall sense of wellbeing

With gratitude, mindful eating, and meditation comes an overall sense of well-being your body would love. Mindful mornings also prepare your body and mind for events the day might bring your way.

5. Better connection with people

Since mindful mornings help your body relieve stress and your mind focus, it ultimately helps your relationship with others. This is because you are better equipped to relate with others without stress.  Mindful mornings might be a priceless tool in expanding your sphere of influence.



Don’ts of a Mindful Morning

1. Open up with Screens

Starting out the day with a screen to your face is not the right way to go. As much as possible, reduce your screen time before bed to allow for quality sleep. And, do not haste into screens early the following morning.

2. Set Out Unhappy

Never set out grumpy and sad. You might unintentionally rub off this energy on what you do in the course of the day. Plus, research shows that people who have habits of gratitude are generally happier than those who do not.

3. Ditch Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not the way to go. Never exchange healthy meals for junk.

The morning is a vital part of the day and having a mindful morning is an asset that yields an energetic, productive, and happy day as its returns on investment (ROI). Follow the different practices mentioned above for a mindful morning!

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