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CBD For Torn MCL

The Positive Impact Of CBD For Torn MCL

It is a very common injury that athletes have to face simultaneously which is the tears resulting from Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injury and also from anterior cruciate ligament. Your MCL covers the length from the termination of the femur or thigh bone to the apex of the shin bone or tibia and is located on the inner side of the knee joint. Knee injuries are a regular phenomenon with athletes and active persons. A torn MCL that aids in giving stability to the knee constitutes a type of serious injury. Luckily, the healing plant compound CBD helps athletes and people encountering ligament and muscle injury to recover as it is packed with incredible properties that help in treating sports-related injury.

Medial Collateral Ligament

Torn MCL cbd
Medial Collateral Ligament

Your medial collateral ligament (MCL) constitutes the knee ligament situated on the inner or medial side of the knee. One end of this ligament is connected to the femur, with its other end being joined to the tibia. Medial collateral ligament represents one of the four primary knee ligaments that aids in stabilizing the knee joint. MCL is a band of strong, flat fibrous connective tissue made up of long, threadlike collagen molecules. Its main task is to counter valgus force which happens when the foot or tibia is coerced outwards vis-a-vis the knee.

Ligaments retain the bones together adding stability and power to a joint. Any injury to the ligament results in its stretching or tearing. Generally, damage or injury to the knee often results from a direct hit or blow to the external aspect of the knee which tears the MCL

What Does A MCL Tear Feel Like

There are various grades of MCL injury such as Grade 1 which is least severe as the ligament gets stretched only but does not tear. In Grade 2 MCL injury the ligament gets partially torn which leads to knee joint instability. The most severe kind of ligament injury is the grade 3 type where the ligament gets torn completely. Often joint instability results from grade 3 MCL.

An MCL injury can make your experience :

  • Popping sound when injured and lurching of the knee towards the side
  • Inflammation of the knee joint
  • Soreness and pain near the inner portion of the knee
  • A sensation as if your knee would stop working if you applied pressure on it
  • Locking of the knee joint or blocking of its movement
  • Difficulty in knee stability generally indicates injury of the grade 2 or 3 type

Types of MCL Injuries

  • MCL Injuries are of three types:
  • A grade 1 MCL injury is the least severe. It implies that your ligament has been stretched but not torn.
  • A grade 2 MCL injury implies that your tendon has been partially torn. This normally causes some instability in your knee joint.
  • A grade 3 MCL injury is the most severe type of ligament injury. It happens when your tendon has been totally torn. Joint instability is common in a grade 3 MCL sprain.

How’s an MCL Injury Diagnosed?

Immediate treatment like applying ice for subsiding the inflammation, consuming NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to quell pain and inflammation or knee compression by applying an elastic bandage or resting splints do exist. But, a long term viable treatment that works organically and entails no side effects that anti-inflammatory drugs incur is consuming the phytonutrient CBD which is derived from the hemp plant and has zero psychoactivity and does not induce any mind-altering effects.

Your doctor can frequently tell if you have a MCL injury by analyzing your knee. During the assessment, your doctor will twist your knee and put pressure on the outside of it. They’ll be able to tell if your inner knee is loose, which would indicate a MCL injury. It’s significant that you relax your leg muscles during the examination. This makes it simpler for your doctor to test the stability of your ligaments. You may feel some pain and tenderness in your knee during the examination.

Your doctor may order imaging tests to help analyze your knee injury. An X-ray will give your doctor an image of the bones in your knee. This can help them preclude other knee issues. During an X-ray, a technician will position your knee so that the machine can record pictures. This may cause some pain if your knee is tender or swollen. However, the process will only take a few minutes. The X-ray will tell your doctor if there’s an injury to the bones in your knee. Your doctor may also order an MRI scan. This is a test that utilizes magnets and radio waves to produce images of the body.

Ways In Which CBD Manages MCL Injury

CBD has revealed positive effects on ligament injuries, muscle sprains, and also on joint pain. It can likewise assist in treating MCL injury in the following ways:

Eases Pain And Lowers Inflammation

CBD due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic attributes can neutralize inflammation-related issues like muscle pain, tendonitis, assuages physical pain induced by sports like an MCL injury. The anti-inflammation property displayed by CBD improves the natural recovery time of the body, curbs permanent damage of the soft tissue, and reduces the effect an injury has on the body.
Further, CBD acts on vanilloid receptors to reduce pain and also activates the adenosine A2A receptors which lowers the generation of inflammatory proteins to reduce inflammation.

Helps To Adapt To Stress

CBD is well recognized for its anxiolytic or stress-relieving qualities and can intervene with the secretion and release of cortisol, thereby helping in lowering blood levels significantly. In this manner, CBD assists the body to adjust to stress by decreasing elevated levels of cortisol.

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Works Upon The Root Cause Of An Injury

Phytocannabinoids like CBD communicate with the ECS or endocannabinoid system which is a complex circuit of receptors and ion channels and produces its own endogenous cannabinoids to regulate various biological processes such as immune responses, fluctuations of mood, sensitivity towards pain, sleep cycles and regulates appetite and hormonal levels besides more. Our ECS hosts a network of receptors that are situated within the brain, digestive, and immune systems of every human being.

CBD connects with the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 which are located on the cells across the body and with the endocannabinoid system to facilitate homeostasis and restore the natural balance and equilibrium of the body.

Mitigation Of Muscle Spasms

Cannabinoids are well known for their anticonvulsant and antispasmodic qualities. Athletes and people leading a hectic and active lifestyle are more prone to muscle strains, trauma, nerve damage, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Preserves The Heart, Brain, And Lung

CBD has been found to protect the heart, brain and also the lungs during the sustaining of an injury and post-injury. The way in which the neuroprotective nature of CBD works upon the brain has remained a subject of intense research for the purpose of healing sports concussions.

Has Neuroprotective Qualities

CBD is a neuroprotectant and aids in reducing brain damage and promotes the growth of new neurons. Neural damage resulting from oxidative stress due to traumatic blows, autoimmune or ischemia can result in either temporary or neural damage. However, researches have revealed the neuroprotective effects of CBD which helps to counter such damage and bolster the recovery process.

CBD Users Reviews for Knee Pain

R. Bennett ( ThoughtCloud Full Spectrum CBD in Hemp Seed Oil )

CBD for Tron MCL
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I need a new knee and both rotator cuffs are torn out, plus lymphitis in both lower legs and feet. Can’t have surgery due to having had Polio as an infant and now must use crutches even to stand, so just have to suffer thru. This is the 1st brand of CBD product that I’ve found to work for me and the results are fantastic for pain relief, relaxation, and honestly restful sleep. For the first time in several years, the pain is actually gone and life is again worth living.

Deborah ( ThoughtCloud CBD Muscle Balm for Pain Management – Full Spectrum 1000mg )

Balm for Knee Pain
CBD Balm for Pain

I have been trying the balm on my hands, shoulders, and knee for arthritis and torn rotator cuffs. I feel it’s helping. I’ve been able to cut back on Ibuprofen! I do find it a bit hard, but I discovered to take a fork and scratch surface a little and pour in a little oil or CBD oil.. mix in.. make it go a little farther, and absorbs in easier. I’ve bought two more in the sale!

Kamala K. ( ThoughtCloud CBD Muscle Balm for Pain Management – Full Spectrum 1000mg )

What can I say except all the 5-star reviews are true. I was skeptical that a balm could just stop the pain but it really does…and I think it helps to actually heal. I’m 32 and have been dealing with pain all over but really in my knees. I can’t say why really I’m at great bodyweight and eat well. But I was using a knee brace, taking handfuls of supplements, and hobbling along getting more depressed with each day, week, month. Finally after 3 months and a doctor visit that didn’t help much except to recommend PT( which I still might do to get informed about proper ways to move) I ordered this balm. That night I slept amazing. The pain had been keeping me up. After a few days, I was walking normally. No joke. I really can’t believe it. It’s been about a month and I will still have hints of pain but the improvement is astounding. This was all I added to my routine. I’m so glad I found this and it really has given me hope. Believe the reviews!!

Final Thoughts on CBD for torn MCL

The efficacy of CBD in treating traumatic injuries of the brain as well as spinal cord are all proven and its role in curbing the advancement of neurological ailments are also well recognized. Further evidence has indicated that CBD is effective in minimizing neural and cell impairment and promotes healing of muscles, tissues, bones and ligaments.

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