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Can CBD Be Used To Treat A Hand Fracture?

hand fracture

If you have had a hand fracture ever in your life, you must be well aware of the pain and fear it brings with it. Moreover, the older you get, the chances of a broken bone increases. The worst part of a hand fracture is the time it takes to heal. However, there have been researches that state the benefits of CBD,a natural remedy to heal broken bones faster. Thanks to this super amazing remedy, we can now treat a hand fracture fast. Let us know more about hand fractures and how can this natural supplement help in its healing.

What Are Hand Fractures?

Hand Fracture occurs when one or more of the 5 bones in our hand break. This is also referred to as a Metacarpal Fracture. These bones present in the hand act as a framework which supports the muscles that help in the movement of the wrist and fingers. When any of these bones break, it can stop you from using your hands, wrists, and fingers.

A hand fracture can be of different variations such as:

1. A stable fracture, the pieces of broken bone are aligned
2. An unstable fracture, the pieces of broken bone have shifted
3. Comminuted fracture, the bone gets shattered into many pieces
4. Open Fracture, breaking of the bone fragment through the skin.

What Are The Causes Of A Hand Fracture?

hand fracture 2019
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A hand fracture can occur when there is enough force applied to a bone. Any traumatic event such as any sports injury falls or vehicle accidents.Conditions such as osteoporosis and some forms of cancer can cause the bone to break quickly.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms?

The symptoms of a hand fracture depend on the severity of the injury, the age of the patient and his general health. Some of the common symptoms of hand fracture include:

1. Pain and stiffness in the affected bone
2. Swelling in the affected bone
3. Bruising in the affected bone
4. Discolouration in the skin around the affected area
5. Unable to put weight on the injured area
6. Unable to move the injured area such as hands, wrists or fingers
7. Deformity

Treating A Hand Fracture:

Heal freacture
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A hand fracture takes time to recover. For the natural healing of a fracture, it is important that the ends of the broken bones are aligned. This process is referred to as reducing the fracture.
The usual treatment of a hand fracture is to wear a cast or splint for at least 3 to 6 weeks. If the fracture is more serious, you may require surgical treatment.

One of the natural remedies that have been researched to heal hand fracture fast is Cannabidiol or CBD. This amazing supplement if very potent in relieving from the pain and swelling arising from a fracture as well as leads to a faster healing process.

Using CBD For Hand Fracture

cbd for hand fracture

We have read about CBD being used to treat many health issues such as anxiety, Seizures, Depression, Inflammation, Pain and much more. But recent research has concluded that CBD can also help in recovering from a bone fracture much quickly that is it can speed the fracture healing process.

This is due to the role of the Endocannabinoid System in the regulation of bone cell activity and bone remodelling. This reason made the scientists look into the positives of CBD in speeding the bone healing process.

In a study done by Kogan et al. for the Journal of Bone & Mineral Research, the researchers found that CBD can enhance the healing of fracture and stimulate the Lysyl Hydroxylase (an enzyme involved in the bone healing process) activity in osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are the bone-building cells.

In the study, CBD or THC was given to the rats having fractured femurs and then again with both THC and CBD.
Results concluded that the rate of bone regrowth was increased at a higher rate by the presence of CBD. The rats showed the regrowth of bones at 4 weeks. Taken together, these data show that CBD leads to improvement in fracture healing and demonstrate the critical mechanical role of collagen crosslinking enzymes.

Researchers also found that both the size of the fracture and the rate of new bone cells improved with CBD.

CBD As A Pain Reliever:

Other than speeding up the bone regrowth and generation of new bone cells, CBD is also known for its pain relieving properties. CBD can effectively reduce the pain arising in a hand fracture. It regulates the absorption of Anandamide is an endocannabinoid receptor that controls pain.

CBD As An Anti-Inflammatory Remedy:

CBD is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory remedy which can be used to reduce the swelling arising in a broken bone.CBD works with the Endocannabinoid Receptors and strengthens your immunity system thus fighting inflammation.

How CBD For Fracture Has Helped People?

organic hemp cbd oil botttle
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Let us read some of the testimonials of people who have found CBD useful in healing their fractures:

Let us read some of the testimonials of people who have found CBD useful in healing their fractures:

I got in a car accident last year and fractured my lower back. I didn’t want to stay on the pain medication and found this amazing option! CBD helps manage my pain. I don’t know what I’d do without this! Thank you thoughtcloud.

I couldn’t get through my 12 hour shifts on my fractured ankle without this incredible oil. Even my doctor said it’s better than the zombie effects of other pain meds. I feel fine and not in a fog from pharmaceuticals.

I was looking for something natural to help with my anxiety. Thank goodness for Thoughtcloud!!! I take 5 drops in the a.m. and 5 drops in the evening. It has made a huge difference!! I am also now recovering from a fractured ankle so I will be raising the amount of drops to help with the inflammation and pain.

Heal Back Faster With CBD For Hand Fracture

CBD can be used to manage the symptoms of a hand fracture and can also heal your fracture faster. Moreover, this cannabinoid is also organic and can be safely used as it is free from THC. Also, the legalization of CBD has made CBD easily available in all the 50 states. So, you can easily avail this all natural and amazing supplement in your state.
We hope you liked this article on CBD For Hand Fractures. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.

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