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noise sensitivity in dogs

How CBD Can Help With Noise Sensitivity In Dogs?

Noise sensitivity is a term that is used for reactions in dogs caused by a sudden loud noise or sustained loud noises. The noise can be related to the sound of a loud car in a quiet neighborhood, and can also include thunder, fireworks, vacuums, and many other noises. The noise can be harmful to their hearing and can cause panic. The noise sensitivity could make them hide under the table or shake uncontrollably.

Noise Sensitivity in Dogs

Noise sensitivity is very common in your furry friends. It’s especially common in rescue dogs, as it has been established that many rescues suffer from heightened insecurities and fears. These fears can be triggered by sudden loud and booming noises. There are many ways a dog could behave if they have a hypersensitivity to sounds near them, including:

  • Panting excessively
  • Frantic trembling
  • Slobbering
  • Barking easily and frequently
  •  Hiding under the bed or table
  • Urinating without warning
  • Vomiting uncontrollably
  • Self-harm in the most extreme cases

This troubled behavior of your best friend can continue after the noise has subsided. What may feel like a normal situation for us is the cause of fear for them. As it is established in the studies that fear elevates stress and causes an increase in anxiety in mammals. The level of sound that causes reactions varies in all dogs, but the effect of noise sensitivity remains the same. One needs to understand that only with proper love, training, and medication these things can be reduced, and help the overall health of our dogs.

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Causes of Noise Sensitivity in Dogs

Research shows that in many ways the discomfort we find in dogs occurs when they get startled by sudden and loud noises. The studies show that dogs can tense up at sudden loud noises which leads to various reactions. Due to these noises, they can feel restless and sometimes struggle so much that they lose control of how they behave.
Our dogs cannot always comprehend their source of discomfort or where the noise is coming from. Even though the loud noise is not going to hurt them, they only know one thing; that the noise is loud and it is scary for them. We need to help our dogs to stay calm when this happens.

CBD For Noise Sensitivity In Dogs

CBD is becoming very popular for helping humans with anxiety and stress. When it comes to dogs, CBD can also help. The properties of CBD promote a calming effect as well as support joint mobility and flexibility. There are studies that show that when it is used on dogs when they are under stress, it is very helpful for them also.

Many animals experience a positive effect after using the CBD, which can help in calming down and promoting an appropriate response, which will help in overall health and wellbeing. When dogs hear a sudden loud noise their brain releases the stress hormones, and CBD oil helps in calming the brain, reducing those stress reactions and in turn their reactions.

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Final Thoughts

Many dog owners have found out that with the proper dosage, CBD oil has a very calming effect on their pets. The CBD oil works quickly, and one can see the results right away. With the proper use of CBD oil, their anxiety can be reduced and their reactions to loud noises can be under control. There are various kinds of CBD products available, with companies like ThoughtCloud offering oils specifically formulated with your pets in mind. Make sure no matter what that your CBD is sourced purely and organically, and watch your dog live its best life.

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