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Natural Ways To Reduce Abdominal Bloating | Try CBD

Bloating is a prevalent abdominal problem that almost all of us face in our day-to-day lives. This condition occurs when our gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas. It can make one feel full, tight, or swollen in the stomach. If you are someone who struggles with bloating, today we will share with you a few proven and natural ways to treat Abdominal Bloating. Let’s get started:

What is Abdominal Bloating?

Before moving forward with bloating treatment options, let’s first shed some light on Bloating and why it occurs.

Bloating or Abdominal Bloating occurs when there is excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract. In simple terms, when your belly feels swollen after eating, it results in bloating. Bloating can lead to pain, discomfort, and a feeling of being “full.” It also causes our belly to look larger than usual.


Why Do I Feel Bloated?

The most common cause of bloating is gas and air, especially after eating.

When undigested food breaks down or when we swallow air after eating, gas builds up in the digestive tract. We all swallow air, but some people consume more air, due to:

  • Eating too fast
  • Drinking too fast
  • Smoking
  • Chewing Gums
  • Wearing loose dentures.

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Two ways in which swallowed air leaves our body include Burping and flatulence. A delayed transport of gas out of our stomach can also lead to gas accumulation, thus resulting in bloating. There can be many medical causes behind this condition. These include:

  1. IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  2. IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  3. Heartburn
  4. Weight gain
  5. Intolerance to food such as lactose and gluten
  6. Giardiasis
  7. Factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression
  8. Eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa
  9. Hormonal Flux
  10. Gynecological disorders

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Natural Ways To Reduce Bloating

Usually, bloating is treated with the help of over-the-counter medications, but there are also many natural remedies to treat abdominal bloating. Here are 10 of them. Take a look.

1. Avoid Overeating at one time

One of the main reasons behind abdominal bloating is eating too much at a time. We tend to feel stuffed because we overate.

If you eat big meals at a time and tend to feel bloated, then it is necessary to try smaller portions. You can have two small meals a day instead of having one big meal.

You must also avoid eating food too fast. It is essential to chew your food properly for better digestion. Chewing food slowly can reduce the amount of air you swallow with your meal, which is one of the major causes of feeling bloated.

2. Use peppermint capsules

One of the scientifically backed benefits of peppermint is relieving digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, and indigestion.

Studies indicate that peppermint works by relaxing our digestive system and may also ease stomach pain.

Moreover, peppermint prevents smooth muscles from contracting, which can help in relieving spasms in your gut.

Thus, you can take capsules containing peppermint for relied-on indigestion and gas-related issues. You can easily buy over-the-counter (OTC) at nearby drug stores or online.

3. Try abdominal massage

Abdominal massage can help to move stool along the inside of your colon. It can also help in relieving symptoms like pressure, tightness, cramping, and bloating.

You can follow these steps to do self abdominal massage:

Start on the right side of your stomach down by the bone of your pelvis. Rub in a circular motion lightly up to the right side till you reach your rib bones. Move straight across to the left side. Work your way down to the left to the hip bone and back up to the belly button for 2-3 minutes

Rub with your fingertips in a circular motion. You may press a little deeper with your fingers. Spend about 1 minute moving from the right hip bone to the right ribs then 1 minute across the middle (gently) and then 1 minute down to the left bone by your pelvis to the belly button.

Repeat rub, always in a clockwise motion, for 10 minutes.

4. Avoid foods that cause allergies and intolerance

Food allergies and intolerances are also common causes of bloating. Consuming foods you’re intolerant or allergic to can lead to excess gas production in your digestive tract, thus causing bloating.

Here are common foods and ingredients that can cause intolerance or allergies:

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Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder that is caused by the inability to digest lactose, preferably dairy products. This condition can cause symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.


Fructose intolerance can also result in bloating. This occurs when cells on the surface of the intestine are unable to break down fructose effectively. Fructose is a simple sugar that is mostly found in fruits and some vegetables.


An allergy to eggs can also cause gas and bloating.

Gluten and Wheat:

Intolerance to gluten, commonly known as Celiac Disease, can also cause bloating as one of its symptoms. Thus, if any of these food items are causing bloating, and you strongly suspect that it’s a food allergy or intolerance, you should immediately reduce its consumption.

5. Try CBD CBC Combination

One of the most natural ways to reduce bloating, abdominal cramps, and other gastrointestinal issues like IBS, Crohn’s, etc., is by adding a combination of CBD and CBC to your diet. Cannabidiol and Cannabichromene are two incredible cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and are being studied for their various therapeutic and medicinal properties. Both these cannabinoids are well known for relieving gastrointestinal issues due to their anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, and pain-relieving properties.

Furthermore, both these natural supplements interact with various receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body and provide relief in many health issues. You can start with High CBC oil, which specifically fights gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and more. This formula is 100% organic and non-psychoactive. Thus, you do not have to worry about any high upon its consumption. You can simply take this formula via your mouth or add a few drops to your food. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, you can also massage a few drops of oil on your abdomen. The Use Of CBC & CBD is the best natural way o treat abdominal bloating

6. Manage Medical Conditions If Any

Many medical conditions can result in bloating mostly as a symptom. If you are suffering from any such condition, make sure to see a doctor to rule it out. Common issues like Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, may result in bloating. IBS can also cause bloating as one of its symptoms. Endometriosis and ovarian cysts can also cause abdominal pain, swelling, and bloating.

7. Use Essential Oils

In a 2016 research, 116 individuals with mild-to-moderate IBS were given supplements with a mix of fennel and curcumin essential oil. People stated that their IBS symptoms, such as bloating and stomach discomfort, had improved after 30 days.

Essential oils should not be consumed without first consulting a physician. This is due to the fact that some formulas may be hazardous or interact with the medicine, and doses are not regulated.

 8. Replace Soda With Water

Gas can build up in the stomach when you drink fizzy, carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide, which makes soda and related liquids effervescent, can induce stomach bubbling and bloating, chronic pain.

Gas and bloating can also be caused by sugars or artificial sweeteners in the diet. Drinking water alleviates these problems while also assisting in the treatment of constipation.

 9. Be Physically Active

Exercise helps your body move stool and gas out of the colon, which might help you have more regular bowel movements. Exercising also helps to reduce water retention by releasing excess salt from the body through perspiration.

To keep hydrated, drink lots of water before and after exercise, as dehydration can aggravate constipation.

If you have any of these medical conditions or any such symptom, make sure to consult your doctor and get proper treatment.

 9. Increase The Intake Of Fiber

Constipation and bloating can be avoided by eating more fiber. The majority of Americans do not consume enough fiber, with just 5% achieving the recommended daily fiber intake of 25 grams (g) for women and 38 grams (g) for men.

It’s crucial to remember, however, that consuming too much fiber or increasing fiber consumption too rapidly might result in even more gas and bloating. People who consume more than 70 grams of fiber per day may have negative side effects.

 10. Probiotics

Probiotics may also assist with digestion and gas reduction.They are living microorganisms, primarily “good” bacteria, that are comparable to those present in the human stomach. They’re sold as nutritional supplements, although Lemond points out that natural probiotics may be found in a variety of foods, including:

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  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Tempeh
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut

Lactobacillus acidophilus, a probiotic, was shown to reduce stomach discomfort in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome after 12 weeks, according to a study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology in December 2016.

Patients with irritable bowel syndrome who took probiotics reported less bloating and gas, according to a review published in March 2015 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology.

It’s advisable to start cautiously and gradually increase your fiber consumption over many weeks to allow your body to acclimate to the change in your diet.

If you have any of these medical conditions or any such symptom, make sure to consult your doctor and get proper treatment.

You can follow the above-mentioned natural remedies to relieve bloating and other common symptoms such as abdominal pain, tightness, and swelling. The CBD CBC combination mentioned above is a highly effective as well as an organic option to relieve this condition. This combination can also help in alleviating the symptoms of health issues such as IBS, Crohn’s, constipation, and more. Besides improving your gut health, this combination can also help in calming you down and improve your overall health and wellness.

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