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The Potential Of CBD In Relieving Multiple Sclerosis

A potentially disabling disease, multiple sclerosis can affect your brain and spinal cord, including the central nervous system. This disease is a long-lasting and can cause problems with your vision, muscle control, balance and other body functions as well. The symptoms of this condition are often different for different people. For some, symptoms can be mild while some may find it difficult getting around and performing daily tasks. There can be various ways which can be used to relieve the symptoms of MS and one such natural supplement is Cannabidiol or CBD. It is an organic and highly effective means to treat multiple sclerosis. In today’s article, we will tell you more about this condition and how can CBD be used to treat it.

Multiple Sclerosis, Neurological Disorder

An Overview On Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a chronic illness that involves parts of your central nervous system such as the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves in your eyes. This condition arises when our immune system attacks a fatty material known as myelin. This myelin covers our nerve fibres and protects them. Without myelin, our nerves become damaged forming scar tissue. Thus, Multiple Sclerosis means “scar tissues in multiple areas”

According to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), around 250000 to 350000 people in the U.S. are living with this condition.

Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

Since MS affects the CNS which controls all the actions of our body, the symptoms arising in this condition can also affect any part of the body. Some of the most common symptoms of MS include:

  1. Weakness in Muscle
  2. The feeling of numbness and tingling
  3. Electric Shock-like sensation while moving the neck.
  4. Difficulty emptying the bladder
  5. Need to urinate suddenly or frequently
  6. Fatigue and mobility changes
  7. Vertigo and Dizziness
  8. Sexual Dysfunction
  9. Spasms in muscles
  10. Vision Problems such as blurred or double vision
  11. Depression and Emotional changes
  12. Memory problems
  13. Neuropathic pain or stiffness of muscles

Causes Of Multiple Sclerosis

The exact cause of multiple sclerosis is not known. It is likely an autoimmune disease in which our body’s immune system attacks its own tissues called myelin which is a fatty substance that protects and coats nerve fibres present in the brain and spinal cord. When this tissue is damaged, the nerve fibre is exposed resulting in slowing or blocking of messages that travel along the nerve. Although the main reason behind this is not known, a combination of genetic and environmental factors is said to play a role. There can be many factors that increase the risk of developing this condition. These include:

  1. Age
  2. Sex
  3. Family History
  4. Certain infections
  5. Climate
  6. Race
  7. Vitamin D
  8. Smoking
  9. Certain autoimmune diseases

How Can You Use CBD To Relieve Bicep Tendonitis?

Managing Multiple Sclerosis

There is no cure for this condition. However, treatment can be given to speed recovery from attacks, slowing the progression of the disease and managing the symptoms. Treatment options for MS include:

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Plasma Exchange
  3. Injectable Medications like Beta Interferons and Glatiramer acetate
  4. Oral medications like Fingolimod, Dimethyl fumarate and more.
  5. Physical therapy
  6. Muscle relaxants

Using The All-Natural CBD For Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis is said to exhibit painkilling, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties in relieving the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. This cannabinoid is extracted from pure and natural hemp plant which has been used for ages for a number of applications. It is non-psychoactive and will also not have any side effects on you. A study published in 2018 displayed that CBD can be helpful in improving mobility in people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

The study based on different considerations opined that a CBD: THC ratio of 1:1 supplementation may be advisable for PWMS to reduce fatigue, pain, spasticity, and ultimately improve mobility. The reason for finding relief in various symptoms of MS is the interaction of CBD with the naturally occurring receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body. CBD interacts with different receptors such as CB1, CB2 and others which are associated with pain, inflammation, appetite and other bodily functions. CBD when binds to these receptors elevates their functioning and provides relief in different symptoms of MS, such as muscle spasticity, pain, inflammation, sleep issues and more. Thus, CBD can prove highly effective in reducing the following symptoms of MS:

Multiple Sclerosis
  1. Muscle Spasticity
  2. Pain
  3. Inflammation
  4. Fatigue
  5. Anxiety And Depression
  6. Sleep-Related Issues
  7. Neuropathic pain
  8. Memory Problems

Try Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Multiple Sclerosis

The Full Spectrum CBD oil refers to CBD oil that contains CBD and different other types of cannabinoids which work in tangent to provide relief for various issues. If you are planning to buy CBD oil to relieve your MS symptoms, we would suggest you start with Full Spectrum CBD oil. This oil is extracted from the purest and highest grades hemp plant which has been grown without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This CBD oil contains:

CBD CND Formula

The therapeutic effects of all the compounds present in Full Spectrum CBD oil together combine to treat issues like pain, inflammation, sleep, depression, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders.

How To Take CBD Oil For MS?

There are many ways that you can adapt to take CBD Oil. These include:

  1. Taking CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue).
  2. Vaping CBD oil via CBD Vape Pens and CBD e-juices
  3. CBD oil can also be used topically by massaging it on the painful area.
  4. Adding CBD oil in your foods or taken in the form of edibles.

Review of CBD Oil

Annie (Full Spectrum VAPE CBD)
First time trying the vaping oil. Wow, game changer! I tried it after a stressful day of #momlife. It relaxed me without making me feel groggy. It helped calm my overall energy and quiet my overactive brain. I had also wanted to try vaping to see if it would help when I’m having an attack of histamine. I have autoimmune issues that I’m working on with a naturopath, but due to the autoimmune, I have bad psoriasis flair ups. When it itches it itches like mad! So my hope was that vaping would calm my system quicker than when taking via under the tongue. I feel like it does.

As I said before it calms my overall energy in general; but when having an attack it helps calm that feeling I get that feels like my nerves are at the surface and my skin is crawling. I’m a believer for sure! I love too that I only need one or two puffs and I’m feeling better. I tried the orange flavor (super yummy, tastes n smells like creamsicles). I still like taking and having the regular full-spectrum oil on hand to do sublingual drops or rub on the body. Thank you guys for a great product and I Love that you have sales often as well, so I can stock up!

Final Thoughts On CBD For Multiple Sclerosis

CBD oil can be really helpful when it comes to providing relief in the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. You can start with this incredible remedy without worrying about any side effects or high. You can first start with low dosages daily and then increase your dosage as per the desired result. We would suggest you to first consult your doctor before starting with CBD oil for MS.

We hope you liked this article on CBD for MS. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.

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