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Meditate Feeling The Earth’s Heartbeats

Meditate Feeling The Earths Heartbeats

The life-sustaining bounties from Mother Earth in the form of air, water, land, and food are what keeps us going. These elements are vital for our well-being. Besides, eating properly, being fully hydrated and breathing profoundly, and making contact with the earth by our hands, we can experience the strong electrical connection. A direct connection with our earth can generate circulation of a life-altering healing energy. Moreover, beyond patting the earth, were you aware that there existed lesser known methods of resonating more intensely with the earth’s heartbeat and quicken your healing process? Yes, there does exist healing processes whereby you can utilize the healing energy of the earth for your benefit.

Here we go on our treasure-hunt to find its advantages:

1.Tuning Fork

Similar to a child held close to the heartbeat of its mother who carried it, paying attention and experiencing the vibration of Mother Earth elevates us to a feeling of being in her womb. We get a satisfying sense of being nurtured in the resonance of the earth and getting healed.

The earth’s inner frequency or its heartbeat is immensely calming for your body and brings it to resonate with the earth frequency. This method of grounding was presented in the documentary, “The Grounded” where its director Steve Kroschel presents the earth’s heartbeat known as the Schumann Frequency. Actually, you can feel the Ohm of the Earth using the frequency of Schumann Resonance which vibrates at 7.83 Hz, that is mentioned to be the earth’s heartbeat.

This is similar to our brain frequency during restorative sleep. In fact, it is the main reason behind why direct earth contact through grounding is so beneficial for our wellness and health. In addition, another way to make our system resonate with the curative earth frequency is by using sound healing through tuning fork which can help us in hearing the soothing resonance offered by the earth.

2. Meditation

Intense, calm yet attentive conditions that continuous meditation creates alters the electrical functions of our brain to increase the alpha waves. Alpha waves within our brain are of the same frequency as the earth’s heartbeat.
When our brains are in a composed, alert but not focused towards any point, they synergise with the resonance of the earth, which turns the meditative condition into a therapeutic exercise. Touching and feeling contact with the earth, opening up our brain, keeping silent, leads you to the frequency of the earth. By entering the alpha frequency you reach a state of positive wellness. Various studies have displayed alpha frequency to be one of relaxation, which allows our mind to process spontaneously information not from cognition or external sensory elements but from a deeper emotional condition of wholeness.
If you desire to heal yourself with a vibration involving your central nervous system (CNS) and Mother Earth then you can practice mindful meditation. Such a condition of serenity and open attentiveness represents an absolute healing state where your entire brain reverberates with the energy of Mother Earth.

3. Sleeping

A deep and proper sleep makes our brain to orbit through the earth’s healing resonance while having your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. During REM our brains reach those alpha patterns that can be measured using EEG or electroencephalogram.

During REM sleep, we dream, process information, merge the proceedings of the passing day and discard what is unimportant so as to move ahead into the following day. In brief, Healing comprises of the similar frequency which Mother Earth releases in its healing energy. While sleeping we move through various stages of sleep known as REM sleep where we are in wonderful resonance with the healing vibrations of the Earth. This is one of the causes as to why a good quality night sleep influences our complete body from brain to feet.

To carry forward the resonance of a great sleep further, besides merging your brain’s alpha condition with the energy of the earth directly via frequency vibrations, it can also be done by grounding your body. This grounding is performed by sleeping on mattress panels and even placing sheets above it to be grounded in the healing flow of the Earth.

4. Bottle Of Hot Water For Grounding

Meditate Feeling The Earth's Heartbeats

A preferred recommendation with regard to patients has been to use a bottle containing hot water for grounding. This healing method blends the healing qualities of water, which is a highly intuitive mode on Earth. This medium mixes the curative attributes of water with heat, thereby assists to relax, overhaul your system, increase blood circulation and comforts your aches and distress all over the body.
A hot water bottle significantly helps support the energetic repair and realignment of any discomfort you are experiencing — headaches, muscle tension, soreness, cramps, back pain, neck pain, growing pains, sinus pressure, earaches, etc… because of the healing power of water combined with the energetic support of warmth increases circulation and speeds delivery of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

This makes you merge the potential of water and heat with the Earth’s healing motion to initiate three various synergistic processes to promote robust health and also quicken the normal recovery process. This procedure further gets reinforced with the addition of Grounding and the conventional usage of a bottle containing hot water.

Employing such grounding healing movement out of the earth escalates curing by hiking localized blood circulation through warmth, and enclosing the region with spontaneous energy release through the water. Moreover, through the medium of grounding inflammation and aches are diminished so that your body makes way for quick rehabilitation.

CBD Also Helps To Transcend The Meditative Experience

Mediation is a stress buster and actively promotes relaxation. The organic hemp plant compound CBD also shares the same influence as meditation does on our body and mind. CBD performs like a normal mood booster as it can indirectly augment the levels of our mood raising endocannabinoid called Anandamide. Besides, by triggering the serotonin receptor 5-HT1a it can promote calming and anxiolytic effect. Next time you experience anxiousness while meditating, try supplementing your meditation practice by using CBD.

Meditate Feeling The Earth’s Heartbeats Takeaways

You can elevate your meditation experience by teaming up with the earth’s vibrational energy that imparts you with a heightened awareness and a beneficial mind-body connect. It makes you more aware of the way your body system and psyche heals with the earth’s heartbeats. We all are intimately connected with Mother Earth as our bodies are composed of 70% water and the yogic system sees the world as composed of five elements namely earth, water, fire, air, and ether.
As our communion of the body, psyche, and emotions with the energy of the earth takes place, a shift occurs in our inner and external worlds. We start finding ways that help in the healing of the earth. This is reflected in the famous lines by William Wordsworth, ”Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher.”
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