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Massage Therapy : A Perfect Balance Of Pleasure Vs Pain

When we think about massage therapy, the image that conjures up instantly is that of massage parlors and spas along with our instinctive enticement towards pleasure sensations. Actually, what happens is that the pleasure points of our brain are triggered upon light touch and constantly by activating the release of the neurotransmitters known as endorphins. These are produced by our body and transmit the feeling of pleasure.

Massage Therapy
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The Stress Relieving Light Massage

The light touch massage that is a stress-busters does not target your “erogenous” zones like the navel, ear lobes, or inner thighs. These are conducted by authorized massage practitioners who have expertise in body massage. Here the intention is not to arouse you, but to moderate your muscle tone and take out you’re physical as well as mental discomfort. The implication is not to stimulate or excite. Rather, if someone prefers a stimulating touch, the perfect place would be a massage parlor and not an appointment with an authorized massage therapist.

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Distinction Between Stress Alleviating Massage And Remedial Massage

Clients often get caught in the confusion between a stress-busting massage and a therapeutic or remedial massage. The first message type is intended for pleasure, while the second one is of a restorative nature. The practitioner of remedial massage has a therapeutic purpose as it is directed towards painful regions of our body. These regions of the body are determined after consultation and evaluation, followed by the deep-tissue method of massaging that involve movement aimed at removing the main pain-generating causes.

A remedial massage expert can tackle multifarious kinds of pain be it neck, back, arm, or legs though in any order. They lower the tone of muscles that get constricted, advise stretches that are related to the particular joints or muscles, and suggest hot or cold treatments and exercises that consolidate any feeble muscles. Strain damages of a repetitive nature are often caused by swelling within the tendons or due to bursitis. You can differentiate in the way that the detection of bursitis is through static joint movement, while tendonitis involves active muscle compression.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massages are terrific for alleviating muscle soreness and also for rejuvenating the mind. Deep tissue rubbing treats muscular stress within the inner layers of the fascia and the muscles. Mild stretching and activation of the myofascial point are employed for pain moderation that is linked with soreness and strain. Such a type of massage is beneficial in constant muscular pain, recovery from damage, or subsiding pain resulting from inflammation.

Massage Therapy
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Benefits Of Deep Tissue Therapy

  • Alleviates chronic pain related to the lower back, osteoarthritis, and carpal tunnel
  • Improves recuperation from damage or injury
  • Enhances movement and imbalances in the posture
  • Lowers muscle soreness, constriction, and convulsion from physical movements
  • Bolsters mood and comfort by triggering the discharge of oxytocin as well as serotonin
  • Decreases cortisol and the rate of heartbeat

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Other Massage Types

Swedish Massage

The therapeutic process employed in this type of massage is created to calm and relax the whole body for maintaining overall wellness and health. Swedish massage has the main aim which is to raise the circulation in the direction of the heart. This massage aids in soothing tense muscles, assists in lymphatic discharge and circulation, accelerates the range of joint movement and mitigates inflammation within the extremities.


Shiatsu has its origin in the alphabet “shi” denoting finger, while “atsu” represents pressure. It means acupressure that is done alongside the meridians of your body that coincides with some organs. It may be helpful in reviving the body’s balance through the circulation of energy. Moreover, Shiatsu may scale down stress by supporting the healthy working of our nervous mechanism.


This technique applies pressure to different points and regions of your feet as well as the hands and the ears. The concept is that reflexology impacts every organ inside the body, starting from our stomach to the kidney. Moreover, it also includes every system in our body from the skeleton, bone, cartilage, joints, and muscles to the endocrine setup. Reflexology applies a map of the feet whereby certain regions correspond to some organs, regions, and glands of our body.

Massage therapists generally use a mix of essential oil and carrier oil. These are the main ingredients of massage oils. The practitioners prefer fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil as well as sunflower oil in their massage oils. Jojoba oil is also a carrier oil used in aromatherapy. Besides, CBD-infused massage therapy has also become a trendy buzz in the world of spas. Being non-psychoactive and curbing inflammation, there are various massage creams as well as oils infused with this plant compound. Moreover, CBD has also been recognized for speeding up joint and muscle recovery as well as that of damaged connective tissue.

Massage Therapy
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Final Thoughts On Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has its unique synthesis of pleasure and pain and is meant to comfort and relax muscles that are sore. It also stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymph flow inside our body. The greatest asset of massages is in skin enhancement, lubrication, and mind upliftment as well as relaxation. They have become a sort of health investment that aids in longevity.

In fact, such regular rubdowns form an important part of our prescription for physiological and mental wellness. Massage can become a superb medicine that besides providing pleasure has an immense psychological, physical as well as biochemical influence that improves our health. Not to speak of its endless positive impact on depression, sleep improvement, anxiety and stress hormone, immunity, and alleviation from pain.

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