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How To Make Skin-Smoothing Bath Bombs

We all love a luxurious bath that uplifts your spirits. Bath bombs that blast into colorful fizz are a fantastic gift for any occasion and can make your bath experience more enjoyable. However, bath bombs can be expensive. If you purchase ingredients in bulk and know how to make bath bombs by yourself, you can save money. Besides, you can customize scent, color, and shape to suit the holiday ideally – or make it memorable for the person whom you have gifted. If you’re an enthusiast of self-care trends and discovering new ways to relax, a CBD bath bomb may be the ideal product for you.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs comprise the most skin-friendly products. You’ve probably viewed tons of bathtub selfies with candle-lit backdrops and multicolored waters. But what actually constitutes bath bombs and what are the benefits that have rendered them irresistible to the majority of us?

CBD bath bombs are primarily like normal bath bombs, though with the extra benefits that come with CBD therapy. Bath bombs are created from citric acid and baking soda that react with the bath water to offer you a colorful fizzy explosion as CBD gets released along with essential oils.

CBD bath bombs access the CBD receptors through your skin, enhanced by the moist and humid environment during a bath. This is an excellent way to use CBD’s anti-oxidant properties, that fight free radicals that cause skin damage. Internally, CBD supports homeostasis, a process that balances the physiological processes of your body system. In addition, CBD molecules have a synergistic effect on bath bombs. It works like an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, can offer pain relief, and can aid in a good REM cycle for a restful and healthy sleep.

CBD bath bombs are an easy and fun way to practice self-care and are intended to promote an experience that supports general wellbeing and relaxation.

A Bath Bomb Recipe

First, combine the dry bath bomb ingredients (corn starch, Epsom salt, baking soda, and citric acid) together in a big bowl. Use a whisk to ensure the mixture is free of a clump. Baking soda also termed sodium bicarbonate, is the core to getting your DIY bath bombs to blast: when the high pH powder reacts with a low pH acid, it generates carbon dioxide bubbles. Citric acid substitutes vinegar in this chemical equation, but it doesn’t react with sodium bicarbonate until it becomes wet. If you want, you can include visual decorations such as biodegradable glitter into the combination.

Now combine the wet bath bomb ingredients (essential oil, water, oil, and food coloring). The simplest way to begin this part is to place them in a jar and shake them up.

Next, add 2 teaspoons of essential oil or perfume. Include peppermint, cocoa, cinnamon, or coffee scents for the winter holidays (or a mix of all 4 to produce mocha-licious bath bombs). Or check out some classics, such as a spa-like eucalyptus and lavender combination or a direct sugary hit of vanilla extract. The probabilities are really endless. You can even make decisions regarding color. It is best to stick to one hue to avoid muddying the bath waters.

Adhere to something like 4-6 drops of food coloring, but feel free to combine different pigments. Gradually add the liquid to the dry mixture. You definitely don’t want your DIY bath bombs to blast prematurely. Whisk as you proceed and ease down if things begin to appear fizzy. Your mixture should look like damp sand.

Immediately after, (so the mixture does not dry out) add the mixture inside your silicone bath bomb mold. Push the mixture down tightly into the mold of your choice. Allow your homemade bath bombs to dry. You may need to let them dry for a day or two to be secure before taking them out.

How To Use CBD Bath Bombs

Follow these simple steps to enjoy a CBD bath bomb.

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Once full, put the bath bomb in the water.
  3. Wait for it to dissolve.

Benefits Of A CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Bombs
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CBD bath bombs include hemp-derived CBD oil and will not give you the “high” feeling. The cause underlying this is the non-psychoactive nature of CBD.

The label might mention the benefits, such as relief from anxiety and skin-related benefits.
Although CBD products aren’t meant to heal medical conditions, numerous users discover that CBD improves their daily lives. The effects of CBD are made effective by cannabinoid receptors that reside in the body. As several such receptors are situated in your skin, when a phytocannabinoid like CBD is used topically (through a salve, lotion, or bath bomb) it activates the receptors. This may cause anti-inflammatory advantages, like relaxing sore muscles or aching joints.

CBD bath bombs offer similar self-care benefits as conventional bath bombs, but with greater relaxing effects. Also, baths in general are an excellent way to unwind after a tiring day, ease muscle tension, and allocate some time to caring for yourself. Multiple CBD bath bombs also include essential oils – like lavender oil for extra relief before bedtime or eucalyptus oil to relieve irritation – together with natural botanicals drawn from hemp, which moisturize the skin. These additions can constitute all the difference when you wish to soothe your mind, rejuvenate your skin, and restore your body.

Aids With Health Problems

If you are suffering from mood swings, anxiety, or insomnia, bath bombs can be ideal for you. They can contain essential oils like chamomile and lavender which eases mental stress and calms you. In addition, CBD is extremely useful in relieving mood swings, sleep ailments and aids you in obtaining good quality sleep.

Rejuvenates Your Skin

Bathing in warm water elevates the blood circulation in our body and exposes the entire pores of our skin. CBD is known for its skincare advantages since it moisturizes the skin and aids to lessen acne and oily skin.

Alleviates Body Pain

Following an exhaustive day or an acute exercising session, a warm bath can perform wonders, and when mixed with a CBD bath bomb, it can present extra benefits. CBD bath bombs lessen your body pains and sore muscles. Its warmth offers relaxation to your muscles and provides you with relief from these aches. Moreover, essential oils like peppermint and lavender have relaxing and pain relief advantages.


CBD bath bombs can be an amazing addition to your skincare and self care routine. Choose a reliable brand and product that is transparent about the ingredients. Experiment with different combinations of ingredients and fragrances to explore your perfect mix!

If you desire to relieve sore muscles during a warm soak, our ThoughtCloud Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bomb with Multiple Scents is the perfect product to add to your next bath. The eucalyptus option is customer-preferred due to its refreshing scent that calms the mind and restores the whole body. The lavender-scented bath bomb works like a perfect bath treat, is mildly antiseptic, relaxing, and heals the skin, making it the perfect pre-bed-time bath luxury. The full spectrum CBD can be used in combination or individually to create your personal at-home spa experience.

Let us know in the comments section how you found this product useful.

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