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Facial Glaze Serum,Best Face Serum

Best Face Serum | Full Spectrum CBD Facial Serum in Ozonated Jojoba Oil

Our beauty search seems endless and more so for products that endow us with fresher and younger appearance.. Your beauty cabinets might be stacked with hard to discard sunscreens, under-eye creams, toners, and exfoliators. Now face serum is the latest skincare craze. The Facial Glaze Serum is a lightweight facial serum that is formulated with jojoba oil that is infused with ozone that destroys microorganisms and with full-spectrum organic CBD that is excellent for cell renewal and reducing fine lines. This serum gets absorbed quickly to endow your skin with the satin touch and is a treat for all skin types.

The Use of Ozonated Oil

Facial Glaze Serum,Best Face Serum
Facial Glaze Serum with Ozonated Oil

Ozonated oil has been perhaps the best-kept secrets of the beauty world as its tremendous healing powers are revealed. Ozonated oil has been reported to pace up the healing mechanism postoperative by correcting the blood flow, decreasing inflammation inhibiting infection, and bringing pain relief. Certain varieties of oil can balance safely and advantageously unstable elements and in the Facial Glaze Serum, the process begins with cold-pressed and organic jojoba oil. The oil then goes through a lengthy process in which ozone gets bubbled into it. The oil gets completely infused with ozone and is converted into a thick get and turns solid, thus not flowing anymore like oil. To keep the oil pure, as well as potent, no metal or any plastic contact is allowed.

Your Skin And The Role Of Ozone (O3)

Facial Glaze Serum,Best Face Serum
Facial Glaze Serum

Ozone has the power to eradicate pathogens such as viruses, microorganisms, and fungi. The only byproduct that remains is pure oxygen. Ozone being an effective detoxifier when stabilized into the proper form is highly beneficial in treating skin problems too.

Upon application on the skin, these ozonated oils work on the skin cells and display their potent qualities. The oil can repair impaired tissues and quickens the healing time. It functions to remove bacteria that are very effective for acne and fungal impurities. The ozonated jojoba oil in Facial Glaze Serum accentuates the development of healthy cells and also moisturizes dry skin. Besides, it has the property of soothing inflammations and skin rashes.

An Anti-Aging Asset:

  • Activates skin cell growth
  • Helps with free radical removal and the removal of dangerous toxins
  • Functions like a facial conditioner that moisturizes
  • Decreases Cellulite, “which is responsible for our skin’s dimpled appearance, and also Wrinkles

Additional Healing Advantages And Uses:

Ozone is also effective for treating sunburns, wounds, and insect bites as well as epidermis cleaning, reducing swelling and redness, augments cellular function, decreases scarring, and treats sore muscles– as it assists in removing lactic acid from skin pores. It is among the best organic remedy for Hemorrhoids and ailments commonly known as piles, dermatitis, skin yeast, carbuncles, bedsores, and even diaper rashes.

The benefits of Ozonated Jojoba oil

Facial Glaze Serum,Best Face Serum for over 50,Best Face Serum
Best Face Serum for over 50

Jojoba oil is ever-growing in demand for its excellent anti-aging property and the chemical composition of jojoba resembles human sebum, which has made it a highly preferable skin cream. It turns into a gel that is creamy when ozonated and has extensive use against anti-aging and dry skin.

Jojoba oil has a similarity with the natural oils of your skin and so it gets easily absorbed into your skin without clogging any pores. It becomes an oxygen-packed moisturizing cream when mixed with ozone that enhances the suppleness of your skin. They are also used as a moisturizer and can help in fighting fungus, bacteria, and other skin irritants.
As a natural remover of free-radical, Jojoba oil acts as an antioxidant and safeguards your skin from the dangerous free radicals. Jojoba oil also enhances your skin with its generous quantity of tocopherols and different minerals.

The Demand Of CBD In Skin Care

The therapeutic advantages of CBD or cannabinoids have shown their efficacy in curing acne, psoriasis, and general skin concerns. CBD also acts as a strong antioxidant that can repair damages induced by unstable atoms or free radicals that can impair cells, cause illness and even speed up signs of aging.
CBD oil is replete with Omega-3 plus Omega-6 that are basic fatty acids that are required to retain healthy skin. They help to maintain the elasticity of the cell membrane and retain moisture. The capacity of CBD in curing skin disorders is also being explored by researchers and its promising outcome has been in decreasing severe itching or pruritus. CBD is known to regulate acne by inhibiting and controlling lipid formation. As a result, it can improve the look of acne as its anti-inflammatory properties assist in the reduction of inflamed skin.
CBD has a long list of skin conditions it can treat like Eczema, Psoriasis, Aging, and various skin discomfort

The Trend Of Face Oil And Serum

The market has both water-based and oil-packed serums. The water-based ones reach beneath the cream and nourish your skin’s inner layer as it contains small molecules and can penetrate. The oil-based variety of serums are used above the moisturizer as it’s a bigger molecule. They are meant to keep moist the cream or whatever you use beneath it throughout the day.
This skincare item can be used prior to cleansing your skin and before moisturizing so that active ingredients can reach your skin directly. The face serum is the best choice for such a task as it is constituted of little molecules that can infiltrate the skin at great depth and transfer the active ingredients. This is the reason why serum can be effective in skincare concerns such as fine lines, removing dark spots, or smoothening wrinkles. So along with your moisturizer, cleansing creams, and toner, you should also include face serum into your regimen.

The Facial Glaze Serum | Best Face Serum

This soothing cream containing ozonated jojoba oil is a combination of 100% organic oil and ozone that is ultra-pure easy absorption gives you a weightless feel and has a non-greasy finish. You can even use this serum as an additive to your skin routine if you possess dry skin and it can be layered below your moisturizer. The formulation of serum offers you many perks that are hard to create in other formulations like erasing fine lines to age spots. The Facial Glaze Serum provides skin optimal results as this special formulation has ozonated jojoba oil that activates the production of new skin cells through oxygenation. This also makes it both an ideal moisturizer and a skin cream that works well even on sensitive skin.

Besides the superior grade activated oxygen or ozone makes the cream work as a natural detoxifier. Moreover, ozone being heavier than oxygen is also effective due to its potential to transmit abundant oxygen into the body cells that flushes out toxic deposits and infections.

The Facial Glaze Serum also provides natural full-spectrum CBD in its ingredients which means that you also get the whole plant oil extract in your beauty aisle. This helps the additional cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV to work closely and generate the entourage effect. All will now function as you slather the extracts of the plant on your face to receive its benefits. Its full-spectrum CBD is derived from organic, hemp plants reared in select farms of Colorado and has no psychoactive ingredient, and is lab-tested for authenticity and purity.

Bringing balance to your skincare, the Facial Glaze Serum is perfect for everyone’s beauty routine as it can be utilized as a wrinkle-removing serum that improves skin elasticity. It also works as a scavenger of free radicals and improves your overall skin appearance. It is gentle and safe for all skin types and performs as a moisturizer evens out the pigmentation of the skin, and safeguards from environmental effects.

Users Review On Best Face Serum

ThoughtCloud CBD Oil Facial Serum Glaze
ThoughtCloud CBD Oil Facial Serum Glaze

Summer C.

I absolutely love this serum! I naturally have super dry skin, especially during the wintertime and I use this twice or sometimes three times a day because it makes my skin feel SO amazing! It’s also cleared my skin up so much, I highly recommend it! Also, a lot of the reviews said they weren’t crazy about the smell but to me, it smelt like oranges and melons, so I didn’t mind it! (Sic.)

Judy Webber

This is such a nice face serum, feels silky and rich, but quickly absorbs into my dry skin. It does exactly what I want, a nice light oil, enriched with good stuff.


Love this Face serum! I can see a huge difference in my skin. I have dry and acne-prone skin and this keeps it hydrated and gives me a nice glow! A little goes a long way


Excellent! Works great for dry skin and acne-prone skin. I used to get big cystic acne around my jawline, and I use this serum with the soap bar and the full-spectrum CBD oil every day and every night, and I am so happy to say I have zero acne on my face! I finally found what works for my skin and this stuff is amazing! Highly recommended? (sic.)

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