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How To Make CBD Massage Oil

How To Make CBD Massage Oil: A DIY Project

A relaxing CBD massage oil is a great way to destress, get relief from muscle pain and hydrate your skin. Your skin absorbs it wonderfully when applied topically. Applying this massage oil activates your endocannabinoid receptors producing positive health benefits for mood, anxiety, memory, sleep, and immune function. It also works as an amazing muscle relaxant, and skin rejuvenator, and activates the pressure points.

Many users mention that they use CBD massage oil to receive their dosage. But to get the optimal massage effect you need to choose a proper massage oil.

CBD Massage Oil
Full Spectrum CBD

Selecting The Perfect CBD Massage Oil

If you desire quality massage sessions, then you need to pick your massage oil cautiously. CBD arrives in an assortment of carrier oils that act differently for separate skin types.

So, the first thing for you is to ascertain your skin type. This enables you to easily select the proper carrier oil (base oil). These are a few carrier oils you may find on the market.

  • MCT oil: This CBD carrier is amongst the finest oils out there. The acronym refers to medium-chain triglycerides. It combines nicely with CBD oil and conveniently digests within the body.
  • Hemp seed oil: Hemp seed oil constitutes an extract of the cannabis plant that’s popularly employed as a carrier for CBD. It finds application in numerous skincare products. The sole problem is that it contains fatty acids that can be fattening and hydrating for some people.
  • Sunflower oil: Opt for sunflower oil when your skin is sensitive to different types of oils. It’s splendid at soothing skin as it includes a natural barrier to you against disturbing elements.
  • Avocado oil: If you have dry skin, avocado oil may form a superb choice. But stay cautious that this oil can substantially raise sebum production that’s harmful to skin with acne issues.
  • Grape seed oil: This oil is loaded with vitamin E and conveniently soaks through the skin. Typically, an excellent CBD oil carrier for massage oils.

Picking the correct carrier oil makes the complete difference in how radiant your skin seems.

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Recipe For CBD Massage Oil

You can make your own CBD-infused massage oil as it involves a simple process. If you have quality CBD oil, you can rummage around for the necessary ingredients. The essential supplies you need for CBD massage oil comprise:

  •  ¼ cup of your preferred carrier oil
  • Almost 12 drops of various types of essential oil
  • ThoughtCloud CBD Isolate In MCT Oil
  • Double boiler
  • A tinted glass container
  • ½ tablespoon of beeswax

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Selecting Your CBD Oil

There are 3 types of CBD namely Full-Spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and Isolate CBD. Generally, isolate CBD is useful for massage oils since it does not include THC. It also dissolves nicely in carrier oils without any smell, which enables the aromatic essential oils to exert an effect. However, some people prefer full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD.

As you may know, broad-spectrum CBD includes CBD plus the entirely different compounds occurring in the cannabis plant excluding THC (the intoxicating agent). Full-spectrum CBD, on the contrary, contains all the compounds including THC. Nevertheless, this THC must be 0.3% or under to be acceptable.

You can add CBD to your recipe based on your need. Just be aware that the serving contained in each drop of CBD oil will have an equivalent of what is mentioned on the label. If you use 2 mg of CBD isolate, that means you are adding 2mg to the massage oil.

Picking The Essential Oils

Your massage oil contains CBD plus a carrier oil, but you can add more nutritional value and aroma to your recipe by including essential oil. Some of the frequently used essential oils are lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, orange, juniper, rose oil, peppermint, and tea tree oil to name a few.

Besides aromatherapy, these essential oils also have effects on your senses and boost relaxation.

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Procedure To Make Your Massage Oil

  • Take a double boiler and begin heating in a low flame
  • Include your preferred carrier oil, your desired essential oil, and ThoughtCloud CBD Isolate In MCT.
  • Stir the components softly and see to it that they blend consistently.
  • Based on your oil selection, it can be thin. For a thicker consistency as in a balm, you can add beeswax and go on stirring. Allow it to melt in the mixture as you combine them. If you prefer thin oil, you can give up the use of beeswax.
  • Take the mixture away from the heat and allow it to cool for some minutes. Use a container with tinted glass and put the massage oil in storage. Before you use your massage oil, shake it properly. Carrier oil like coconut oil tends to solidify, therefore warm it by plunging the glass container in water.
  • As no preservatives have been added to your CBD massage oil, use it within 3 months. Or else, refrigerate it for a longer shelf life.
CBD Massage Oil
Broad Spectrum CBD

The Takeaway

Enjoy this amazing way to unwind and relax while getting your CBD dosage. Just rub and massage the oil in a particular body region seeking relief and relishing its goodness. This is something that you can prepare at home when you know its ingredients and give yourself a great massaging session.

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