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CBD For Dental Pain

CBD For Dental Pain | How Effective It Is?

Not caring about your oral hygiene commands its own price. You have to bear with cavities and inflammation of the gums or gingivitis, but research hints that CBD for Dental Pain does help. Cannabidiol assists in oral hygiene maintenance by balancing the endocannabinoid mechanism, and also improving it through its antibacterial and fungal resisting properties. Slight CBD oil drops on your toothbrush, or ingesting it sublingually can help your mouth heal from the harm resulting from bacteria. Actually, bad oral health results from not looking after your oral hygiene, and as a preventative measure, you should always brush, use mouthwash, and floss regularly.

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What are Gum Issues – Gingivitis?

CBD For Dental Pain

If you neglect flossing or proper brushing of your teeth, you become more susceptible to gum disease and perhaps enter its first stage called gingivitis. An early sign of gingivitis is when while brushing your teeth you start to bleed. It begins from swollen gums and plaques caused by food fragments combined with spit and germs. Your teeth, as well as your gums, can start to sustain themselves on the germs each time you consume food or take any drink. This makes brushing after meal consumption so very important.

Moreover, if this plaque remains unbrushed, it converts into tartar which is more difficult to remove. Further, if you still keep your teeth uncleaned, and the tartar uncared it begins to target your gums leading to its inflammation. Gingivitis can be cured by applying an antibacterial or improving your oral habits or else it transforms into periodontitis.

When periodontitis sets in, the tooth individually gets inflamed or contaminated. This gum ailment results in bone loss, building spaces within your gums and invites plaque that becomes tougher to clean. The teeth can even fall off due to loss of bone tissue. As this gum ailment is irreversible, surgical interventions may be needed.

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What is Tooth Decay?

CBD For Dental Pain

A general reason for tooth infection is the germs lodged inside your mouth known as Streptococcus mutans. Such bacteria nourish the sugars as well as the starches that you consume. Similar to the manner in which it lingers on your teeth and affects your gums, such bacteria can also damage the tooth enamel and create cavities. After the plaque gets converted into tartar, it creates a bacterial layer that can begin your teeth erosion process. The plaque also causes the removal of the minerals that constitute your enamel, creating openings called cavities.

After the formation of the tiny hole, it becomes easier for the bacteria to reach the inside of the tooth to its next layer known as Dentin. Since dentin is more supple and soft, it can counter the bacteria less and also the acid which it produces. Dentin because it is linked with the internal nerves of the tooth through its tubes, produces sensitivity.

As soon as the bacteria creates its passage within the dentin, it spreads to the tooth center called the pulp which is composed of nerves as well as blood vessels that get inflamed and disturbed by the bacteria. As there is no space for the movement of the pulp, it gets swollen and shrinks against the walls of the tooth, thereby creating pressure. Such type of pain can cover the tooth interior towards the external bone and also the roots.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction(TMJ)

CBD For Dental Pain
CBD For Dental Pain

TMJ causes pain or irritability inside the joint of your jaw due to swelling, erosion, or dislocation. Its indications can be aching pain encompassing your ear, jaw tenderness, problems in chewing, and locked jaws that make its closing or opening tough. Generally, a grinding feeling or a clicking sound is heard upon opening the jaw.

CBD As a Cure For Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

CBD For Dental Pain
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Cannabidiol coordinates with the receptors called CB2 that deal with our body’s immune mechanism. As a result, CBD can control the inflammation and sensations of pain resulting from gum disease. Besides, the antibacterial properties of CBD assist in mitigating the level of damage caused by gum disease.

The Way CBD Assists In Cavities

CBD For Dental Pain
CBD, Cannabinol

The plant compound CBD has been seen to be useful in controlling the mouth bacteria Streptococcus mutans. Supplementing your oral hygiene regimen with CBD can help in curbing the bacteria that cause erosion to your teeth. Surveys of CBD users have supported the positive impact of CBD on inflammation and degeneration linked to cavities. Moreover, further clinical studies are still required on this aspect, prior to it being a solution for dentists.

In addition, clinical research undertaken on symptoms that can be controlled by CBD is TMJ. This cannabidiol can help to reduce the inflammation that affects persons with arthritis, and also alleviates pain sensitivity. Often teeth clenching or jarring arise from stressful situations, which CBD as an anxiety-reliever can diminish.

Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

In fact, the most convenient way to apply hemp oil to your shining white pearls is to place tincture drops on the toothpaste, while brushing. Dropping the tinctures onto your gums and allowing them to be absorbed via the medium of tissue. To make your application more advanced, you can swish oil inside your mouth with the help of your teeth. Add CBD hemp oil to a cup of lukewarm water and shake it for approximately thirty seconds before you finally spit it, and do not draw in anything you are not interested in swallowing.

Hemp CBD Chewing Gums

Chewing CBD gum also helps in fighting plaque as saliva contains bicarbonate, calcium as well as phosphate that counters plaque and subsequent decay. There are endocannabinoid receptors inside the submandibular glands that stimulate the antibacterial, disinfectant, and pain-relieving qualities of CBD. By chewing gum, your saliva production surges thus reducing the possibility of decay.

Toothpaste Containing Hemp CBD Oil

Toothpaste that is infused with CBD is ideal for fighting foul breath and also gum ailment as it blends the positives of an excellent toothpaste as well as the strength of CBD. These can also be prepared at home by using baking soda, oil of peppermint, raw coconut oil along CBD oil. In fact, coconut oil mixes perfectly with CBD to produce an organic tooth-whitening ingredient. Such toothpaste helps to bring the minerals back to your enamel and also counters the impact of plaque acid. It also brings comfort to your gum sensitivity with the inclusion of coconut oil soothing your gums.

CBD For Dental Pain Users Review

Taryn F. 

Love this!!! I sleep so much better now after using this. It helps with my headaches and even helped with the swelling and pain after a teeth cleaning. I had my dad who’s in his 60s try it and he also loved how relaxed it made him feel. I tell my friends and anyone who’s interested in learning about CBD to check out ThoughtCloud’s IG because it’s so helpful and informative.


I’d been having chronic pain in my face from muscle tension due to a twisted jaw that occurred after a failed dental procedure the past month. Just a couple of drops of this at night before bedtime and the next day my face was relaxed and pain-free. I’ve since had my teeth resurfaced and the problem has been (largely) corrected but this got me through some difficult days especially given I wasn’t sure I was going to ever have my mouth back to normal. (sic)

Chelsea Renee

After using CBD oil daily for about two weeks I’ve noticed I am feeling more rested and my overall daily anxieties have almost disappeared. My teeth grinding has decreased immensely as well as the pain I suffered from the grinding. I’m so grateful for this product!


This product has given me much-needed relief from constant TMJ jaw-related pain! I haven’t woken up in pain from grinding my teeth due to anxiety in weeks and if I do have pain it’s gone in a matter of minutes of taking CBD full spectrum!

CBD For Dental Pain
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Final Thoughts On CBD For Dental Pain

Inadequate dental health can affect your wellness in general and you should take effective steps to protect your teeth as well as your oral health. One possibility can be exploring CBD application for its utility in different oral care routines.  However, advancements in using CBD in the field of dentistry by introducing CBD-filled dental fillings are still on, which helps in pain management and reducing soreness post-filing procedures.

With the ongoing studies on the advantages of CBD-infused toothpaste over normal ones, there is a likely possibility of its rampant use for dental aches and oral hygiene.

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