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High-Quality CBD Oil

Here is How You Can Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

We all are aware of the significant benefits of CBD in helping various health issues such as depression, anxiety, and more. The CBD market is experiencing tremendous growth due to its increased popularity, and if appropriately researched it might continue to grow more exponentially than the current rate. This has also led to scams in the process of extraction and selling cheap products. Companies start using inexpensive methods of extraction as well as sell the products at the lowest prices. In this case, the consumer falls into the trap, and it becomes difficult for him to differentiate between high and low-quality products. Therefore, we decided to let you know a few ways to how you can identify High-Quality CBD Oil for yourself.

The Source of CBD Hemp Oil

High-Quality CBD Oil,CBD Hemp
CBD Hemp Oil

Source refers to the place from where this CBD oil comes from. If we look into the location aspect, the majority of CBD hemp oil comes from Denmark or Colorado. These areas grow high-quality hemp. At ThoughtCloud, we derive organically grown hemp plants from sustainable and vegan farms in Colorado. Also, the European Hemp farms produce the high-quality hemp plant and also possess some stringent agricultural regulations in the world.

The significant factors that need to be kept in mind are the location where hemp was grown and the growing method used.

The Extraction Method

High-Quality CBD ,CBD Hemp

As the number of CBD users has grown, the number of retailers selling CBD has also increased in the market. Because CBD is still a fairly new industry, there are not many regulations to control the manufacturing process of CBD oil. There is no one method of extraction of CBD oil. Different companies use different methods of extraction. Companies that use cheap methods of extraction tend to sell CBD oil at very low prices.

Companies mostly use the CO2 or ethanol method for the extraction of CBD. Under the ethanol method, the unwanted constituents and residues are removed from the hemp plant. This method is considered a safe method as well as yields the highest concentration of Cannabinoids.

Another method that is used to extract CBD is the CO2 extraction method. It uses carbon dioxide under high pressure to obtain CBD oil. The temperature is extremely cold. This process ensures that the extracted CBD oil is the purest available..
You should do relevant research as to which extraction method they have used. All of this information should be found on their website. You can also contact their customer support and verify all the sources.

Amount of THC Present in Hemp

High-Quality CBD,CBD Hemp

THC is psychoactive and can make you high. It is another main cannabinoid that is present in the cannabis plant. This is the cannabinoid responsible for making you high or stoned. The hemp plant has lower levels of THC than that of the marijuana plant.
So it is suggested that you check the amount to THC level present in the CBD oil. It should not be more than 0.3%; you can find the information easily in the description section of the product.

You must make sure that you correctly check all the information and also ask for lab results before making any purchases.

Should be Whole Plant Extract

High-Quality CBD Oil,CBD Hemp
Full Spectrum CBD

Whole Plant CBD hemp oil is the oil that is extracted from the seed, stem, stalk of the hemp plant. This hemp is high-grade CBD Oil. It is also termed as Full-Spectrum CBD oil by many companies. The whole plant extract also consists of other natural compounds such as essential vitamins and minerals, terpenes, fatty acids, and cannabinoids such as CBG.

The Whole Plant extract or the Full Spectrum is more effective CBD than the Isolated CBD according to research. With Isolated CBD, all the other compounds are removed while extraction thus resulting in CBD crystals which is CBD in its purest form.
Since Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD, it was considered to be more effective than Full Spectrum CBD. But later on, the researchers proved that Whole Plant CBD oil has more potential than CBD Isolate. So if we compare the variety of concentrations in these two, then Full Spectrum is the better choice.

Third-Party Lab tested

High-Quality CBD Oil,CBD Hemp

To buy High-quality CBD oil, you must make sure that they have been tested by a third party as well. Since some companies fail these tests, a current third-party lab result is a must while buying CBD products.
These third-party labs are independent and are there to endure that the CBD hemp oil is of high quality and the THC present in it is low. They also check for impurities and toxins.
Look for third-party lab results on the website of the company selling products. Make sure you get these and then proceed forward with the purchases.

Wrapping Up!

CBD oil is highly beneficial and is at its infant stage. There are many prospects of its growth in the coming times. While most of the companies offer high-quality CBD Oil, there may be some that can lack in quality and integrity. One must make sure that they have thoroughly checked out a company before buying any CBD oil product. Your health is always the priority so do your research and do not fall into the trap of highly professional-looking websites selling low-grade CBD oil.

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