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Hemp Extract An Effective Weight Loss Aid

Hemp extracts have proven to be beneficial for treating various health problems. These hemp extracts are a medication with potential advantages and promising results to promote proper growth and enhance wellness. Let us see how these proprietary hemp extracts have proven effective for reducing weight loss backed by the research reports and given data of clinical trials conducted on humans for estimating the results from extracts for weight loss. Read on to know how Hemp Extract promotes weight loss.


Research funds by the National Institute of Health

A remedial hemp extract shows effective results in promoting weight loss. The National Institute of Health granted funds for looking for the hemp extracts that act as an aid for reducing weight. These research funds were given in small business grants to contract researchers having more than 20 years of experience for studies in the safety and prevention of a product. Researchers performed standard checking on the body mass index, weight, vital signs, and abdominal circumference along with completed blood tests for measuring the cholesterol, blood sugar, and body’s health with some diagnostic tests.


Performed Nitro – V Clinical Trials

As per a data study, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials were conducted to show weight loss results. Around 125 were gathered, out of which 100 participants were given 50 mg dosage of Nitro-V Hemp extract regularly for weight loss. Each soft gel serving Nitro – V dosage included blended extracts of hemp compound having complete cannabinoid profile discovered in the source plant – Cannabis having THC under 0.1%. Nitro – V was blended with the hemp extracts that were CBD, CBDV, and THCV in organic hemp seed oil.


Observations from Nitro – V Clinical Trials

Shedding of 22 pounds was observed. In this research, 61% cut down on hunger and food cravings. Thirty-seven study subjects consumed Nitro – V observed normalized blood sugar levels. Also, from this supplement, subjects received sound sleep, stabilized mood levels, and reduced anxiety.

The study subjects visited the Mayo Clinic’s Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, beginning and completing the 90-day study period. They had finished the customized surveys for pain, anxiety, appetite, and nutrition associated with joint health factors. The minimum weight loss was up to five pounds while remaining (25 study subjects) 64% participants felt no change, else gained weight. They were receiving a placebo but were not informed about their participation in the weight-loss clinical trials. Hemp extract with Nitro – V supplement is secure and well-tolerated for overweight or obese users.


Hemp Extracts induce Metabolism


Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut Oil
Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut Oil


From every hemp extract that are Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromevarin (CBCV), including the others. These hemp extracts have shown positive results in enhancing the health estimates for metabolism and significant signs of wellness without altering their diet and exercising routine. The participants who took Nitro – V observed shedding in their body mass index (BMI) on an average of three points and decreasing 2.4-inch waist size. On average, the participants observed gain in their weight, while their body mass index was constant.

Cannabinoids bind with ECS receptors for regulating cognitive, and physiological stability.

According to Arthur Jaffee, CEO of ECS brands:

“Nitro-V is a quantum leap forward in a space where products aimed at appetite control are frequently not backed by science or considered safe. It is a fast and effective supplement that can help manage cravings and jump-start weight loss.”


Estimated data by CDC

Some studies given for Hemp Extract resulting in weight loss are proven from the given research study and the statements given by Arthur Jaffee, CEO, and founder of the ECS brand.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has given estimated data for Americans, in an attempt to have weight loss. Read through the given stats carefully of obesity and overweight.


Ultra Strongest CBD Oil
Ultra Strongest CBD Oil


In a study report given by CDC, an estimated data for 2017-18 reported that 73.6 % of adults aged 20 in the United States are fat or obese, and 42.5% of adults aged 20 and above are only obese. Health problems pertinent to obesity have a high risk of increasing high blood pressure, heart rate, and diabetes. A research study by CDC, for the data between 2013-16, displayed 49% of American adults attempting to lose weight.

CEO of Nitro – V ECS founder and CEO, Arthur Jaffee gave a press statement. He stated,

“Those working to reduce their weight and enhance their overall health are looking for any advantage they can find to help them stick to their exercise and nutrition regimens,”
He further stated,
“With the results of these studies, we think that Nitro-V could be the tool to help many unlock their weight-loss potential and feel better.”


NHANES Survey (2017-18)

In a study report of CDC, a survey was conducted by National Health and Nutrition Examination in 2017-18, evaluated weight and height for showing the results of adults aged 20 and above in the US ha 42.5% obesity. 9.0% with severe obesity, while 31.1% were overweight. Usually, the body mass index ranges between 25.0 – 29.9 kg and severe obesity at 40.0 kg and above.

Contract researchers studied the effect of Nitro – V for reducing weight. Arthur Jaffee, ECS founder, and CEO wrote:

“The ultimate goal of the study was to identify the overarching power of the ECS system, and the results point towards effects beyond weight loss and appetite suppression,”

And further states:

“But as with all cannabinoid and ECS researchers today, we still have many unanswered questions about how interactions between cannabinoids and the ECS lead to health improvements.”

As per the research analysis, THCV is referred to as a “skinny cannabinoid” because of its antidepressant property. Besides, THCV helps to stabilize the sugar levels and possesses the potential properties of anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure given in other study reports. Apart from this, CBD also contains many health benefits. It is effective for hyperglycemia, portraying its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to treat it. Evidence from animal studies suggests that CBD inflicts cardiovascular activity that plays an active role in balancing weight.

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