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Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil (The Benefits and Research)

ThoughtCloud’s Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil provides a clean, smooth hit. The CBD juice is 100% organic, free from additives like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Best of all, they come in a wide variety of flavors and are all non-toxic. So, if you don’t feel like vaping CBD you can add the vape juice to your favorite food or beverages and still reap all the benefits.

Why Choose the Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil:

Our full spectrum CBD formula provides you with the benefits of the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. When you take the full range of cannabinoids together, they provide what’s called the entourage effect. If you’re familiar with the saying “teamwork makes the dream work,” well, that’s basically what the entourage effect means. When the cannabinoids work together, they enhance each other’s performance, so they can do a better overall job of assisting your bodily systems.

How to Use the CBD Vape Juice:

To use our CBD vape oil, fill your vaporizer reservoir with your preferred flavor of our e liquids. Our vape oils come with approximately 600 drops per bottle. These vaporizing oils can go in any pod-based vape pen, though we recommend the ThoughtCloud Pen for best results.

Check the voltage on your device if you aren’t using the ThoughtCloud Vape Pen. Vaporizing MCT oil at too high of a voltage will result in burning. For the best results of vaping CBD, the vape pen voltage should be below 3.7 volts (8.5 watts).

Depending on the pen, you may have different heating options. Feel free to adjust your heating options to your preferences so long as the pen’s voltage is within the appropriate range. We don’t recommend high voltage pens for use with our e liquids. In the meantime, though, you can try using it at the lowest heat setting.

Enjoy 12-25 puffs off the CBD juice daily, or as needed. Don’t forget, while vaping CBD is lovely, it’s not the only way to enjoy our juice flavors! One easy way to take the e-liquid is by dropping it under your tongue (sublingually). If that doesn’t appeal, try adding our vape oils to your favorite food or drinks. We have a variety of flavors that can enhance whatever dish you plan on eating. They also mix well with sparkling water, juice, mocktails, and cocktails!

The Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice:

Vaporizing MCT oil with CBD is one of the most efficient ways for the cannabinoids to get to work. The process of inhalation allows cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream immediately. When you ingest CBD, your digestion process starts to break down the compounds. Since vaping CBD oil bypasses the digestive tract, more of the cannabinoids reach your bloodstream, and they get there faster. 

CBD can provide a plethora of benefits. Every year over 1,000 new research articles are published on the subject, further expanding our understanding of cannabinoids. Some of the most commonly reported uses of CBD are to help with symptoms of anxiety and pain management. 

Research into CBD has shown the potential to help with chronic pelvic pain, headaches, digestive issues, and insomnia. While certain cannabinoids specifically target these benefits, research shows CBD’s potential to help with each of them. Furthermore, the entourage effect boosts how each of the other cannabinoids works. So, using vape oils with all of the cannabinoids allows you to get the most out of their benefits!

The Research:

Every year over 1,000 articles are published on the benefits of CBD. That’s a lot of research into how these incredible cannabinoids work. Get to know the science of how these incredible compounds can benefit your system.

CBD for Anxiety –

According to a social media surveillance study, one of the most commonly reported uses for CBD is to help with anxiety.

The popularity of CBD usage for anxiety has caused scientists to call for more in-depth research into the subject. One such study found cannabinoids to reduce anxiety-related symptoms. The researchers noted that the compounds showed no signs of adverse side effects.

Further research into CBD conclusively demonstrated the compound’s ability to reduce anxiety behaviors in a pre-clinical trial. They postulated that these benefits could help with multiple disorders such as PTSD, GAD, PD, and SAD, without the adverse side effects usually associated with traditional medications for these disorders.

In an animal study, CBD not only helped with symptoms of anxiety but also reduced symptoms of depression. Overall, the evidence continues to point to CBD being beneficial to mental health disorders.

CBD for Pain –

In a cross-sectional study on CBD usage, researchers found the compound is commonly used for pain management. Living with pain day in and day out isn’t just wearing, it can become disheartening. Luckily, research is showing that CBD can help.

The most common treatment options for pain are addictive pharmaceuticals that can cause long-lasting damage to the body. Because of this, the medical field is seeking alternative pain management routes. In a review of the research of CBD for pain management, the compound showed consistent results. The focus of the review was chronic types of pain, such as neuropathic and central pain states. The analysis presented evidence that CBD can help with both of these types of difficult to manage pain.

Another review of CBD focused on the compound’s ability to help with headache pain. The investigation concluded that the cannabinoid could work as a treatment for headaches. They called for double-blind clinical trials as the next step in CBD research, as they saw the compound as an emerging option for those suffering from migraines and other headaches.

A paper published on the usage of cannabinoids for the treatment of pelvic and urologic pain outlined the benefits the compounds provide. The clinicians pointed to cannabinoids having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties. This is consistent with other research on the compounds and can be particularly helpful for those with pelvic or urologic pain.

CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory –

There’s a plethora of research on CBD and other cannabinoids for their anti-inflammatory properties. What’s great is that the different cannabinoids tackle inflammation in different ways. So, when you use our vaporizing oils with the full spectrum of cannabinoids they can help battle inflammation together.

In a study on CBN, the compound worked through different mechanisms than NSAIDs to address inflammation. This hints towards the CBN’s ability to treat inflammation that traditional anti-inflammatories are unable to address. Additional research into the compound has confirmed its ability to help manage different types of inflammation, particularly swelling related to neuroinflammatory disorders.

CBG is particularly helpful with inflammation of the digestive systems, according to the research. Meanwhile, research shows that CBC works through both cannabinoid receptors to mitigate both pain and inflammation. In fact, an additional study found that CBC activates the CB2 receptors blocked to other cannabinoids. This allows CBC to help with inflammation that other cannabinoids can’t touch.

One of the most common treatment options for inflammation is NSAIDs. In a study into THC and CBD, researchers discovered the compounds were 20 times more effective at reducing inflammation than aspirin, a popular NSAID. This points to CBD effectively reducing inflammation without the negative effects of NSAIDs.

Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

The effects of cannabinoids described here are based on preliminary data, and are to be treated as such. No claims are made as to the statistical significance of the results, or lack of bias in the data.

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