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Know How CBD Brought Better Focus Into Lives | Focus Mental Health

Focus Mental Health

How often we run for something that appears so elusive to us and is not only restricted to mental relief only. Yes, the troublemaker in our life is a mental focus that stops us from remaining attentive during seminars, or throughout our work routine. We all get affected by it right from leaving our bed in the morning to sticking to our morning practices.

How Sleep Got Instantly Improved?

Here are some anecdotes from others’ lives, that make interesting observations. Ted was a nightbird who would keep awake late night listening to panel discussions and watching movies till its climax. As a result, getting up in the morning turned into an ordeal as that was the time when his spell of sleep would begin. His professional life was in a mess with frequent late coming notices, and his office timings became a butt of jokes. He desperately wanted to hit the bed early so that he could have a better control over his morning spree. As sleep-related issues became his main problem, so he was constantly on the lookout for products that could help.



CBD, however, introduced a new chapter in Ted’s life. Falling asleep became easier, and it seemed that waking up midway in the night turned into a rarity. In addition to that, his dreams became more lucid and recollecting those impressions during the daytime became easier. Ted used to ingest his CBD dosage after his breakfast and felt calmer as if the buzz in the office was turned down. Now, tasks that appeared stressful to him earlier, felt like simple assignments and the process of performing them became more pleasant and quicker to finish.

Let’s hear from Rachel

I have been struggling with alcoholism for two years and drank heavily and the withdrawal symptoms and urge to drink were horrible. I received a sample of CBD oil at my nutrition store and decided to take it. 3 days later and I haven’t had a drink, nor have I experienced any withdrawal symptoms. This is enabling me to take my life back. I also have chronic foot pain which has also diminished greatly. I wasn’t expecting to feel any different, but I am amazed at the results.

2. Remaining Positive Mentally Came Naturally | Focus Mental Health

For many users, who had been carrying their anxiety around, researching into CBD and finally procuring CBD have somehow helped them. They have given interesting feedbacks of how after using CBD it no longer mattered to them the opinions of others about them.


This reached a point where walking inside crowded rooms became a child play for such anxious people- an activity that earlier used to be nerve-wrecking. In a similar way, thought patterns that were previously pessimistic now required less focusing as their moods were on the upbeat without making any special effort for it.

Persons, who would normally be overly worried by trifling things such as a subway that is jam-packed or an overfilled email inbox, it seemed that the organic CBD oil had taken away the anxiety out of their lives. In place of paying heed to a seriously phrased email or a social interaction that creates opinion, CBD now has made things easy for them. In many ways, they are able to judge the irrationality behind such thoughts and have stopped ruminating over situations. Experiencing social anxiety at meeting people or new contacts, and always remaining on edge was no more the situation.

Let’s hear from Jessie
I’ve tried a few different Thoughtcloud, products my favorite being the 750mg CBD Oil tincture. It has coconut oil in it and a neutral taste so you can mix it with food/drinks or put drops under your tongue which is what I prefer. I also tried the Rubi Vape Bundle with Strawberry-Lime flavor. The pen reminds me of the Pax but much more reasonably priced. It vapes consistently and the CBD vape oil makes you very relaxed. I’ve been using it after work to help decompress and calm my mind.


3. Works Great For Pains


The range of CBD products is astounding as it is not only available as a tincture or oil, but also as creams, capsules, edible gummies, dabs, topicals, transdermal patches, and vape oils. There are so many stories of mum’s who are facing severe body pains and how CBD has substituted their traditional drugs for pain management. We all know how effectively CBD functions to soothe chronic pain. Regulating pain management with no adverse side reactions is what makes CBD very helpful also for multiple sclerosis patients. There are stacks of evidence that point towards the promise that CBD offers relief from migraine pain, arthritis and joint inflammation to cancer therapy relief. Many sufferers of a migraine and decades of MS history who relied largely on chiropractic treatment and drugs have started using CBD.

Jamie who is living with multiple sclerosis for over a decade relates her first-hand experience with hemp oil and the relief that she got from its topical application. Although, regarding the pill mode of consumption she did not have a relaxing effect on symptom improvement. But overall, she found it had worked on her and came to the conclusion that the effectiveness of hemp oil is based on your personal symptoms, dosage and also genetics.
Testimonies have supported CBD as a life-changer in IBS issues, autoimmune disorders, seizures, autism or for neuropathic pain.

4. Decreased Cigarette Cravings

Focus Mental HealthInvestigations are on whether CBD can assist in quitting smoking. Moreover, certain elementary data emerging from animal researches have supported the beneficial properties of CBD. This method of vaporizing CBD is quite popular as the smokers get the same level of comfort as emanating from smoking cigarette.

Vaporizing has a higher bioavailability compared to other processes of CBD ingestion because it allows CBD to bypass the liver and disperse directly to the bloodstream.
This method of quitting smoking appeal to the cigarette puffers who want to renounce smoking at some point in their lives. Few of the stories of the cigarette users who took CBD during the morning hours made them refrain from it till the afternoon compared to lighting cigs instantly after moving out from the house.


There are scores of CBD users who have their own story about how CBD helped them in combating their health condition be it fibromyalgia, tremors, liver problems or in pain management. CBD has also been effective in diminishing the negative impact which THC builds. It is the customer feedbacks that have revealed their first-hand experience in using CBD. Though for the newcomers into the CBD circuit, they are not able to anticipate a big change immediately, but dietary supplements do take some time for developing tolerance. But on the whole, CBD has emerged as an all-organic therapy that is safely reared in Colorado farms and requires no prescription as it is legal.