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Flavored CBD Joints (Benefits and Research)

After a long day, sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a joint and a movie. On a sunny day, it’s nice to lay outside and smoke a joint with friends. If you want to experience the joy and relaxation of a delicious joint without feeling high, grab a tube of our CBD joints. 


Our Blends:

We only use the finest hemp flower, sourced from 100% organic farms across the United States. Each blend utilizes unique strains of hemp, all selected to give you the flavor and experience you desire. 

Our best-selling Orange Crush blend uses strains of hemp high in CBG and CBD, and known for their tangy citrus flavors. (80% CBG, 19.9% CBD, 0.1%THC)

The Dragon Fruit blend has a tropical fruity flavor, perfect for outdoor smoking. This blend has the highest CBDA content out of all of our joints. (116MG CBDA, 7MG CBD, 0.3% THC)

Our new Grape Dank blend is a hybrid with an earthy grape flavor. This blend will have you feeling destressed and energized, perfect for a day of creative expression. (7.5MG CBDA, 84MG CBD, 0.2%THC)

Our Blueberry Splash blend is tasty and sweet, using indica hemp plants for a relaxing smoke session. (93MG CBDA, 8MG CBD, 0.2% THC)

Our Sour Apple blend is bursting with flavor you’d expect from a dank joint. This blend utilizes sativa hemp plants for an uplifting experience that will have you energized and inspired. (95MG CBDA, 6MG CBD, 0.3% THC)


The CBD Pre Rolls:

Each tube comes with two half-gram pre rolled joints, all ready to smoke. Each joint is carefully rolled with organic rice paper to ensure a nice even smoke session.

All of our CBD pre rolls contain less than 0.3% THC, making them legal for consumption across the United States. Whether you’re lighting up next to a campfire on the Oregon coast or relaxing in the sun by your pool in Florida, rest assured that you’re legally allowed to enjoy these CBD joints no matter which state you’re in.


Why Smoke CBD:

With so many ways to reap the benefits of CBD, you might be wondering why smoking is a good option?

Pulmonary ingestion, or inhalation, is one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD. When you smoke a CBD joint or CBD vape, you bypass the digestive system, allowing more of the cannabinoids to reach your bloodstream. This allows you to get the benefits you love faster and more efficiently.


The Research:

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD, or simply enjoy reading up on the latest studies, everything you need to know about the wonderful benefits of CBD and the other cannabinoids in our CBD joints is right here.

The Benefits of CBD:

One of the most commonly reported uses of the cannabinoid is to help with anxiety, according to a survey. In a study into these effects, CBD relieved symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, PD, GAD, and SAD. If you’re trying to sit back, relax, and forget your worries, CBD can help you do just that.

Pain management is another common use of the compound. There’s a plethora of research into these effects, and it consistently shows that CBD is effective in managing everything from chronic pain to headaches and muscle soreness. In a review on the subject, CBD conclusively reduced multiple types of pain in participants.

CBD is also a potent tool in the fight against inflammation. A study of cannabinoids found that CBD and THC are 20 times more potent than aspirin at fighting inflammation. NSAIDs such as aspirin are common recommendations for treating inflammation, but come with a plethora of negative side effects. Smoking CBD can be a great way to treat your inflammation without damaging other parts of your body!


Our Orange Crush joints are full of CBG, and with these benefits, it’s no wonder that this blend is one of our most popular. 

CBG is a potent anti inflammatory. One study found that CBG can reduce neuroinflammation, which is related to Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. While CBG won’t cure the diseases, it can help to relieve much of the pain associated with them. 

Another major benefit of CBG is gastrointestinal support. One study showed that the anti inflammatory properties of CBG are especially beneficial in reducing inflammation for those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This study found that CBG can help reduce intestinal sensitivity, while another study found that it helped stimulate appetites in animals.


CBDA or cannabidiolic acid is the raw form of CBD, and as such has many similar benefits to our favorite cannabinoid. Combining these two compounds enhances the effects, leaving you feeling grand. Many of our CBD pre rolls have CBDA in them, including Dragon Fruit, our most CBDA-heavy blend. 

In a study on stress reactions of rats, CBDA reduced anxiety symptoms. The study also found that CBD and CBDA have effects on the same types of stressors, noting similar anxiolytic responses.

CBDA can also be an effective defense against nausea. In one study, researchers found that CBDA can stop vomiting and even prevent anticipatory nausea. Another study on rats found that CBDA helped to relieve gaping, a form of dry heaving. If you’re feeling a little sick to your stomach, put the antacids away and smoke a joint!

But wait, there’s more! In a study, CBDA reduced an enzyme responsible for diabetic complications. There have also been several studies finding that CBDA can help reduce the movement of tumors. While it’s no cure, it can certainly be a helpful treatment option. 

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