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How To Be More Embodied

Hey! It’s a new year, and you would have made a list of new resolutions to work on it. Merely, when we make a list of our solutions, we forget to pay attention to our health. We don’t know how our body works because we are not embodied. We are not aware of the message that our body tries to communicate through our health conditions. For this, we must have a vision of physical embodiment. For your wellbeing, you would have tried doing yoga that helps to balance our mind and body through meditation, breathing, and physical postures.

So, here’s what you need to know more about being more embodied. Let’s get forward with the blog.


What is Embodiment?




Embodiment is self-care, being aware of your body. It takes years for people to know about their bodies. Once they discover crucial things about their body, they will manage by taking care of themselves. Similarly, if you are not aware of your body functioning, you might not find a cure for it. For this, you would need to detect the problems in your body and be more aware of what you are allergic to and what suits you more.

We think from the mind and work from body parts, for which we need to be appropriately connected with them. And so, you might lose the connection with your body as a result. In other words, an embodiment could be a perception to have wisdom for physical manifestation. The practice of embodiment is the internal connection with the body to feel connected, balanced, and empowered.

Embodiment helps you to identify your inner strength and weaknesses. You can know the limit of opening yourself with someone. You can set up your emotional boundaries of being vulnerable and delicate towards people. More importantly, it guides you to accept it in ‘truth’. Acceptance is the need of the hour. People develop intense feelings and cannot get certain things about their behavior, which could be improved with the embodiment of the soul.


Elements of Embodiment

The core elements of embodiment are given below, which tell you how to gain sanity and wisdom for the physical manifestation with your body.


Breathing indicates you are alive and can sense things. You can feel the sensation when a person is standing near you, or something is happening within you. Breathing is the primary element of embodiment or connectivity with our soul. You are breathing because of your heartbeat. When you are born, the first thing that happens is that you live, which is also the last thing. You need to know how to be more embodied to better your health.


Movement is when you walk from point A to point B; you move your limbs to work and carry things. It is linked with breathing because there is a sudden expansion and contraction in your lungs when you breathe. You might have seen a sportive person with continuous movement while playing in the field or court. There are specific movements in our body made by our body parts, but if they cease to work, then they might be disconnected from your body.


Sound is something that we hear. It might be when you hear a word or a melody. Sound is something, like a calling, when it attracts you towards it. Sounds could be high-pitched or low-pitched, but you must be thoughtful about being more embodied. Sound is connected with physical embodiment when you hear what your heart says. You are confused with decision making, so you do what your heart says when you can listen to yourself, your inner thoughts, which makes you different from others.

Felt Sense

In the state of either happiness or sadness, we feel the physical sensations in our body, which is known as Felt Sense. Eugene Gendlin propounded this term. Lord Buddha recommended Vipassana meditation to connect with the body directly. When we get sick, there is a message that our body is trying to convey to us. We don’t know how to be more embodied and are not aware of body language. When we feel connected more with our physical embodiment when we can understand our body language, more than being emotional.

Connectivity With Yourself

If you are aware of being more embodied, you would feel physical sensations more and understand yourself. It is essential to connect with oneself because no one would ever know you better than yourself. Connecting oneself helps an individual be compassionate, kind, humorous, trustworthy, self-acceptable, and equanimous (unreactive). Vipassana, a meditation suggested by Lord Buddha for salvation, is mentioned in the above point. A person must feel sensation in a relationship and be empowered with equanimity (no reaction).

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Intimacy, Stillness, and Presence are the three ways of attaining full embodiment. Intimacy is not just a physical connection but mental connectivity with another person. When we are more interested in someone, we feel more intimidated and feel less connected with ourselves. We feel the stillness, and our presence of the other person makes us feel happy.

Moshe Feldenkrais states,
“Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can, we limit our choices. Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice.”

It suggests that, unless we are not deeply connected with ourselves, we won’t explore something new within us. We should not limit ourselves, and life is so uncertain.


How to live an Embodied Life?

Our physical embodiment escalates with the sensations of happiness, calmness, kindness, strength, unity with body, truth, and vulnerability. The embodiment can be exercised as an instrument for enriching knowledge, stillness, balancing, and self-monitoring of being connected with the body.

Some benefits of embodiment are given below:

  • Embodiment helps in elevating self-awareness.
  • It assists us in attaining freedom of choice
  • It cultivates self-love and care.

Embodiments help you know yourself through emotional and physical sensations. Embodiment brings out the confidence in us of being more distinct from others. We sense the changes our body goes through with good knowledge about ourselves while interacting and listening. The new sensation comes with the understanding of living life easily and comfortably. With the help of this new sensation, we become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses as we become more known to ourselves.

To live an embodied life, self – connectivity is significant to feel physical sensations. Being an embodied person will help you have a clear mind in decision-making. It allows you to control the emotions that might give you heartache or worry. When you have discovered a lot about yourself, you will take care of your body, beautify yourself, and behave according to the atmosphere.

Make a list of everything you do daily and thank yourself and God before going to bed.
Don’t delve into the past; stay in the present and do not overthink and make assumptions, as it will overburden your mind. Don’t get overhyped or aggressive when something happens, be calm and think for a minute about your actions. Don’t act without thinking twice and accept the reality; maybe something good is waiting for you to come! Be a compassionate person, always help people with utmost care and motivate them to grow. Do some relaxing exercises every day and keep track of your health. An embodiment also helps reduce pains, stress, and anxiety by promoting wellness.


How CBD helps in Embodiment?


Full Spectrum Flavored CBD Oil (multiple flavors)
Full Spectrum Flavored CBD Oil


CBD is seeped out from a cannabis flower, which is beneficial for the betterment of our body. It brings physical embodiment from a calm and relaxed mind. Its effect takes you into a deep sleep, to work throughout the day with peace of mind. CBD has gained popularity due to its prolonged interest in increasing energy levels. It reduces the effect of depression and anxiety and targets patients with Epilepsy syndrome. It brings relief from unbearable pain and ease from the chances of having diabetes. CBD is a stress reliever, which helps attain sound sleep for more extended periods. It is a unique aid for eliminating anxiety issues.

To sum up

Well! With the start of this year, you might have made some resolutions to work on your proper wellbeing. If not, try to be more embodied by being happy, joyful, and soul connectivity. For physical manifestation, breathe, feel joy, dance, and interact with new people. Work on your weakness and protect yourself with your strengths.

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