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Easy Breathing Exercises

6 Easy Breathing Exercises To Change Your Day In 10 Minutes!

People ask me who is your best friend. I say my breaths.

Whether I am in a state of joy or in the situations of distress, it is my breath that never leaves me alone. Yes, it may be fast or slow but it always remains with me depending upon my mental state.

Like a true companion, it accompanies me throughout the daily grind. Whether I am working on a complex project in office, or I’m chopping vegetables in the kitchen for the next day- my breaths remain with me, all the time. I’ve experienced that a little careful about how you breathe and certain breathing exercise can create wonders for you.

Yes! You read it right. Breathing in a certain way has a lot of miraculous advantages.

Studies Backing Benefits of Easy Breathing Exercises

For the first time, a study has been published in the journal Psychophysiology that states a correlation between your attention level and a cycle of respiration.

Researchers are able to verify that by regulating your breathing your attention level can be optimized. In the same way, when you focus properly, your breathing becomes more synchronized.

In addition to increasing your attention level, certain breathing exercises can play an important role in making you calm, reducing the stress level that will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

This is a cut-throat competitive world, I may sound negative here. But it is.
You have your daily tasks to do, Office targets to hit and Family responsibilities to fulfill.
So getting stressed is natural in those circumstances. Thankfully you have few breathing exercises to change your day in just 10 minutes.
I guess sparing just 10 minutes for so many goodies will not be an expensive deal! So here are 6 easy breathing exercises to change your day:

1. Deep Breathing

You would’ve experienced it very often. When you are in a state of rest, you breathe deep whereas when you are in stress or in a hurry you breathe shallowly. Shallow breathing is concerned with uneasiness and full breaths make you relaxed instantly.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

Breathe in deep through your nose. Fill your lungs and belly with air. Pause for a moment and slowly exhale from your mouth. Counting numbers during inhaling and exhale process can be a good idea to regulate your breaths at initial stages.
You can do this exercise the moment you wake up. It is a great way to greet the day.

2. Count Your Breaths in One Minute

You have a tight schedule for the day. Various deadlines and targets to be met within the stipulated time. Spare just one minute for yourself to see wonders. This short exercise can make you more focused on the daunting needs of the day.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

Put a digital clock in front of you and set a timer for one minute in it. Sit relaxed. Take deep breaths. Start counting your breaths during that time.
It is as simple as that. Gradually you’ll experience that you are able to focus well and your attention level is also increasing day by day.

You can spare some moments while working on your desk to make yourself refreshed.

3. Inhale and exhale for an equal number of times

It is another wonderful breathing exercise to make you feel refreshed in a matter of seconds. It will also help you stay balanced.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

Inhale from your nose for few seconds. Exhale through your nose for the same number of seconds. Try increasing the count gradually for a deeper relaxation.

4. In-Hold-Out

It is another great breathing exercise that can recharge you and make you more focused. You can add this exercise in your daily routine and experience your day getting better.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

Touch the tip of your tongue at the place where your teeth meet your gums.
Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath in your chest for few seconds(say 7 seconds).
Exhale slowly from your mouth for 8 seconds. You’ll instantly experience a transformative relaxation even in the most stressed conditions.

5. Tighten and release your muscle groups in sync with your breath

Do you find it hard to sleep even when you are very much tired? Yes, sometimes it may happen that when you want to unwind you don’t find your mind relaxed enough for a sound sleep.
This breathing exercise can make you free from the anxiety of the forthcoming day.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

This exercise involves inhaling while clenching muscle groups and exhaling while your release them.

Starting from your feet and toes, clench your above body parts, I mean thighs, abdominals, arms, neck, and shoulder for 2 seconds. Inhale during clenching process and hold for 2 seconds. Then slowly release your muscle and breath for an overall relaxed sensation.

6. Breathe deeply while visualizing pleasant situations

It is a great and an easy breathing exercise to achieve mindfulness after erasing negative thoughts. This exercise is really good to calm your mind and give you the energy to do your work more efficiently and positively.

How to do?

Easy Breathing Exercises
Easy Breathing Exercises

Close your eyes for some time. Breathe deeply focusing on a pleasant place or situation. You can take help of a coach or helpful recording to replace any negative thoughts with positivity. Try to visualize that you are allowing all types of negative thoughts to leave.

Apart from these amazing exercises, there is one other way to counter the vicious stress cycle. It is hemp extracted CBD oil. With its proven anxiety reducing capabilities you can experience a definite change in your ability to cope up with your challenges.

Help Yourself With CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol has no psychoactive ingredients, so it will not make you feel high. It is the reason why many countries have made it use legal and you can easily buy it off the shelf or online from the luxury of your home. This cannabinoid is becoming popular for its various therapeutic properties. Moreover, CBD is very beneficial in treating various health issues such as:

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Relieves from Depression
  • Improves your Mood
  • Reduces Epileptic Seizures
  • Relieves Chronic Pain and a lot more.

There are various methods to consume CBD oil such as sublingually, applying it topically, vaping etc. You can know more about these methods here. Thus, CBD can prove to be a potential organic remedy to help you fight many health conditions. You can add CBD in your daily routine along with these Easy Breathing Exercises and make your life free from such diseases.

How you breathe is decisive in improving the quality of life. It can be a stress buster. It can make you calm in just a matter of seconds. You can experience priceless harmony and peace just by breathing right. Start it from today onwards.