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dog ate THC

My Dog Ate THC : What To Do Now?

Pet owners are like parents taking care of their four-legged furry friend like a child. Now, what if someone tells you, My Dog Ate THC? You remember reading about THC, which is psychoactive. However, it is known that THC and CBD both originate from the Cannabis family, yet they are different in demonstrating their characteristics. The FDA announced CBD products to be legal with THC under 0.3%. Else, the condition will create toxic impacts on the users.

So many research studies have talked about clinical studies on humans who accidentally ate high THC and suffered from debilitating conditions. But don’t you think THC might have its benefits too? Are you still in a dilemma? We are here to tell you how to help your furry friend who ate THC. But also, you must visit the veteran and tell them, my dog ate THC, to get more help.

Dog Ate THC
Pets CBD

Is THC Really Toxic?

What happens if your dog ate THC? Will he get high, or does his body metabolize it differently? THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. The drug has become very popular over the last decade due to its medical benefits.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. The compound has become synonymous with marijuana because it was isolated from the plant in 1964. The plant contains over 100 cannabinoids, which interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is essential in regulating mood, appetite, pain perception, memory, sleep, immune function, inflammation, and other physiological processes.

THC has been a growing interest in using medical marijuana to treat various conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and cancer. In recent years, scientists observed that some strains of cannabis contain compounds called cannabinoids that can positively affect our bodies.

A study report reveals that oral ingestion of Delta – 9 THC and Delta 8 proved to be unharmful between 3000 and 9000/mg/kg. But also, both compounds demonstrated the same qualities of being lethal at the dosing range between 225–3600 mg/kg.

Another old study report discovered that CBD successfully lowered THC rates in the metabolizing enzymes of the human liver. CBD alleviated the development of 73% – 89%, of cyclosporine metabolites, with preincubation of microsomes (mice or human liver) with CBD.

While THC is known to cause adverse side effects, CBD offers numerous health benefits without causing intoxication or euphoria. However, some believe THC is dangerous because it causes paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations.

A published research study shows that CBD inhibits the evoked cognitive impairment and psychosis by THC. Randomized 22 participants were given oral CBD, and 26 were given placebo 210 minutes prior to 1.5 mg THC ingestion. Post – THC, the positive and negative syndrome scale (PANSS) was lower showing positive scores in CBD subjects. Paranoia, rated as per State Social Paranoia Scale (SSPS) seems lower in comparison to CBD subjects

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What To Do, If My Dog Ate THC?

Here are two things you can do, when your dog eats THC. Carefully read the twin points and comprehend them for more clarity.

Rush To Vet

It is better to hurry up and rush to a veteran who will give you a good piece of advice for your Pet’s health. This condition will save much time and your pet’s life too before the situation gets any worse or goes out of control.

Four aspects that help you to determine that you should not delay rushing your pet to the doctor include body temperature, unconsciousness, change in the manner of swallowing, and degree of comfort.

Generally, a dog’s body temperature is 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit (38ºC). When the rectal temperature falls under 98ºF (37ºC), your pet needs special attention. If your dog ate THC, then it might not be eating properly, vomiting the food consumed. It indicates that you need to rush your pet to the doctor.

Also, it requires a great effort to take your doctor to the vet and stay up all night taking care, so that your pet feels comfortable and is able to sleep properly. Your dog ate THC, so its effects might remain in your pet’s body for some time but also when the effects slowly start to shred off, then it will bring some comfort to your pet.

Remedial Treatment

Observe the activities of your pet. Stay with them, don’t leave them alone, else they might feel low and lethargic too. Keep giving them water or something to eat, if they need it. Note down the symptoms your pet feels, and don’t let them feel agitated, try to calm them. Play with them to brighten up their mood. Give them something to play, with that would keep them active for some time.

Keep checking your dog’s weight, and their poop too. Are they pooping properly, or have unusual pooping, as when your dog ate THC, it might have affected their digestion and urination too.

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Signs Indicating Your Dog Ate THC

Like humans, dogs too have different health factors, implying that the effect of THC could be mild, moderate, or severe. Consumption of THC could have an effect on your dog’s weight, and food patterns too. In starting, THC might not show any symptoms, but a pattern will follow leading to a change in the behavior after THC ingestion in edible form, mostly.

Pet owners must conduct thorough research on the signs and symptoms of THC ingestion. Watch videos, and read comments too as it might help you to deal with your pet’s problem more appropriately.

Moving forward, let us go through the symptoms to identify the presence of high THC in your dog. Read the symptoms given below:

  • If your dog is taking long naps and sleeping for long hours, you must look for the presence of THC in its food.
  • Your pet starts behaving strangely, is distant from you, and does not want to play with you.
  • Improper movement, disbalance while walking, falls down, inability to stand again, discoordination in movement.
  • Involuntary urine movement, inability to control urine at the spot, dribbling urination.
  • Suddenly jumping, hopping, getting surprised or startled.
  • Vomiting is not very frequent.
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Howling and barking unnecessarily
  • Slow breathing
  • Incontinence
  • Feeling lethargic, no active movements
  • Frequent agitation
  • Increase in heart rate.

In the case of low body temperature, it becomes important to speculate the temperature of your pet’s rectal. Besides these symptoms, pet owners might also notice some changes in skin color while in agitation. Offer them some food to calm them down.

Dog Ate THC
CBD Isolate

Final Words

If your dog ate THC, then this blog will guide you towards the solutions to deal with the issue. Also, the given symptoms help to indicate the presence of THC in the edibles ingested by your pet anytime. Keep checking the body temperature and body weight of your pet, to prevent further complications and avoid repercussions for your health.

Well, if your dog ate THC, then you must bring CBD into the application, but also follow up with the regulation of the state laws for the legality of products formulated. Hence, the debate over whether or not cannabis should be legalized continues to rage across the country. In recent years, several states have passed laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana.

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