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Charcoal Face Mask with CBD

Charcoal Face Mask with CBD & CBG ( Benefits and Research )

CBD beauty products aren’t a trend. They’re popular because they work. Our skin needs our protection and care to thrive, to thrive we need CBD for our skin. To help you face the day with soft, supple skin, free from blemishes, we’ve created the Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG & CBD.

Why Choose the Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG & CBD

CBD skin care provides several benefits to your skin. This CBD face mask uses the best ingredients for cleaning your pores and toning your skin. It’s here to help enhance your complexion, reduce any facial swelling, and to make your skin feel great.

The bentonite clay in the mask works to cleanse your pores, soothe your skin, and eliminate impurities. While matcha green tea is rich in vitamins providing your skin with essential nutrients and minerals. We use the best activated charcoal to help offer a deeper cleanse to your pores and smooth away dead skin cells, promoting even skin tone.

Not to mention the mask is 100% organic, free from toxins and parabens. Perfect your skin without creating new problems. Get your face’s favorite ingredients mixed with the best cannabinoids to create a spa experience in your own home.

How to Use the Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG & CBDCBD Pain Relief Salve

ThoughtCloud’s Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG & CBD comes in a beautiful powder. To use the CBD face mask, just add equal parts mask to water or apple cider vinegar. It’s best if you mix the ingredients in a glass, ceramic, or wooden bowl.

Mix the CBD mask and liquids until they become a smooth paste. Add more mask or liquid as needed to change consistency or add volume. Once your charcoal, matcha, and bentonite clay mask smooths into a paste, you can apply it to your skin. Use your hand or a brush to apply the CBD skin care mask to your face, back, or other areas of skin evenly. You’ll only need a thin layer of the paste for it to work.

Depending on your skin type, the drying time will vary. For those with delicate skin, it’s best to rinse after five or so minutes. If you have regular skin, you can leave the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes. As the mask dries, you may feel a tightening or pulling sensation.

When you’re ready to remove the CBD skin care mask, apply warm water. Gently rub the water into your skin to wash the paste off. You may notice some redness after removing the pore cleaning mask. Typically, any redness goes away in 30 minutes. Enjoy the benefits of CBD for your skin.

How Does the CBD for Skin Care Work?

To understand how the Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG & CBD works, we need to know the benefits of CBD for skin.

The best CBD for skin care products will provide more than the benefits fo CBD. It should combine the best ingredients with the powerful benefits of CBD. Benefits like CBD’s ability to reinforce your skin against bacteria or the reduction of swelling. The compound can even facilitate the regulation of sebum production. To enhance this mask further, we’ve added CBG, which can ease inflammation, such as facial swelling.

What Are the Benefits of the Charcoal Matcha Face Mask?

It’s almost impossible to live somewhere without pollutants in the air. Since our faces are the most exposed part of our bodies, they bear the brunt of that pollutant exposure. An activated charcoal mask is said to aid in absorbing those impurities to remove them from your skin.

A green tea match face mask is full of vital nutrients that can do wonders for your skin. The tea helps replenish your skin with antioxidants. It can assist your complexion in reaching a state of homeostasis. In other words, it can help your face return to its natural state of beauty. The matcha face mask may also help protect against harmful UV rays. There’s even evidence that matcha can foster the healing of scars and help reduce signs of aging.

The bentonite clay mask may help with skin irritants and allergic reactions. It can help create a protective barrier against external toxins and assist in healing breakages in your skin. Overall the clay is well touted as a pore cleaning mask.

The Research

cbd beauty
CBD and Beauty

It’s important to know not just the benefits of CBD skin care, but how CBD works. Understanding the research that discovered the benefits we love will help you know how your products work. The more we know, the more empowered we are when making a decision.

Matcha Face Mask

matcha green tea,Charcoal Face Mask with CBD

A recent study discussed how matcha improves bodily system functions. It turns out; the herb is good for more than a latte. Matcha face masks can provide UV protection, according to the researches. That’s not to say it works as a sunblock. Rather it can provide an extra layer of protection to your skin.

The study noted the nutritional potency of matcha. The researchers that topical application of the tea provides the skin with essential antioxidants. The study found that antioxidants can help protect the skin from toxins and help repair damaged or aged skin.

Matcha green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, according to the study. Skin inflammation can cause facial swelling, inflamed pimples, and puffy under eyes.

In another study, the herb helped reduce the signs of aging. The researchers even saw the potential for matcha to treat acne and reduce scars.

Activated Charcoal Mask

Activated Charcoal Mask,Charcoal Face Mask with CBD
Activated Charcoal Face Mask with CBD

Activated charcoal is gaining in popularity, but what’s the science behind its effectiveness? According to research, a charcoal mask can help to absorb the toxins from pollutants in the air. It’s near impossible to live somewhere without any pollution. Unfortunately, our faces get the most air time with those pollutants, absorbing them into our skin. In the study, the activated charcoal was able to absorb those impurities, removing them from your skin.

The study also found that the charcoal works as a deep cleanser. It penetrates through all of the gunk in your pores, providing a deep cleanse. A critical factor for evening complexion is smoothing out impurities and dead skin from our pores. According to the research, that’s what a charcoal mask can do for you.

Bentonite Clay Mask

Bentonite Clay, Charcoal Face Mask with CBD
Bentonite Clay used in Charcoal Face Mask with CBD

Bentonite clay dates back before the times of the Ancient Greeks, who used it for a myriad of reasons. Will it give you the skin of the gods? According to research, the clay may be a treatment option for poison ivy and poison oak. The researchers found that bentonite reduces allergic reactions and inflammation. So, if you have sensitive skin, this mask may help reduce the irritations you’re dealing with every day.

Research also shows it provides a protective layer from your skin. The researchers even looked into bentonite as a possible enhancing ingredient for sunscreens.

In the study, they found that when applied topically, bentonite can help heal breakages and lesions in the skin. These benefits can help manage those pimples that leave your face feeling wounded while protecting it from further damage.

CBD Face Mask

CBD skin care isn’t some fad. The science behind it shows just why the compound works wonders on your skin. In a study, the cannabinoid showed incredible anti-bacterial properties. The researchers noted that the compound’s fight against bacteria could help reduce breakouts. Pimples are caused by several things, one of which is the build-up of bad bacteria in your pores.

Those researchers also found that CBD can regulate the production of lipogenesis. Lipogenesis is responsible for governing oil and sebum production. CBD helps to ensure you’re getting enough oil and sebum to protect and nourish your skin. At the same time, the compound stops overproduction that typically results in breakouts.

CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. In the study, they noted the impacts of inflammation on acne. Edema can impair the fighting off of bad bacteria. By reducing swelling, you can help your skin fight acne-causing pathogens. Overall, CBD for acne, blemishes, and other skin ailments is the right choice.

CBD Face Mask

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Charcoal Face Mask with CBD

To better battle inflammation, we added CBG isolate to this formula. Research has shown that the cannabinoid works as a potent anti-inflammatory. The compound reduces swelling in several systems throughout the body. If you suffer from facial swelling, the CBG gives the face mask an extra level of anti-inflammatory actions.

Legal Disclaimer:

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