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How CBN Effects Pain and Sleep: CBN Oil

If you’ve ever tossed and turned your way through a sleepless night, you know how awful insomnia can be. As our sleep loss mounts, our minds and bodies struggle to function. So how can CBN effects improve our sleep? The cannabinoid has a direct impact on our sleep routines, a real savior for those of us with insomnia!

Have you ever experienced that weird phenomenon where time both speeds up and slows down on sleepless nights? As we watch the clock tick closer to our alarm time, we feel the precious moments for rest slipping away. Meanwhile, somehow, when we’re exhausted but can’t sleep, it feels like time is inching by. It’d be a lot more interesting if it didn’t leave us too cranky to care.

When You’re Tired But Can’t Sleep

Unfortunately, being tired isn’t the only problem we face when we’re tired but can’t sleep. Loss of sleep results in a long list of medical issues. A review of the research into insomnia concluded that chronic sleep loss could cause serious health consequences. The researchers warned of increased risk for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke.

Additional research into the subject found that different types of insomnia have different health effects. If you struggle to fall asleep but sleep through the night, the consequences are different from those that have trouble staying asleep. When you have insomnia but still get adequate sleep, it still negatively impacts your health. The research shows you may experience ruminating thoughts from anxiety. You also might feel like you’re awake when you’re sleeping, so you feel like you got less sleep than you did.

Those who have trouble staying asleep are at higher risk for health issues. According to the research, chronic sleep loss increases susceptibility to illness, decreases mental functions, and puts cardiovascular health at risk. Not getting enough sleep also increases stress levels and stress responses. You’re less healthy and stressed out, with a mind that’s not functioning right and a struggling heart.

CBN Benefits for Sleep and Pain

The CBN cannabinoid may not be as well known as CBD, but it can be just as beneficial to you. A CBN study looked at the compound’s effects on sleep and pain. The participants experienced better sleep, proving that the cannabinoid can help those who have trouble staying asleep. In addition, the participants experienced a reduction in muscle spasticity. The twitching and spasm of muscles can be mildly annoying to incredibly painful, and a disruptor to sleep. Evidence points to CBN oil being a solution for when you’re tired but can’t sleep.

If you have trouble staying asleep because of chronic pain, ThoughtCloud’s High CBN formula may help you. In a study on the effects of CBN on hard to manage pain, the cannabinoid showed promise for a solution. Participants experienced a reduction in their severe and chronic muscle pains. The researchers concluded that the cannabinoid could help with conditions like fibromyalgia and temporomandibular.

Pain comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s exasperated by inflammation, which is often caused by pain. It’s a fun self-perpetuating problem. Well, it’s a self-perpetuating problem! Fortunately, our favorite sleep herb may also reduce inflammation. In a study on CBN effects, the cannabinoid reduced inflammation through different channels than standard NSAIDs. The evidence from this study points to CBN isolate reducing inflammation that NSAID and other conventional anti-inflammatory drugs can’t treat.

CBN Oil Extraction

CBN Hemp Oil

In case you’ve been wondering what is CBN oil, it’s a cannabinoid from the hemp plant. To include CBN in any cannabinoid product, we have to extract the compound. 

The C02 process is the ideal method for preserving CBD oil purity. It also provides the advantage of isolating and capturing more subtle cannabinoids like cannabinol or CBN, cannabigerol or CBG, and cannabichromene or CBC. Moreover, CO2 extraction means your cannabinoids are free from harmful petroleum sourced solvents such as butane. CO2 extraction creates a safer oil for you to enjoy CBN effects.

When we extract CBN with other cannabinoids, they work together to enhance each other’s benefits. The synergy between hemp’s compounds is called the “entourage effect.” By combining the full spectrum of cannabinoids, you’re able to take advantage of the benefits each of the cannabinoids offers!

What is CBN Oil?

If you’re still asking yourself, “what is CBN oil,” here’s a quick run-through. CBN is one of the numerous cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Research into the compound shows it can provide several medicinal benefits. The potency of CBN is much lower than popular cannabinoids like CBD. It’s less potent because we only get CBN through the oxidation or degradation of THC. That’s why there are so many people asking, “What is CBN oil?”

Exposing THC or tetrahydrocannabinol to oxidation and other components turns it into CBN. This change in chemical composition results in a host of medicinal benefits. You can think of CBN as THC that is overaged and doesn’t get you high. The degradation process usually occurs through heat or oxygen, sometimes a mix of both. While CBN is less potent, when the plants are left till they mature, they will retain a significant quantity of CBN.

Some of the benefits of CBN include reduction of inflammation, pain management, and improvement of sleep. Great news for those of us who are still tired but can’t sleep. If you have trouble staying asleep, try taking a little of the oil when you wake and relaxing in bed until your sleep returns.

Will CBN get you high?

If the THC part of the answer to “what is CBN oil” left you concerned, don’t worry. While CBN comes from THC, it doesn’t contain THC. CBN effects don’t leave you feeling high. Even if you use a full spectrum formula, there isn’t enough THC to cause any high sensations. The relaxing effects of CBN can make you tired, which THC can do as well, but it doesn’t create the head change associated with marijuana.

ThoughtCloud’s Full Spectrum High CBN Oil is abundant in cannabidiol, cannabigerol, cannabichromene, and CBN. Like other cannabinoids, cannabinol is a cannabinoid that combats inflammation and acts like a pain reliever.

CBN Effects on Your Health

The Full Spectrum High CBN Blend hemp oil from ThoughtCloud has a naturally high percentage of CBN. It’s a great option solution for when you’re tired but can’t sleep. As the research showed, CBN can help reduce symptoms of insomnia and improve sleep. It also can counter inflammation and mitigate pain. There’s also evidence of CBN reducing muscle spasms, which affects both pains and sleep!

If you want to isolate these benefits, try a pure CBN formula. On the other hand, if you enjoy the entourage effect, you’ll want to look for a full spectrum oil with higher concentrations of CBN. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil with CBN, you may consider a dual spectrum formula. The dual spectrum formulas give you the combined benefits of CBD and CBN without THC getting into your system.

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