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How CBD Oil Can Work Wonders On Your Yoga Practice?

CBD and Yoga

Attention yogis! Have you ever considered including cannabidiol in your yoga practice?

Popularly called CBD, cannabidiol comprises a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that could heighten the energizing impact of yoga. Incorporating CBD into your lifestyle through any means either by oil usage or topical and inhaling applications leads to an enhanced physical-mental and spiritual bonding. After all, it is an amazing rejuvenating cannabinoid.



Kirsty Tavolacci (Instagram)| Yoga Teacher
Using CBD Yoga for Lower back pain or tension

Let’s take a look at its performance during Yoga regimen:

CBD Yoga- A Positive Mood Enhancer

Yoga has displayed an immense influence on mood swings and stress alleviation. Supplementing it with CBD raises your euphoria every time you sit on your yoga mat. Cannabinoids such as CBD is beneficial for your endocannabinoid mechanism and also generates antidepressant effects. Furthermore, it also improves your goal concentration and mental clarity, which are key to an effective yoga session.

CBD oil raises alertness, hikes, mood and drives away fatigue plus brain fog. It also has the potential to interact with your brain to discharge vital neurotransmitters that lower anxiety. Your uplifted mood surely will endow you with great mental composure and stability and shoots up your happiness quotient.

CBD Can Lower Inflammation

Yogic postures are no doubt great for your body but maintaining such poses for long can induce muscle swellings. CBD oil with its claim of natural components can alleviate inflammation and muscle contractions. A periodic application of this medicinal compound uplifts your yogic ability.

CBD Can Instill Calm Feelings

CBD Bath bombs and joints
CBD bath bombs and  CBD joints

Yoga has the power to increase the body’s normal level of antioxidants and so does cannabis. The green plant component CBD is also associated with neuroprotective traits that work like prescription antidepressants. The inner peace linked with Yoga can be conveniently achieved through CBD consumption either prior to or during the yoga practice. CBD may not make you high as THC, but similar to yoga, it’s extremely effective in aiding you to chill out. CBD is frequently employed to treat moderate cases of anxiety, stress plus depression.

Completely Natural Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety has soared to new heights with almost one out of every six Americans resorting to psychiatric drugs for their stress conditions. They combat stress in everyday life with the rampant use of lotions, massages, eye masks, and bath oils for attaining mental relaxation.

Choosing natural techniques for relieving anxiety has led to new followers in Yoga in the fitness circuits of America. This Indian practice has a healthy mix of spiritual health and exercise that has helped the Western world to cope with anxiety and work strains. Moreover, CBD oil has also emerged as an alternative that is non-pharmaceutical and is growing immensely in popularity graph.

CBD As An Analgesic

Eka Hasta Vrksasana

To enact yoga poses, such as Eka Hasta Vrksasana that is a tree posture performed using one hand, and Gandha Bherundasana, a powerful facial expression more safely and effectively, you should remain free from pain. CBD, being a powerful analgesic, acts like a chronic pain reliever. It casts its analgesic effect by communicating with the endocannabinoid receptors situated in your body. Furthermore, it also assists in targeting pain management responses by interacting with brain receptors to generate painkilling effects. By ingesting CBD oil, the body’s response to every yoga movement will improve.

Brings In Flexibility

You can focus during Yoga with CBD and at the same time also achieve greater flexibility. Dabbing CBD oil through creams and formulations on your skin offers amazing pain relief and body elasticity so that you can perform your exercise routine as well as Yoga. You can spring back to your active lifestyle once more with this terrific cannabinoid.

Cure Insomnia

Regular CBD improves your quality of sleep that peps up your immune system, removes brain fog and recharges your yoga practice. A good night’s sleep goes a long way towards a rejuvenating yoga session incorporating a deeper awareness level.

Regulation Of Body Temperature

Yoga rehearsals tend to make you experience severe alterations of your body temperature. Some practitioners also feel goosebumps or excessive heating that is based upon the kind of asanas inducted. CBD switches on your body receptors that resolve body temperature and controls the body mechanism while exercising.

Try Out Savasana


Do you have an idea of Savasana commonly known as the “corpse posture” that is included at the completion of a yoga session? Savasana brings in total physical bliss and your body stress simply vanishes with this asana. On the mental plane, it de-stresses your mind and promotes concentration on your breathing and also on your heartbeat. The yogis whom we always see in a
state of poise and bliss attain it through the neurotransmitter known as Anandamide that is produced during yoga. Interestingly, CBD has been found to help in retaining the Anandamide for a longer duration within the body and is a great mood regulator.

Raises Energy

Energy levels generally vary during the daytime. We all often experience sloth or laziness after meals or finishing up our exercise. CBD through its serotonin plus dopamine level monitoring restores your energy balance at a steady level for the whole day. Besides, it creates higher endurance, controls body metabolism, and maximizes your energy level.

Summing Up

Many CBD admirers are so much overawed by the beneficial impact that out of reverence they call it the wonder molecule. Scientific studies are also backing the utility of CBD for treating various ailments, promoting physical and emotional well being, and also for renewing body vigor.

CBD is a major contributor as it triggers serotonin receptors that modulate moods and anxiety and also activates the vanilloid receptor that monitors our pain sensitivity. Besides, it also impacts the adenosine receptors that regulate our sleep quality, apart from influencing the endocannabinoid receptors that monitor body temperature, hunger cravings, memory plus energy, and anxiety levels.

Carry on your Yoga practice and discover its exciting breathing postures and movements by using the neuroprotective aspects of CBD. Just try it and feel the difference.

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