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CBD Vape Pen Maintenance

CBD Vape Pen Maintenance | Clean Different Parts of Your Vape Pens

A vape pen is a power source that warms up a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapor. They’re rechargeable battery-powered devices that are pocket-sized and cylindrical – hence, the name “pen.” This device revolutionized the vaporizer market by offering larger battery capacity and longer running times, as well as providing the user with the ability to swap atomizers or cartridges.

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Why Is A Clean Vape Pen Important?

CBD Vape Pen refill
ThoughtCloud CBD Vape Pen Pods

The quality of flavor you get while vaping depends on the quality of the vape oil or CBD vape juice that you are using as well as the cleanliness of the vape pen. Everybody focuses on the first part and ignores the second part. And this is where most of you go wrong. Not only does cleaning your vape pen enhance the flavor quality in the heating chamber, but also saves you from unnecessary health issues. These health issues may arise due to the residual solvents that collect in the e-liquid cartridge of your pen.

This residue makes the inhaled vapor dirty and unhealthy. This is why proper cleaning is a prerequisite before vaping as the vapor is fresh and safe if the cartridge is clean. Moreover, cleaning also enhances the life and performance of your vape pen since regular use can lead to clogging of the vape pen making it useless.

If you are too lazy to worry about your health, or your vape pen and its flavor, know that if your vape pen is not properly maintained, chances are that the manufacturer might not let you claim the warranty of the product. This is because most manufacturers mentioned in their Terms and Conditions, that if the vape pen malfunctions due to not cleaning it will not be covered under warranty. So, be wise and clean your vape pen from time to time.

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Different Parts of Your Vape Pens

Before you know how to clean a vape pen, you should understand the different parts of your vape pen. Primarily, there are two types of vape pens. We are talking about the vape pens that work with oil or wax vaporizers here. Now since you need to disassemble the parts of your vape pen for cleaning it, let’s see what parts do you need to disassemble to clean your vape pen. Most vape pens have three parts. These have been listed below.

CBD Vape Pens Heating Chamber

The oil chamber or the heating chamber is the place where the vape oil or e-juice is filled. This chamber contains a heating coil to vaporize the oil put in. This coil is the most important and sensitive component of your vape pen. This implies if anything goes wrong with this part, the vape pen would not work. Hence, you need to be careful while scrubbing the chamber. Avoid cleaning the chamber with anything sharp. Also, do not use a wet cloth. Use cotton swabs. Since oil residue is sticky, you can warm up your vape pen before cleaning.

CBD Vape Pens Mouthpiece

The part of your vape pens that you use to vape is the mouthpiece. It is the easiest thing yet the most important thing to be cleaned. The best thing about the mouthpiece is that it does not have any electrical components. Hence, you can deep clean it by rubbing it with a cotton swab. You can soak the cotton swab in vinegar for better results.

CBD Vape Pens Battery

This is the part that requires the least care unless the battery leaks. Located at the rear end of the vape pen, you can check the battery every week just to ensure that there is no oil or leak in the battery pack.

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How to fill the Vape Pen Pod?

Given below is a quick tutorial of the procedure of filling the ThoughtCloud Vape Pen Pod:

  1. Select an empty pod
  2. Remove rubber seal
  3. Identify the central airflow opening (the part that leads to the coil) found in the center of the pod.
  4. Try not to place any oil in the central airflow opening (center compartment)
  5. Locate pod filling chambers (the two holes on one or the other side of the central air opening
  6. Carefully pour the oil into one of the 1.5ml vape pen units
  7. If any liquid gets in the central airflow opening, it will leak and can break the pod
  8. Insert cap and rubber seal back on the vape pen pod

We suggest the usage of only ThoughtCloud vape oils since the vape pen and pods are specially designed to work with our MCT oil formulas.

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How To Clean Your Oil-Based Vape Pen

CBD Vape Oil pen
Image Credit: CBD Oil Vaping

Oil-based pens are popular due to their thick extract and concentration. But, oil pens get sticky on the inside due to the residue. Oil vape pens are difficult to clean as the sticky residue gets caught up in the heating chamber of your vape pen. It can be done in 4 easy steps that are listed below.

Step 1: Disassemble the heating chamber and the mouthpiece of your vapor pen.

Step 2: Take a few cotton swabs and soak them in vinegar. Then take the mouthpiece first and clean it with a cotton swab by rubbing it till all the residue comes off.

Step 3: Now you need to clean the more delicate part of your vape pen, the chamber which consists of an oil wick. If the oil wick is detachable, you must remove it before cleaning the chamber. If not, then use the vinegar-soaked cotton swabs carefully to avoid damaging the oil wick. Do not use water.

Step 4: Assemble the vaporizer pen and clean it from outside with a cloth and let it dry before you use it again.

When to Clean Your Vaporizer Pen

We would recommend you clean the heating chamber of your vape pen mildly before changing flavors. However, you will need a thorough clean for your vape pen only once every few weeks. If your vape pen is still not giving an optimized performance, try cleaning it by following the steps mentioned above. If it does not work well even after cleaning, claim your warranty and show your vape pen to the manufacturer. Chances are that it might have malfunctioned or needs to be replaced.

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Rubi CBD Vape Pen Users Review

Sandra F.

This is a winning combination. The Rubi pen hits on-demand, no buttons. It’s smooth and enjoyable. Low cloud. Every vape flavor I’ve had at Thoughtcloud is subtle and very nice. The Horchata vape flavor was great! I’m trying waffles and french toast now. Beneficial for anxiety breakthroughs. Since it’s such a low cloud output you can vape in public and nobody even notices. The Rubi pen pods last for several months depending on how often you hit it. I’m light to moderate in vaping. Smooth hitting. Very enjoyable.


I absolutely LOVE my Rubi Vape Bundle. It’s the perfect way for me to calm my anxiety and help keep my stress levels down especially since being diagnosed with Lupus.


I can’t get enough of this bundle! The CBD has helped with calming my stress levels so much! I always have one available at all times to reduce my anxiety! The Flavor is mild and just the right amount! The Rubi pen is the best quality I have ever tried and I don’t have to worry about it breaking or causing harm to me!!!


Easy to use, and incredibly effective! I use my Rubi pen about 5 times a day, and take about 3-5 inhales each time. Usually in the mornings while I’m getting ready, at night when I’m getting ready for bed, and at work if I begin to feel stressed or anxious. My friends and family (some who don’t know I use CBD), have all commented on my mood is much happier, and more mellow. I will continue this AMAZING CBD journey with ThoughtCloud. No other CBD brands I’ve tried have had this significant of an effect, this quickly. Thank you ThoughtCloud!

Rebecca W.

This is my first experience of vaping, and I love it! The Rubi Pen is super easy to use and the Mojito flavored CBD is so soothing and cool. I have always used the Thoughtcloud CBD oils and wanted to try something new and a little easier to carry around, this was perfect for just that! I will be coming back for more flavors! Thank you!

Final Words On CBD Vape Pen Maintenance

Remember, cleaning your vape pen is necessary and extremely important. Not only does it enhance your vaping experience but also ensures that your vape pen works flawlessly for a longer time. Also, it results in the proper use of the oil that you are using. If you prefer buying high-quality CBD vape oils or e-juices with signature flavors, or flavors that may freshen up your mood, make sure you clean your vape pen well before use.

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