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How Can CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain?

CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain

The genesis of neuropathic pain can be irritated, impaired or malfunctioning nerves. Crippled and confused these nerve cells transmit mixed signals towards the brain and various systems of our body. It is well known that you would not get similar reactions from two different people, likewise, the nerve cells can also send two different signals.

The figures estimated by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke mentions that approximately 20 million residents of U.S. are afflicted with peripheral neuropathy of some sort. This refers to a condition that arises out of impairment of the peripheral nervous setup which is an extensive communications circuit that despatches information from the central nervous system to every body part.

Some of the nerve related conditions can be Paresthesia that is usually for a shorter duration and gives you a scorching or prickling feel in various parts of your body and the extremities. An extraordinary symptom formed from numerous nerve-connected conditions is Allodynia in which you experience pain from stimulation that normally does not cause any pain. Like for instance, you might feel the pain from hair brushing or upon softly touching the skin.

Other manifestations can be burning, muscle atrophy and weakness, pain during the night, defective gland problem or paralysis. When the nerves delivering to the internal organs get damaged functions like digestion, perspiring, urination as well as sexual activities. Nerve damage that results from diabetes initially targets those nerve fibers that are situated far away from our brain. Therefore, symptoms move upwards from the feet towards the legs, reaching your fingers and till your arms, at times even resulting in a toe, fingers or even legs amputation.

How CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain?

CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain

The cannabinoid from the hemp plant, CBD can not only effectively treat neuropathic pain, but also revamps your nerve functions to curb neuropathy. Generally, the neuropathic pain starts from nerve damage that increases bodily pain, but when such pain turns severe, it results in neuropathy. Moreover, CBD has also been proven to be excellent in comforting the nerves. By attaching itself onto a receptor called vanilloid that regulates pain sensation, CBD beneficially controls the working of the vanilloid and lowers the pain sensitivity.

Every pain varies in its intensity and magnitude, so much so, that we can say that all pain cannot be said to be equal. Usually, you must have heard that common refrain from your doctor of rating your pain on a 1 to 10 scale. But, pain surely has a complex character than that. In fact, Neuropathic pain has its own complicated issues and can be chronic, vexing and agonizing for some.

Though neuropathic pain is often tied up with diabetes, that is not singularly its cause. Nerve pain cannot be viewed as normal aches or muscular discomfort to be kneaded away or simply massaged. The victims of such intense pain can, however, find comfort in numerous therapies, that also includes the one offered by the organic, cannabidiol plant compound called CBD.

Though the string of clinical studies on the impact of CBD on severe nerve pain is ongoing, yet a mechanism is still awaited by which it can be said that CBD assuages or regulates pain. The conventional medications that treat neuropathic pain range from the available on the counter pain relieving drugs like acetaminophen, NSAIDs, opioids, and injections containing corticosteroids.

Recognition Of CBD As A Therapy For Neuropathic Pain

CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain

Recognition of hemp-derived CBD as a mode of therapy in neuropathy has been done by the awareness raising NPO Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy. There they suggest the limited evidence pointing to the use of CBD in reducing vomiting during chemotherapy, boost appetite in HIV patients, alleviating chronic pain and convulsions in muscles.
The academic Journal of Experimental Medicine has held finally that Cannabinoids can curb swelling as well as neuropathic pain through its influence on a3 glycine receptors. CBD performs indirectly, by intervening with pain-inducing factors. Like for example, it maintains the body from assimilating the bliss molecule known as anandamide which is a neurotransmitter that transmits pain messages. This helps in the circulation of more anandamide.

In addition, CBD curbs inflammation, sleeplessness and autoimmune responses that are generated by pain. When used on a regular basis, CBD has the capacity to inhibit and regulate pain from neuropathy.

Studies on CBD For Neuropathic Pain

CBD Treat Neuropathic Pain

A research presented in the Pharmacology Journal arrived at the final conclusion that CBD has proved effective as an oral therapeutic agent on rats for acute swelling as well as neuropathic pain. Another study observed the impact of Sativex which is a synthetic variety of cannabis and upheld the clinical effectiveness and tolerance level in the healing of neuropathic pain as well as multiple sclerosis. Moreover, the Journal of Pain has also added in their publication that cannabinoid treatment can be effective in providing comfort during neuropathic pain and be a viable option for those who are unable to bear or respond to different medications.

A research published in the CMAJ has held that cannabinoids can generate mild analgesia in neuropathic pain sufferers. Such analgesic impact can be greater in central compared to peripheral neuropathic distress.

The efficacy of CBD also lies in the fact that it interacts with our inner endocannabinoid mechanism. Peripheral nerves are able to locate pain sensations and have cannabinoid receptors and so are influenced by consumption. CBD on its part triggers your CB2 receptors that control the neurotransmitter and also the CNS, thus regulating the levels of pain.


Existing with neuropathic aches is not at all easy, for you get all variants of pain from burning fingertips to needle pricks and feeling of treading on glass and not to speak of the sleepless nights. However, CBD has acted as a pain-alleviator and works for neuropathic distress in patients who are unresponsive towards other remedies.
We still have to wait for some more progressive clinical trials that will present without a doubt the capacity of CBD in tackling neuropathic pain and overshadowing the highly effective pharmaceutical drugs.